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Practical impact of social services on the quality of mentally diseased people's lives and psychic conditions
Kolářová, Tereza ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Čedík, Miloslav (referee)
1 Abstract This dissertation is talking about the topic: practical impact of social services on the quality of life and physical disposition of mentally diseased people. Using professional literature symptoms of the disease were processed, which are characterized by a psychosis and a disruption of the contact with the reality. A treatment and social worker's approach were described to these symptoms. In following chapters the dissertation is dedicated to social security of the patient, new methods when working with the client and also to ethics. The aim of this dissertation was to find out which impact social services have on the life of a mentally diseased person. Using interviews with social workers, questions to the given aim were answered. As a supplement to the dissertation, case studies of people with a mental disease were compiled. These case studies together with interviews are very beneficial and prove that social services are key in the life of mentally diseased person.
The Legal Exceptions from the Cartel Prohibition with Regard to Crisis Cartels
Kolářová, Tereza ; Horáček, Vít (advisor) ; Čech, Petr (referee)
The Legal Exceptions from the Cartel Prohibition with Regard to Crisis Cartels English summary The purpose of the thesis is to provide a comprehensive perspective on the issue of the legal exceptions from the cartel prohibition, carry out a detailed analysis of Czech and European material regulation contained in the Article 3 paragraph 4 of the Act No. 143/2001 Coll. on Protection of Competition, as amended and in the Article 101 paragraph 3 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, focus on the application of the legal exceptions to the crisis cartels from the practical point of view, particularly on their usage by undertakings and on the approach to the crisis cartels by national competition authorities, European Commission and competition authorities from other selected countries outside Europe. The thesis is composed of four parts. The first part deals with the basic characteristics of the cartel, describes the concept of cartel, European and Czech legislation regarding cartels and competition in general and divides the cartels according to their form and relationship of participants. The second part focuses on the prohibition of anticompetitive conduct in the form of cartels, examines the merits of the cartel and highlights the consequences of breaching the prohibition. It is necessary to...
The process of democratization in African states Batswana and Nigeria
Kolářová, Tereza ; Buben, Radek (advisor) ; Slačálek, Ondřej (referee)
The essay focuses on process of democratization in Botswana and Nigeria, examining factors which played important roles during this process. Based on the theories of democratization the essay evaluates whether these factors contribute positively or rather negatively to democratization of the countries. The essay deals with history of Botswana and Nigeria, transition to democracy and geopolitical, socioeconomic and historical aspects.
Preparation of child for primary school entrance.
This bachelor thesis is focused on preparing children for elementary school and aims to map the risks for the future development of reading and writing skills and to suggest the ways and actions through which it is possible to reduce these risks in the regular kindergarten. The theoretical part focuses on preschool children's individual areas of perceptual and cognitive functions that influence early academic skills such as reading and writing. Further explains the concepts of school maturity and preparedness, as well as the diagnostics. The practical part consists of a qualitative survey of ten preschool children. During this survey children were monitored at selected variables, such as phonological and morphological abilities, working memory, speech, visual perception and intermodal encoding using test batteries. The work is part of a larger project, "Predictors of reading skills as factors influencing the development of literacy."
Payment and hedging instruments in international trade and their comparison on Czech banking market
Kolářová, Tereza ; Němečková, Iveta (advisor) ; Hinčica, Vít (referee)
This thesis is devoted to analysis of payment and hedging instruments used in international trade. The main purpose of this thesis is comparison of charges associated with the use of Documentary Collection, Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee in the five largest Czech banks. The first part briefly describes their basic characteristics, the main advantages and disadvantages and also the situations in which it is appropriate to use these instruments. The third part is focused on analysis of trends in the use of these instruments for trade finance, as well as the use of Documentary Collection and Letter of Credit in various regions of the world. The last part is devoted to the comparison of charges associated with these instruments in selected banks, firstly in general and then on illustrative examples.
Current social networks as a tool for resocialisation of handicapped people
It might happen to any of us at any time to have a direct experience of rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. As a result of a serious illness or an injury, a person might not be able to continue in the way of life to which they have been accustomed. It is very important for such person not to remain isolated, but rather to try to reintegrate into society. This thesis aims to determine the effect that being a member of a social network has on persons with physical disabilities. It focuses on the areas of health, social integration, and work as well as education. Further, the thesis tries to answer the question what people with disabilities perceive as the greatest benefit of being a member of a social network. To my research, I chose a qualitative approach; I collected data through semi-structured interviews which I had previously prepared a set of guiding questions for. The procedure was completed by a non-standardized observation technique, which was done secretly without any direct involvement from my side. The sample consisted of 15 persons with disabilities who are currently users of social networks. They were selected based on my judgment and their willingness to participate. The results of my research are presented in the form of case studies; the most important data immediately related to the main objectives of my thesis were also evaluated by simple enumeration technique. What emerged from the research is that being a member of a social network has a positive impact on rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. It may help them improve or compensate for their health situation, prevent social isolation, find suitable jobs, as well as raise their awareness about the opportunities for further education and retraining. People with disabilities perceive mediation of continuous contact with the outside world as the largest benefits of membership in social networks.
Comparison of performance of 14 and 15 year-old children in selected athletic disciplines \\
The diploma thesis studies performance of 14 and 15 year-old children in four selected athletics disciplines: 60 metres, long jump, shot put, running at 800 metres (girls), 1500 metres (boys). The goal is to compare the performance of students using statistical methods and comparative methods. Comparing the performance was held at selected schools in the distrikt of České Budějovice. Research was attended by a total of 88 pupils of which 44 girls and 44 boys. From the processed results showed that the schools are no different in terms of performance.
The Leniency programme in cartel law and its consequences in practice
Kolářová, Tereza ; Boháček, Martin (advisor) ; Vozáb, Jakub (referee)
The final thesis deals with the Leniency programme, as one of the most important instrument of the Office for the Protection of Competition and the European Commission for detecting of cartel agreements. The aim of the thesis is to analyze regulation of the Leniency programme in the Czech Republic, from the practical point of view find out how participants of cartel agreements use the programme and whether it is effective from the view of the Office for the Protection of Competition. The thesis should also involve formation and development of the programme and how it is influenced by European law. The thesis is divided into 4 parts. The first part deals with cartel agreements. The second part focuses on cartel law enforcement which is divided in term of law regulation into public and private enforcement. The third part is the core of the theoretical part of the thesis, it presents in detail the regulation of the Leniency programme within the European Union and in the Czech Republic, there are problems of the program and their possible solutions outlined as well. The fourth part concerns the practical point of view of the Leniency programme, its harmonization among the member states of the European Union and its application in the Czech Republic in decisions of the Office for the Protection of Competition.

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