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Burnout syndrome among teachers in preschool education
Lazorová, Tereza ; Švamberk Šauerová, Markéta (advisor) ; Koťátková, Soňa (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the burnout syndrom of teachers in kindergarten. The thesis includes theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part observes basic terms and definitions of the work. It defines the conditions that leads to the burnout syndrome and how can we work with it, what are the consequences and what can we do to prevent the syndrome from happening. The practical part discovers how the syndrome affected the life of the teachers and how often did they came across that issue. It follows particular cases of the burnout syndome and detects why the syndome had happend and how did the interviewee deal with it. The research was assigned as a questionare to teachers in kindergarten.
Nursing Care in Women with Lupus Erythematosus during Pregnancy
PETROVÁ, Daniela
Nowadays, near-miracles happen in modern medicine. Owing to the early diagnostics and treatment many women, who could not dream of this before, get pregnant and carry their babies to term. Lupus erythematosus presents both for the woman and the fetus a big risk. Pregnant women with this disease can suffer from multiple problems that are necessary to monitor and control for the whole time. The goal of my work was to find out what are the problems related to lupus erythematosus in selected pregnant women and the specificities of their treatment, to find out how and to what extent do the individual cases differ during pregnancy, to monitor clinical symptoms of the disease in selected pregnant women and also to compare psychical problems of selected women suffering from this disease related to high-risk pregnancies. In this work, I used a qualitative method of research which involved five goals and five research questions. The conducted research was based on documents and interviews with selected women. The results were processed and converted into tables and casuistics revealing individual particularities. All the goals and hypotheses were proved based on the research. Drawing on the qualitative method of the inquiry, it is possible to state four hypotheses. First hypothesis: One of the problems in pregnant women suffering from lupus erythematosus is often the development of butterfly erythema on their faces. Second hypothesis: One of the specificities of nursing care in pregnant women with lupus erythematosus is a frequent monitoring of the fetus{\crq} heart beat during day and night. Third hypothesis: Individual cases of women with lupus erythematosus differ in clinical symptoms of the disease. Fourth hypothesis: Pregnant women with lupus erythematosus worry about the future progress of pregnancy. The information about lupus erythematosus and the results of the research collected in this work could be used in nursing care and its interventions provided by midwives both in hospital and primary care. If we know the problems and wishes of pregnant women with this disease, we will be able to offer them a more effective care.

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