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Strategical and financial instruments for support of regional development
ČERNÁ, Veronika
This bachelor thesis with the theme 'Strategic and Financial Instruments for the Support of Regional Development' explains regional policy on a transnational level, in this case from the point of the European Union, its goals, strategic documents, the future visions of regional policy and connections with the regional policy of the Czech Republic, which is described in detail too. The main focus of this thesis is the instruments of regional policy of the European Union and the Czech Republic which contribute to the regional development of the country. The practical part of this bachelor thesis analyses the specific Strategic Plan of Development of the town of Týn nad Vltavou and the financing of realized projects between the years 2016-2022. The strategic document was obtained from the official website of Týn nad Vltavou and another source are interviews with the town's representatives, which is helping with evaluating the use of financial instruments of regional policy of the town.
Solární panely a změny ve využívání krajiny v ČR - regionální srovnání
The bachelor thesis is aimed at mapping the location of solar panels in individual regions in the Czech Republic. It examines the question of owners and analyses the percentage difference of solar panels located on agricultural land among individual regions. In further it is focused on factors affecting the location of solar panels in particular regions in terms of regional policy, agricultural policy, subsidy policy and renewable energy policies. The next part of work focuses on landscape use in the Czech Republic and its conditions for the use of photovoltaic power plants. The work based on analysis of secondary data obtained from statistics, cadastral office's real estate maps and geoportal, uses data from the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Environment. The Results show the connection between landscape use and its changes in landscape usage in term of solar panels installation.
Cross-border municipal cooperation by an example of Bavarian and Southbohemian municipalities
KOLÁŘOVÁ, Michaela
The thesis deals with the cross-border cooperation of the municipalities especially in the Czech-Bavaria cross-border region. The thesis research effects of the regional policy, European policy, and Czech-German relations on this cooperation. The core of the thesis constitutes the sociological survey, which explore in detail the cross-border cooperation and the partnership of the Bavarian district Freyung-Grafenau and South Bohemian Town Třeboň. The survey based primarily on the interviews with the representatives of both self-governing unites and on the questionnaire, which was completed from the respondents with the relation to both mentioned municipalities. The sociological survey focuses on general perception of the partnership, its benefits and disadvantages and its future perspective.
The Use of EU Funds in the Towns of Třeboň and Bechyně
MOŠNER, Martin
The regional policy of the European Union or the cohesion policy is the second most important policy of the Europe-an Union according to expenditure of the EU budget. In the 2007-2013 programming period, regional policy was realized through the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund of the EU. The bachelor's thesis focuses on the descrip-tion of the cohesion policy of the EU as well as the implementation of this policy in the Czech Republic in the last seven-year programming period (2007-2013). The aim of the bachelor thesis is to compare the use of EU funds in the 2007-2013 programming period. For comparison, two spa towns in South Bohemia are used - the town of Třeboň and the town of Bechyně and the attention is paid to support of tourism there. In conclusion, the obtained data are supplemented by interviews with representatives of local government.
Solar Panels and Landscape Use Changes in the Czech Republik - Regional Comaparison
FREY, Zdeňka
The work is focused on mapping the location of solar panels (installations) in individual regions in the Czech Republic. It also answers the questions of what percentage of solar panels are located on agricultural land in individual regions, the higher the output of a photovoltaic installation, the more space the photovoltaic installation occupies and who owns them. It further examines the factors affecting the location of solar panels in individual regions in terms of regional, agricultural policy and renewable energy policies. This mapping and analysis of secondary data is based on data obtained from statistics, cadastral office´s real estate maps and geoportal, and mainly data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of the Environment. The information reveals differences in the practical application of regional and agricultural policy on the placement of solar panels in regions. Results point out on connection between landscape use and changes in landscape usage and regional and agricultural policy in each region.
The causes of insufficient use of EU funds in Slovakia during the 2007-2013 programming period
Sedláčková, Martina ; Kasáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Hauser, Jan (referee)
The presented thesis The causes of insufficient use of EU funds in Slovakia during the 2007- 2013 programming period addresses a system of utilisation of the EU funds in Slovakia which were provided by the European Union's Cohesion Policy in 2007-2013 programming period. The period is the first Cohesion Policy's programming period that could be fully benefited by Slovakia, and although Slovakia was economically highly evaluated even with regards to the economic crisis, at the end of the period the exceptional prolongation of the n+2 rule was demanded, and eventually approved. Therefore, the aim of the thesis is to find and explore possible causes of the lack of benefit of the EU funds that lead to obtaining the exception. The first part of the thesis analyses the theory of regional policy which provides multiple possible alternative hypotheses that answers to the research question. These potential answers constitute the chapters in the second part of the thesis: the responsibility of the utilisation on the regional level, the problems in settings and functioning of the bodies on national level, the external factors impact, and finally the rules posed by the EU. All hypotheses are analysed by the process-tracing method tracking the process of using of the funds. The method tests the key moments in...
Territorial Cohesion in the European Regional Policy Discourse - A General Framework and Czech Specificities
Nosek, Štěpán ; Blažek, Jiří (advisor) ; Rumpel, Petr (referee) ; Ježek, Jiří (referee)
This dissertation deals with the concept of territorial cohesion and place-based approaches that are understood as a tool to achieve territorial cohesion. Specific attention is paid to Territorial Impact Assessment, which is most frequently designed as a method for adjustment of place-based approaches in order to reflect specific needs of particular types of regions. The theoretical part discusses interpretations associated with territorial cohesion in academic literature. It also analyses arguments of proponents and opponents of place-based approaches as a tool for considering territorial specificities in sectoral policies. Further, the dissertation focuses on the evolution of the Territorial Impact Assessment at the European level and its position within other impact assessment tools. The main aim of the empirical part is, first, to identify ways in which EU member states interpret and fulfil the EU goal leading to territorial cohesion and, second, to define how EU member states use place-based approaches to achieve territorial cohesion. Specific attention is given to Czechia, its understanding of territorial cohesion, and its experience with the implementation of place-based approaches. Research shows that EU member states do not deal with territorial cohesion uniformly; instead, they project...
Structural policy in the Czech Republic - possibilities and limits of multi-level governance concept
Nigová, Eva ; Polášek, Martin (advisor) ; Jireš, Jan (referee)
This thesis is a case study which in the theoretical part deals with the concept of multi-level governance and its usefulness for study of the structural policy in the Czech Republic In the empirical part the basic postulates of this approach are applied to the functioning of the structural policy in the CR and subsequently reviewed. The projects funded by EU structural funds are used for the empirical review. On these examples it is examined, if and to what extent and in what way it is possible to consider the multi-level governance's concept basic postulates valid. According to set criteria and subsequent evaluation of completed projects, this concept to the operation of the structural policy in the CR does not endorse. Key words: multi-level governance, structural policy, regional policy, structural funds
Analysis of regional policy of the EU with focus on achieved outcomes
Šimková, Veronika ; Petříček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kučerová, Irah (referee)
The European Union aims to reduce interregional disparities through its regional policy. This thesis deals with the effectiveness of EU regional policy and trends of regional disparities according to selected indicators. In the case study the impact of EU regional policy is observed in Ireland, the Czech republic and Bulgaria. Regional disparities are examined at NUTS 2 level. The Williamson curve is tested to explore the association between the level of economic development and level of disparities. In the comparative study the values of indicators are compared to the EU average. In the end, the thesis is focused on evaluation of EU regional policy efectiveness and seven recommendations are proposed to contribute to the improvement of EU regional policy so that goals of Europe 2020 Strategy are achieved.
Analysis of the Regional Dimension of the Subsidy Programmes to Environmental Sphere during the 2004-2006 Programming Period
Zavřel, Leoš ; Blažek, Jiří (advisor) ; Trantinová, Marie (referee)
In this paper, regional allocation of capital expenditure in environmental sphere from the European cohesion policy is analysed. The analysis was performed for the projects financed during 2004-2006 programming period. Based on the comparison of estimated and actual intensities of support (proportion of the total allocation of 22 billion CZK), it was found that the relatively highest intensities of support were allocated to the regions with the medium-quality environment (Liberec region, Central Bohemia, Central and South Moravia), while the relatively lowest intensities of support were allocated to the regions with the lowest- or low-quality environment (Moravian-Silesian region, Ústí nad Labem region, Karlovy Vary region). The analogous conclusions resulted from an analysis of the relative positions of selected types of regions in the overall allocation of capital expenditure, because the metropolitan regions, national parks and protected landscape areas obtained relatively higher intensities of support and, vice versa, the structurally and environmentally affected regions obtained lower intensities of support. The findings of our research allow to conclude that the regional distribution of capital expenditure from public sources was in a contradiction with the strategic objectives of both the...

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