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Návrh akustického interiérového prvku
Kováčová, Jana
The diploma thesis is devoted to the design of an acoustic interior element for a public space interior, but can also be used in private. The work describes the history of screens and screens, typology of furnishing elements, and the issue of interior acoustics plus concepts related to this topic. The practical part is devoted to research and design and screen design. It contains a description of the process of sketching, modeling in the respektive programs as well as visualization of both the model itself and its location in space. Verification of the stability of the digital model, using the finite element method elements. There is also an evaluation of the acoustic parameters in the real selected office space.
Analýza užitkových parametrů prasat ve vybraném chovu
Klváček, Pavel
The thesis focuses on analyzing the production and reproduction parameters in pig breeding in Ochoz u Konice. The theoretical part of the thesis includes research on pig reproductive indicators such as fertility and lactation, followed by production indicators, which include growth, feed efficiency, and slaughter value. Furthermore, the issues related to rearing of gilts and their inclusion in breeding are described. The thesis also briefly describes the reproductive cycle of sows, from insemination to piglet rearing. Subsequently, the methodology for monitoring pig performance in the Czech Republic is described. The last part of the literary review characterizes the individual genotypes of Topigs Norsvin pigs. The practical part of the thesis presents the material and methodology of testing. Reproductive and production utility were tested among Topigs Norsvin pig genotypes. The A-line, AxZ, and TN60 genotypes were studied. The influence of parity on reproductive utility and the influence of sex on production utility were also observed. The monitored reproductive parameters included the number of all piglets, live and kept piglets in the litter, as well as the number of stillborn and dead piglets and the percentage of stillborn and dead piglets in the litter. The average daily gain during weaning, pre-fattening, and fattening of pigs was also determined. The results of reproduction indicated that the highest number of all, live, and kept piglets was achieved by the TN60 sow, while the A-line sow had the lowest number. Regarding parity, it was found that the number of all, live, and kept piglets increased with increasing parity of sows, with the lowest number at the first parity and the highest at the fifth parity. The results of production showed that the highest average daily gain was in TN60 pigs, and the lowest was in A-line pigs. In terms of sex, boars achieved higher average daily gain than gilts in all tested genotypes. The TN60 pigs achieved better results in both reproductive and production utility than A-line pigs, confirming the positive operation of hybridization.
Ověření růstového potenciálu dubu zimního (Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.) na lesní správě Brandýs nad Labem
Krumpolcová, Pavlína
The aim of the diploma thesis was to verify the growth potential of sessile oak in selected forest stands within the forest administration unit Brandýs nad Labem. Finding the best quality individuals in the stand and measuring their dendrometric values, determine the quality class of the best assortment. 43 stands were selected. The measurement took place on forest site complexes 1O, 2O, 1Q and 2Q with individuals aged from 61 to 200 years. The minimum representation of oak was set at 50% with an area exceeding 0.5 ha. The results show that the growth of sessile oak and its quality differ in selected forest site complexes. In the second forest vegetation zone, greater production is achieved compared to the first forest vegetation zone. The best quality varieties of sessile oak were found on forest site comlex 2O.
Možnosti produkce a využití medicínského konopí na českém trhu
Kristen, Alan
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of medical cannabis treatment in the Czech Republic. The first part of the thesis discusses cannabis from the point of view of history, taxonomy, where the cannabis plant is described, and morphology, where the main active substances contained in cannabis are defined and described. The objective of the analytical part of the work was to evaluate the development of the medical cannabis commodity vertical and to compare the results with the situation in the State of Israel. The thesis chronologically shows the process of making medical cannabis available to patients in the Czech Republic and Israel, including legislative developments in both countries. The evaluation of the development of the vertical was carried out on basis of the collection of selected statistical data of individual countries during the past years, and subsequently a graphic comparison was created to determine the difference in the approaches to cannabis treatment of the two mentioned states. In the conclusion, the development of the production and consumption of medical cannabis in the Czech Republic is evaluated in comparison with the situation in the State of Israel.
Výroba piv s ovocnou příchutí a jejich senzorické hodnocení
Burianová, Eva
The theoretical part is focused on the description of the raw materials that are necessary for the production of beer with a fruit component. The beer production technology is outlined. Breweries and microbreweries that offer fruit beer in their portfolio are also mapped in the literature research. The practical part was focused on the production of fruit beer, when a beer containing basic ingredients (malt, hops, yeast, water) was produced and a fruit compo-nent in the form of puree (passion fruit, mango) was subsequently added to it. The beer was subsequently subjected to analytical and sensorial evaluation. For all samples, the volume and weight alcohol content, real and apparent extract and original wort extract were deter-mined using the FermentoFlasher device. As part of the sensory analysis, when appearance, drinkability, aroma and taste were evaluated, samples flavored with passion fruit achieved the best results.
Ekonomické zhodnocení dopadu abiotických stresových faktorů na výnosnost u Slunečnice roční
Zaikova, Viktoriia
This bachelor thesis is devoted to the influence of stress abiotic factors – drought, high temperatures and soil salinization on the annual yield of sunflower. The goal was to assess their impact on the prices of agricultural producers of this oilseed crop. The literature review of the work determines which factors are abiotic. In addition, several literature materials were studied, where studies on sunflower production were conducted. It was found out what importance sunflower has in agriculture and how it is used. The chosen task was solved with the help of statistical processing of data for the period 2015-2019 on the yield, production and acreage of sunflower in Europe and the Czech Republic. Based on the data, it was found that due to drought and high temperatures, sunflower yields may decrease by 15-30 %. Despite all this, sunflower is one of the most reliable plants and is the most cost-effective - it’s profitability reaches about 60 %.
Antioxidanty ve vybraných odrůdách hrušní
Havlíčková, Barbora
The subject of this master´s thesis was primarily antioxidants in selected pear varieties. Among the pear varieties selected were European varieties ('Williams', 'Erica', 'Electra', 'Beta', 'Conference'), Asian varieties ('Kumoi', 'Ju Li', 'Nijiseiki', 'Shinko') and Asian-European hybrid variety 'Benita'. The content of individual antioxidants in the varieties was determined using the HPLC-MS/MS method. The resulting values were processed into graphs in the Excel program and statistically evaluated using the Statistica program. As part of the cluster analysis, the samples were divided into two groups based on the analysis of antioxidant content. The similarity of the 'Benita' variety hybrid to European varieties was also found. Using the PCA method, the data were divided into four groups. The highest content of total antioxidants was determined in the hybrid 'Benita' (2175,11 μg/g), on another hand, the lowest was in the European variety 'Williams' (277,73 μg/g). Some Asian varieties contained more antioxidants than European ones, while others contained less. It was found that the varieties analysed contained the most procyanidin b1/b2, while procyanidin c1 was not detected in any of the varieties. In the next part of the master´s thesis the development of the pear industry in the Czech Republic was monitored, where the development of the price level and harvest, the average yield, the consumption of pears per inhabitant of the Czech Republic, a foreign trade, a comparison of EU+UK production were monitored According to the obtained data, the 'Conference' variety and the 'Lucas' variety were the most cultivated in the Czech Republic. Annual consumption per person varied between 2,5-3 kg. Compared to the most other EU members and Great Britain, the pear production in the Czech Republic was low (4000-10000 tons/year).
Hodnocení vlivu složení krmné směsi na změnu biochemických parametrů krevní plazmy brojlerových kuřat
Šmalcová, Kateřina
The diploma thesis entitled "Evaluation of the influence of the composition of the feed mixture on the change in biochemical parameters of the blood plasma of broiler chickens" deals with the composition of the feed mixture and its effects on the internal environment and growth performance of broiler chickens. The aim was to develop a literature search on the topic of feeding broiler chickens and the biochemical parameters of blood plasma. Furthermore, check whether the supplemented feeding doses of milk thistle (Sylibum marianum L.) and the commercially produced preparations Presan - FY and Selko pH affect the indoor environment’s growth intensity and parameters. In the experiment, 3 control weighings and one final weighing were carried out, in which the actual increase was determined. Next, blood was taken into a tube with heparin, from which blood plasma was obtained for analysis of biochemical parameters. The data obtained from the analysis were statistically evaluated and statistically significant. A statistically significant difference was noted in the concentration of total bilirubin between groups O and K (p<0.05), but also between groups O and P (p<0.01), and there was also a statistically significant difference in the concentration of glucose between groups P and O (p<0.001) and also between P and K (p<0.01). The catalytic concentration of glutathione peroxidase was statistically significant between the O and P groups (p<0.05). There was a statistically significant difference in beta-hydroxybutyrate concentration between groups P and O (p<0.001), but also between groups P and K (p<0.05). Phosphorus concentration was statistically significant between K and O groups (p<0.01) and cholesterol concentration had a significant difference between O and K groups (p<0.001) and between O and P groups (p<0.05). There was a statistically significant difference in the concentration of non-esterified fatty acids between groups O and K (p<0.001), but also between groups O and P (p<0.05). Lactate dehydrogenase concentration was statistically significant between O and P groups (p<0.05) and creatine kinase level was statistically significant between O and K groups (p<0.01). It can be seen from the work that supplementation according to the methodology of the experiment influenced the growth intensity, the results of the measurements of the monitored environment of the animals and also the parameters of the inner environment of broiler chickens.
Vyhodnocení růstové intenzity jalovic na jejich reprodukční a užitkové vlastnosti
Voldánová, Eliška
The main aim of this diploma thesis was to evaluate effects of holstein heifers growth factors and their subsequent reproduction and milk production. The heifers were rear in the same conditions and also their subsequet reproduction and milk production took place in the same stable. No significant (p> 0,05) differences in the weight of heifers weighed a tage of 225, 335, 445 and 580 days were demonstrated for heifers after the sires of the line NXB and for heifers after the sires of the line NEO. Similary, there was no evidence (p> 0,05) of the influence of the order of mother´s lactation on the growth ability of the heifers. From the reproductive indicators of the heifers, the age of embed, the age of calving and the insemination index were monitored. The heifers were most often embed at the age of 13 months. The best age if calving was from the age of 22 to 23 months. Significantly (p <0,05), the best insemination index was found out in heifers from mothers on the 4th and higher lactation (1,17). The best insemination index was shown on the group of heifers which weighed during their time of embed between 400 to 440 kg. The milk production was better after the sires of the line NXB (10556 kg). In terms of grouping by maternal lactation, the best performance was held by heifers after the mother on the 2nd lactation. The content of fat was the similar (about 4 %) in all groups of heifers. The content of protein was similar for all groups of heifers (3,36 %). The best milk production was achieved by heifers calved at the age of 23–24 months. This group had the highest content of fat and proteins. The most favorable milk yield was shown in heifers weighing between 400 to 440 kg at the time of embeding. This group also had the highest fat content, but conversely the lowest protein content.
Study of Technical Preparation of a Production Portfolio for Production Organization
Cabúk, Matej ; Tesař, Rostislav (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
Launching a new product on the market requires a lot of preparatory work. In international companies, procedures and rules are clearly given. And while theory defines the technical production preparation activities, the actual processes vary from company to company. This diploma thesis focuses on the analysis and optimization of partial tasks, mainly on the design preparation of production. It proposes solutions to improve processes from a designer's point of view. In order to understand the appropriateness of the proposed solutions, it is necessary to know the nature of the analyzed company, which will be briefly presented. The proposals deal with software equipment in the workplace, the potential of which is not fully exploited by the employees. And although good quality software is an important part of the efficient operation of any company, for some activities it is preferable to limit the software used and simplify the processes. The specialists do their job with high quality and in less time. Creating a position of a specialist in photorealistic visualizations gives room to employee to develop in the field. Various factors, such as motivation and work environment, affect the performance of employees. Introducing new benefits, improving transport infrastructure and promoting alternative ways of travelling to work can have a positive impact on employee performance and satisfaction. The final part evaluates the proposals from a technical and economic perspective.

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