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Study of runoff and erosion conditions in the Ketkovice cadastral area
Buršík, Lukáš ; Uhrová,, Jana (referee) ; Sobotková, Veronika (advisor)
This Diploma Thesis is focused on the analysis of the Ketkovice cadastral area in terms of runoff and erosion conditions. The QGIS software was chosen for the analysis. For this reason, instructions for this software are prepared, focusing on runoff and erosion conditions, as an appendix to the Diploma Thesis. Other software programs used are USLE2D and DesQ-MaxQ. The first part deals with the analysis of the area of interest. The second part deals with the problem itself, at first the methods used to determine runoff and erosion conditions are introduced, then anti-erosion measures, at the end of this part the software programs used are briefly described. The last third part is devoted at first to the evaluation of runoff and erosion conditions before the design of the measure, then to the design of the measure itself, finally to the evaluation after the design of the measure. In case of erosion conditions, two variants of calculating long-term soil loss are considered before and after the proposed measures. In the first variant, a constant value of the factor R=40 is considered in the Universal Soil Loss Equation and in the second variant this value is increased with respect to the climate change.
Evaluating the effectiveness of complex protection measures in cadastral area Jerlochovice in Husí potok Watershed
Matoušek, Petr ; Sobotková, Veronika (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
A subject of this Thesis is the design of the complex system of measures of soil conservation in given catchment area, which will serve as a concept of complex land consolidation in cadaster Jerlochovice. Based on the analysis and the land survey, a feasible solution was designed using the hydrological and erosive tools of ArcGIS. For the identification of areas endangered by erosion and for the identification of runoff conditions, the Universal Soil Loss Equation of Wischmeier-Smith was used (in grid modification). Based on the calculated values, the suitable technical and agrotechnical measures of soil erosion control were designed. Each component was designed for the values of Qn from the model DesQ. Subsequently the efectivity of the designed measures was evaluated by the comparison of results of erosive and runoff conditions before and after the aplication of the soil and water conservation measures.
Quantification of natural water retention capacity in selected watersheds
Pavlík, František ; Švihla,, Vladimír (referee) ; Pavelková,, Renata (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
The aim of this work is to quantify the natural water retention capacity of the landscape in selected catchments and determine the significance of selected climatic and geographic basin factors on components of retention capacity. 18 rainfall-runoff events were selected in 11 catchments for quantification of the natural water retention capacity of landscape. Land cover, geomorphological, pedological and hydrological conditions were analyzed for this basin using GIS tools. Historical rainfall-runoff events for which were restored historical land cover were also evaluated in this work. Two different methods were used for the quantification of retention capacity, one of them was used in two variants. A rainfall-runoff models and simulated scenarios of land cover (positive and negative) were constructed in two selected catchments in HEC-HMS. The work also use previously performed simulation scenarios of land cover formulated by other authors. Total final set of 33 rainfall-runoff events were subjected to statistical correlation and regression analysis. The goal of these analyses was to determine the significance of individual parameters assessed in relation to the components of natural water retention of catchment.
The protection of the village Račice against the extravilan run off
Hyžák, Aleš ; Vrba, Jan (referee) ; Milerski, Rudolf (advisor)
This thesis deals with problematic of external area water in river basins and its negative impact on the urban areas. The work is divided into two parts. The first part is describes the possibilities of technical interventions in river basins, which can affect the hydrologic conditions in those basins. First part also describes the possibilities of transformation by particular types of draining facilities. Second part of the thesis consists of an analysis of the situation in the village Račice and proposition of hydrotechnological solution for this village.
The influence of landscape changes on erosion and runoff
Uhrová, Jana ; Toman,, František (referee) ; Váchal,, JAN (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the influence of land use changes on erosion and runoff conditions. For the purpose of the evaluation, two catchments with different areas and pedological characteristics were selected (the catchment of the river Luha and the catchment of the Hubenov reservoir). In these catchments, a comparison of 26 selected land covers was conducted. The individual land covers were evaluated first in four seasons of the 1950s and 1990s, second according to the today's status of landscape by means of a detailed yearly evaluation conducted between 2002 and 2013, and third according to a land cover conceptual design. Analyses of not only land cover, but also geomorphological, pedological and hydrological conditions were carried out for both of the catchments by means of geographic information system (GIS) tools. The quantification of soil loss was performed by means of two methods – the method USLE with the use of ArcGIS program and the soil loss model WEPP. The crucial factor of the runoff evaluation of the preset end profiles with respect to the formation of concentrated runoffs and their catchment areas was the hydrological model DesQ-MAXQ. The selected land cover scenarios of the river Luha were then exposed to the conditions of a real rainfall that occurred in 2009 and that resulted in floods in the area. Furthermore, a rainfall-runoff model was created for this catchment area in HEC-HMS; the land cover scenarios were again subjected to the above-mentioned real rainfall. The land use changes of the catchment area of the reservoir Hubenov were assessed also with respect to the concentration of substances in the profiles studied.
Evaluation of the impact of the proposed variants erosion and flood control measures on the retention capacity of river basins
Pospíchalová, Lucie ; Uhrová,, Jana (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
The aim of the thesis was to evaluate of the impact of the proposed variants erosion and flood control measures on the retention capacity of landscape. The measure was evaluated in five variants. The retention capacity od the landspace was assessed of firect runoff. The volume of direct runoff was calculated using the CN method in two variants according to IPS and IPS II. The flood effect was evaluated using the DesQ-MaxQ program.
Flood prevention by using biotechnical measures
Pospíšil, Jan ; Pavlík, František (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
This thesis investigates the design of complex systems-natural flood control measures in the area of the cadastral municipality Jeseník nad Odrou. Based on the analysis and exploration of the territory, it was suggested a possible solution by erosion and hydrological GIS tools. To identify areas at risk of erosion and runoff conditions were used a digital elevation model, Wischmeier-Smith equation and model DesQ. Subsequently, the effectiveness was evaluated by comparing the results navžených measure erosion and runoff conditions before and after measures.
Study of possibilities protection against rural zone water
Matějková, Jana ; Roubcová, Radka (referee) ; Milerski, Rudolf (advisor)
The first part of this thesis deals with the surface runoff and countermeasures. This allows us to control the hydrological conditions in the basin. Methods of protection against soil surface runoff are mentioned. A separate chapter is focused on dry retention tanks. Aim of the second part of the thesis is to design specific measures in the village of Otaslavice to prevent external area water from flooding the village. This issue has been dealt with for the whole basin . The Guidelines for very small basin runoff calculation was used to evaluate the runoff there, hydro technical solution was assessed and designed using the HEC-RAS 4.1.0 and AutoCAD 2013.
Hodnocení změny využití krajiny v lokalitě Brno-Kohoutovice ve vztahu k infiltraci srážkové vody, změně klimatu a její vnímání místními obyvateli
Novotná, Karolína
The master thesis "Evaluation of the change of landscape use in the Brno-Kohoutovice area in relation to infiltration of rainwater, climate change and its perception by local inhabitants" contains an analysis of the development of land use between 1953 and 2020. The theoretical part contains information about the hydrological balance of the landscape, factors influencing the infiltration of rainwater and the importance of groundwater in landscape ecosystems. The area is characterised by natural conditions and historical development. The information has been confirmed and documented in field research and forest health assessment. The data obtained were used to calculate the amount of rainwater runoff, which increased by more than 100 %. The questionnaire focused on residents perceptions of changing moisture conditions in the landscape. The results of the questionnaire were processed and confirmed that residents perceive changes in the landscape. Based on the findings, measures were proposed to improve rainwater collection. The findings and suggested measures can be used to promote sustainable and efficient water management.
Hodnocení odtokových poměrů na vybraném povodí toku Svodnice v k.ú. Hrušky, po přírodní katastrofě
Kolářová, Tereza
This bachelor's thesis deals with the assessment of runoff conditions in the cadastral territory of Hruška and the differences in the locality before and after the natural disaster in 2021. Literature research, natural conditions of the given area, description of the current state based on field survey, land use and evaluation of the state of the water network, anti-erosion measures and elements for retaining water in the landscape were procesed.

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