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Stress management in education
MĚSTECKÁ, Kateřina
The main subject of the bachelor thesis is stress management. The bachelor thesis deals with problems of stress in the workplace. In first part the work describes the definition of stress and stressors. Its also examines the prevention and consequences of stress. The research section of the bachelor thesis is based on a questionnaire which aims to find out if in the education in the Vysočina region affects employees stressful situations and how they affect them. The survey also includes recommendations and instructions which contain suggestions for reducing stress in the workplace.
Coping Strategies with Stressful Situations in Population of Individuals with Behavioral Disorders
Bidmonová, Tereza ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (advisor) ; Čáp, David (referee)
4 Abstract The topic of this thesis is the strategy of coping with stressful situations in a population of individuals with behavioral disorders. The starting point of the thesis lies in the assumption that adolescents with behavioral disorders show greater difficulties in coping with stressful situations and react differently from their peers that have no behavioral disorders. The target group of respondents is represented by clients of juvenile correctional institutions, specifically boys between 15 and 19 years of age. Their answers are compared with a comparison group of students from secondary schools that have no behavioral disorders. The strategies of coping with stress are examined through the use of two methods, a questionnaire "Strategie zvládání stresu SVF 78" and the semiprojective Rosenzweig Picture-Frustration Test. The results indicate that the group of adolescent boys placed in juvenile correctional institutions, shows the tendency to resign more frequently and the effort to gain control over stressful situations less often. Contrary to expectations, the predicted search for alternative activities to escape from stressful situations was not confirmed. Furthemore, neither the tendency for a behavior-oriented self defence nor ones` aggresive actions directed at the surroundings occured....
Education for Prevention and Coping with Traumatic Situations in the Profession
Lindová, Markéta ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Krykorková, Hana (referee)
Education for preventing and managing stress in the performance of the teaching profession Abstract: Teaching profession is one of the helping professions. It is based on the teacherś personality. Teachers involved in the growth ability of the future generations and also to cultivate the conditions for social and professional life. The profession of teacher is part of the overall social structure. The teacher is a bearer of values, enter into multiple roles simultaneously. Consciousness of great responsibility and mental demands may lead to situations of internal tensions, the social psychological difficulties deepen psychological crisis situations. Coping with stressful situations can affect the specific skills which can be learned in the prevention of the impact of stress on the personality of the teacher. In order to protect the health of teachers of preventive measures can prevent risky moments and moderate the effects of stressful situations. Key words: Teaching profession, stress situation, risk moments, trauma as a result of a long-term stress, prevention possibilities, health protection.
Zatížení žáků při vzdělávání na střední škole
Číková, Elen
The theoretical part defines the terms load, school stress, and also outlines issues related to school stress, ie. its causes and factors, management, consequences and prevention. The practical part presents the results of an exploratory survey using questionnaires. Pupils at the chosen school were examined how often they face stressful situations, and to what degree they are uncomfortable for them. This concerns stressful interpersonal situations in the relationship pupil-teacher, pupil-classmate and pupil-parents, which can be a cause of school stress. Based on the results obtained from the questionnaires, recommendations for pedagogical practice are worked out.
Dissimilarities in living of the psychical strain of men and women in the police of the Czech republic
This extended essay points out the problems of living of the psychical strain of men and women in the Police of the Czech Republic. It tries to reveal policemen´s work in the place of a criminal offence and to show some risks of this job in connexion with the influence of stress. The extended essay deals with some problems of an exacting character of the metioned occupation and the mutual comparsion of differences in living between both the sexes, origin and influence of stress on the man´s psychic as an individual. In addition to a simple division of successive parts and the organizational structure of the police, here are mentioned some descriptions and definitions of stress and its influence on the man´s sphere and areas. The essay tries to elucidate the criminologist´s work to a reader and to understand some stress situations in the execution af a policemen´s exacting job. It deals with women´s status in the society, too, namely both from a historical point of view and in the present as well. Some statistical data concerning the perpetrated criminal offences in the region of South Bohemia and numbers of policemen and policewomen are metioned here, too.