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Facilities of football club
Stuchlík, Jan ; Utíkal, Aleš (referee) ; Utíkalová, Ivana (advisor)
Topic of diploma thesis is new building of football club facility in Šternberk. This thesis should fully cover all the requirements for documentation for building construction. Object is designed as a three storey building, basement included. Just half of the basement is actually in contact with the soil. There is also tribune designed from prefabricated elements connected to the building as a part of the project. The whole building is designed as a masonry building from Porotherm system with external wall from thermo insulation blocks, monolithic ceilings and the flat roof. The basement floor is design for thy gym and facilities connected to that such as dressing rooms, showers, toilets, sauna, jacuzzi and massages. You can find reception, buffet with the toilets and the dressing rooms for home team, away team and referees on the first floor. The second floor is divided to two parts. One as apartment and the second as administrative part for the club management.
Prospectus of Building a New Football Stadium in Brno
Skovajsa, Adam ; Prof.Ing.Josef Hruška, CSc. (referee) ; Mandelík, Petr (advisor)
This Bachelor’s thesis deals with a problem of football stadium in Brno. In the first part I focus on a theory of business plan and on the structure of public finance in the Czech Republic and in the European Union. In the second part I try to analyse the current situation and to propose an optimal solution.
Roof structure of sport stadium
Pijáčková, Jana ; Melcher, Jindřich (referee) ; Karmazínová, Marcela (advisor)
The subject of this thesis was to develop a conversion and a variant of the existing steel structure roofing ice rink in Třinec. The building has a rectangular plan on pages 90 m x 60 m, minimum headroom inside the building is given with regard to the requirements of operation. The roof structure is stored in steel and concrete columns around the perimeter at a distance of 7.5 m. Variant solution for the design of new steel roof structure was chosen arc grate. The design consists of 13 main arc lattice girders in the transverse direction for a distance of 7.5 m in the longitudinal direction of the structure consisting of planar lattice strips (girders) and purlins. All this is complemented by a reinforced system. Two dimensions are retained.
Ponava – potential of area development
Štrba, Matej ; Wittmann, Maxmilian (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
The aim of the project is to focus on the future development of an underused urban space of Ponava, to enhance its qualities and to find suitable programme according to general principles of sustainable development. In todays´less favorable economical situation I´m trying to propose interventions, that do not start ´tabula rasa´ and destroy what has been abandoned in time(the stadium), rather they add new layers on it and combine different kinds of social groups in a specific public place.
A SOUND MIND IN A HEALTHY BODY - Sport and recreation district Za Lužánkami
Kuda, Daniel ; Mašek, Radomír (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
Sport in Brno has its own great tradition, which is visible on huge stadiums situated in the sports complex Za Luzankami. Unfortunately, stadiums dilapidated and the whole areal turn to brownfield. The proposal of new multipurpose Kometa Arena, located at the site of the original, now demolished stadium, together with the planned new football stadium will initiate the reconstruction of the district, and get it back to past glories. The stadium belongs to the category of buildings where form follows function, which in this case primarily allow for a quality perspective on the pitch for a large number of spectators. In this case, the stands are also the main supporting structure of the whole stadium. On platforms anchored to the stands are located the modifiable cells containing functions related to the arena. The appearance of the stadium is determined by transparent facade that allows the neighborhood to see what is happening in the stadium and provides interesting views from high arena of the surrounding park, arboretum and the city.
Roof Structure Sports Stadium
Neničková, Lucie ; Šmak, Milan (referee) ; Bajer, Miroslav (advisor)
Aim of the final thesis is to create proposal and static assessment of supporting steel roof structure of sports stadium according to the proposed disposition. Climatic load (snow and wind) is determined for location Kopřivnice. The thesis consists of technical report, static report of main supporting parts and chosen connections, bill of material quantities, technical report with comparison of 2 options solution and drawing documentation. Computational model for evaluation of internal forces is realized in Dlubal RSTAB 8.06 software. Static report is created manually according to valid European standards.
Water park Brno
Krček, Jan ; Vostrejž, Dušan (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
Diploma thesis Aquapark Brno is directly connected with the previous specialist course "Sports Center Za Lužánkami Brno". This project dealt was focused on overall concept, architectural and urban study of this area with an emphasis on sports, recreation and relaxation. There was created a zone of predominantly professional sport in the southern part of this area. There were built football and ice hockey stadiums on the newly created terrace/platform. These stadiums are located approximately in the same places as their current (football) or non-existent (hockey) predecessors. The terrace/platform (parking is located under the terrace) continues, and the newly expanded Boby Hotel follows the recreational sports zone with an Aquapark and outdoor sports grounds located behind the existing Tesco shopping centre. There is formed a new park in north of the sports grounds forming a recreational-relaxation zone on the territory of Planýrka. The existing building of a 50 meter swimming pool dominates the area of Aquapark. It was built in 1979 according to the project architect Otakar Oplatek. However this object no longer meets the requirements of today's visitors or athletes. The new building which includes a twenty-five meter tall swimming pool with a background is being added to the existing building. So there is a separable swimming area created here, which can serve both - swimmers and teenagers or professional athletes. There is a good possibility of racing as well. The new building connects eastward to the building of the roofed Aquapark partially hidden beneath the terraces and resting areas. These three through-flowing but mutually separable objects together with the platform define the area of the outdoor aquapark. He is also separate off from the noisy Sportovní street, but it has a sufficient supply of sunlight. In the place of the original children's pool and extension to the places of today's little park in front of the building there is space f
Ponava - the sport and commercial complex - football stadium
Černý, Luděk ; Mrva, Kamil (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
Diploma project aims at establishing a clear urban conception of city part "Ponava". Priority is maintence of sport`s function based on historical tradition and "genius loci". Project specifically solves the proposal for a new football stadium."
Architectural study of the cycling stadium / runway / Favorit Brno / on the open space in.
Lukeš, Jaroslav ; Hrabec,, Josef (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor)
This diploma thesis looks into the area for sport and recreation in Brno-Komárov. The main part is the project of new arena for track cycling for Favorit Brno. Part of the assignment is also the solution for urban plan and redevelopment of the large area in the south of Brno in city district Brno-Komárov. Urban plan design is framed as conversion of the whole space into sport activities area for broad public. The velodrome itself is based on the idea of a bicycle and its parts as architecturally interesting part of the building, in this case particularly lacing of a wheel. Stadium could become new landmark for its surroundings and draw attention of the general public.
Sport Centre Za Lužánkami Brno
Skořepová, Lucie ; Kotek, arch Jakub (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
This thesis analyze the conception of the sport centre in Brno za Lužánkami. The area has a very extensive sport history, which dates back to 1922. Nowadays this topic has been very discussed because of the hockey and football history in the place of Lužánky. Hockey and football teams were forced to abandon Lužánky as a consequence of decrepitude and very bad technical aspects of the buildings. The diploma thesis deals with the new concept of the entire area where the professional and leisure sport activities will take place. The extensive architectural study of the multifunctional hockey stadium resolves the location of the object on the same place as the previous stadium. It put emphasis on the generous scattering area around the stadium, easy navigation and placement of the entrances from all around the object. The multifunctional usage of the stadium is solved by the telescopic grandstand and it offers the standard capacity of 10 500 spectators at a hockey match and up to 14 300 spectators at a concert event. The main expression element of the exterior of the stadium are the facade lamellas. They accentuate the ground floor with their dynamic placing and clearly indicate the main entrances to the object. In the night the glasses lamellas are shined by the integrated LED lights and enable to switch endless different faces of the stadium according by the current occasion.

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