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Study of runoff conditions in selected sub-basins of the Oskava River
Gogela, Martin ; Pavlík, František (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis was to prepare data in the arcmap program, then to prepare an analysis of the area of interest. Based on this analysis, to find the critical profiles and determine the flood wave characteristics for their catchment area. These characteristics are processed using the DesQ program. Based on the climate change, the flood wave characteristics for the critical points' catchments were calculated for a design rainfall that simulates the projected condition in 2050. Furthermore, a design of measures for the area of interest was carried out. This design was compared using the flood wave characteristics and its effectiveness for the current and future condition was evaluated.
Identification of pathways concentrated surface runoff and their stabilization
Hájek, Daniel ; Pavlík, František (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
Aim of this study is to identify the pathways of concentrated surface runoff with assistance of digital terrain model in the river basin of Svratka and evaluate quantity and type of endangered grounds.
Study of the effects of ellipticity parameter on lubrication film shape
Pavlík, František ; Dzimko, Marián (referee) ; Křupka, Ivan (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with elastohydrodynamic lubrication of point contacts, which surfaces are influenced by topography and velocity vector of one rubbing surface is misaligned. Author summarizes knowledge of previously published research articles, which fundamentally enrich current state of knowledge. Diploma thesis contains experimental measurement results of the film thickness and the way of lubrication film formation in elliptical contact for different ellipticity parameters, kinds of rubbing surfaces and angles of the velocity vector. New findings have helped to better understand the behaviour of highly loaded lubricated contacts taking place in machine components and completed the current state of knowledge with results that can be used in next thorough study of this issue.
The design of complex soil conservation measures in given watershed as a concept of Complex Land Consolidation in cadaster Sedlnice
Dohnal, David ; Pavlík, Ing František (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
The aim was to evaluate the erosion and drainage conditions in cadastre Sedlnice. To propose land erosion and water management measures to optimize land erosion and improve runoff conditions of the landscape.
Quantification of natural water retention capacity in selected watersheds
Pavlík, František ; Švihla,, Vladimír (referee) ; Pavelková,, Renata (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
The aim of this work is to quantify the natural water retention capacity of the landscape in selected catchments and determine the significance of selected climatic and geographic basin factors on components of retention capacity. 18 rainfall-runoff events were selected in 11 catchments for quantification of the natural water retention capacity of landscape. Land cover, geomorphological, pedological and hydrological conditions were analyzed for this basin using GIS tools. Historical rainfall-runoff events for which were restored historical land cover were also evaluated in this work. Two different methods were used for the quantification of retention capacity, one of them was used in two variants. A rainfall-runoff models and simulated scenarios of land cover (positive and negative) were constructed in two selected catchments in HEC-HMS. The work also use previously performed simulation scenarios of land cover formulated by other authors. Total final set of 33 rainfall-runoff events were subjected to statistical correlation and regression analysis. The goal of these analyses was to determine the significance of individual parameters assessed in relation to the components of natural water retention of catchment.
Study of the proposal of soil and water conservation measures for the protection of the built-up area of the Mazorníkovo district
Štulajterová, Laura ; Pavlík, František (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
The purpose of this bachelor’s thesis is to analyze the area of Mazorníkovo and determine the erosion and drainage conditions and then based on the results, design a proposal of erosion and flood control. In the software ArcGis, via the digital model of elevation were critical points, where the accumulated surface runoff enters the urban area, identified. The value of peak discharge for each point was defined by using the software DesQ – MaxQ. To calculate erosion, the universal soil loss equation USLE was used. Once all the information was assessed, the proposals of erosion and flood control erosion and flood protection were made to reduce soil transport into the urban area and protect the lives and properties of the citizens.
The evaluation of the process of Land Consolidation focusing on the plan of common facilities
Šilhan, Vlastimil ; Pavlík, František (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
The theme of the work is the creation of the characteristics of the erozních and drainage conditions in the cadastral territory of the commune and the subsequent proposal Pucov, Jinošov erosion control measures. Analysis of erozion ratios was processed using GIS method of the grid. Characteristics of runoff ratios was carried out for major service area of the critical points (SPKB) using model DesQ and numbers of the CN.
Film thickness distribution within elliptical contacts
Pavlík, František ; Vaverka, Michal (referee) ; Křupka, Ivan (advisor)
Study of elastohydrodynamics lubrication is inseparable part in processes that take place in lubricating contacts of very load components of tribological systems. This bachelor´s thesis summarizes present state, describes numerical and experimental solution and evaluates results of solving problem.
Identification of critical points and the evaluation of their contributing areas in the Čižina watershed.
Hanuliak, Radek ; Pavlík, František (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis was to evaluate the critical profiles in the village of Lichnov near Bruntál. There was perfomed an identification of critical profiles, which are decisive for the flood threats of the built-up area. An analysis of the complex of physical-geographic factors influencing direct drain, soil loss and sediment transport was realised in collection areas. Evaluation was carried out using DMT, with the use of tools of ArcMap and DesQ.
Identification and stabilization of concentrated runoff waterways in the watershed of Prusanka and Mutěnický creek
Horký, Štěpán ; Pavlík, František (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
The subject matter of the thesis is the identification of concentrated runoff waterways in the landscape and their consequent stabilization. The municipalities of Čejkovice and Mutěnice in the South Moravian region were analysed in order to reach this purpose. The thesis introduces theoretical bases for the definition of concentrated runoff waterways and their application in the calculation. The area was analysed on the basis of the digital elevation model in ArcGIS software environment. The CN curves method by means of the hydrological model DesQ – MAX Q was used for the calculation of concentrated runoff waterways.

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