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Age management se zaměřením na zaměstnance 50+ ve strategii firmy v oblasti služeb
Höklová, Karolína
The world population is aging. Countries that do not want to face the negative economic consequences of the aging of their population need to address this trend. One of the ways to use the potential of employees of all age categories, to extend their time spent on the labor market in good health and at a high standard of living, and at the same time maintain the company's productivity, is to use the concept of age management. The aim of this thesis was to identify tools from the age management concept, currently applied by a specific company for the long-term integration of employees aged 50+, to evaluate the success of their application and to suggest possible improvements. The analysis was conducted in the form of a survey questionnaire amongst the company's employees and a semi-structured interview with the HR department employee of the same company. In the conclusion, recommendations are formulated which the company can implement to increase the satisfaction of employees aged 50+ while simultaneously maintaining or increasing its productivity.
Age management ve stavebnictví ve vybraném regionu
Páleník, Leoš
The aim of this diploma thesis is to propose recommendations for effective application of age management in construction companies in the South Moravian Region. The combination of qualitative and quantitative research was used to achieve the aim of the thesis. In qualitative research, 8 semi-structured interviews took place from which MAXMaps were created. Quantitative research consisted of a questionnaire survey (n=84) and a subsequent statistical analysis of the data obtained. On the basis of the data obtained, recommendations for effective application of age management in construction in the South Moravian Region have been created regarding the ergonomics of work, the development of intergenerational cooperation, the support and promotion of the physical fitness of employees and flexible forms of work.
Tourism and current Demographic Trends
The thesis focuses on tourism and current demographic trends. The main aim is to analyse the current situation of the ageing population and to explain why tourism is important for the country's economy. The approach of the Czech Republic and other selected European countries, namely Finland, Italy and Scotland, is compared. Using a questionnaire survey, unstructured interviews and informations from official sources of each country, case studies were developed and finally the approach of each country to the issue under study was evaluated.
Economic aspects of population aging in a selected company
The diploma thesis is focused on the introduction of the concepts of demography, innovation and Industry 4.0, which form the theoretical basis for the practical part. The aim of the diploma thesis is to assess the economic impacts of the demographic transition of aging in the Czech Republic in a selected company. For a comprehensive understanding of the practical part, partial factors that influenced corporate decisions with an appeal to the personnel, investment, innovation and economic activities of the company's policy are addressed. All the information obtained will then make it possible to propose measures to improve the future thinking of the company.
Economic risks of unfavourable demographic development of the Czech Republic
BLÁHA, Filip
The aim of the thesis is to analyse the forecasts of unfavourable demographic development - the ageing of the population of the Czech Republic and the impact of these demographic changes. With the ageing of the population, the growth of public expenditure, especially the expenditure on old-age pensions and health care, is gaining importance. The paper discusses the possible impacts of population ageing, the sustainability of the existing old-age security system and the economic aspects of the negative impacts of population ageing.
Estimating the quadratic almost ideal demand system and the effects of population ageing in the Czech Republic
Bílý, Michael ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Hájek, Jan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to estimate the Quadratic Almost Ideal Demand System of non-durable goods on the Czech Republic Household Budget Survey data in two distinct models. Respective income, own and cross price elasticities are calculated and we interpret the resulting income, price and demographic characteristics of the household demand. The first model is used to estimate the effects of the 2015 Value Added Tax reform in the Czech Republic, which introduced 10% reduced rate on medication and books. We estimate how much the reform changes the consumption behaviour of households, the biggest changes are in the commodities of clothing, books, medications and household goods. The households are estimated to spend 1,049 billion CZK more on non-durable goods and the VAT revenue is estimated to decrease by 818 million CZK. The second model is used to predict the effects of the population ageing on the household demand. We do this in four scenarios to separate effects of the household composition change and to analyse the composed effects of increasing wealth and redistribution among the working and retired households. The population ageing has the highest impact on the commodities of food, fuel and light, transport and leisure services. The shift in composition affects the consumption mostly in the same...
The Approach of the Czech Employers to Workers 50+ Compared to the Key Ideas of Selected International and National Strategic Documents
Zachová, Lucie ; Šerák, Michal (advisor) ; Frič, Pavol (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyse the key ideas of currently valid international and national documents in the area of employment of older workers, and then on the basis of empirical investigation assess whether the practices of Czech employers correspond with the ideas of these documents. The work is divided into four parts. The introductory part deals with the specifics of older workers, including a description of the current demographic situation in the country. The second part presents the main ideas of the essential strategic documents in the area of assertion of people older than fifty years in the labour market. The third compares the results of the most recent national surveys with the key ideas of analysed documents. The last part, qualitative research, focuses on the attitude of selected Czech employers towards workers 50+, compares the extracted key ideas of the most important strategic documents in the field of active aging in employment with genuine personnel practices of selected employers. The last chapter also verifies compliance of results of own research with the survey findings presented in the national researches. Keywords: elderly workers, population ageing, employment of workers over 50, age management, economic activity lenthening, labour market policy

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