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Identifikace přírodních hodnot Černovické terasy
Kovářová, Kristýna
The bachelor thesis describes the natural conditions, potential and current state of geobiocenoses, history of the territory, current state and planned landscaping in the future. It also processes and evaluates inventory surveys carried out in the territory in 2006-2022. The area of 5.17 km2 is located in the south-east of Brno. The subsoil consists of sands and loess covered by anthropogenic deposits. The ground cover is chernozem. The territory falls into a warm region. Human activity in combination with succession influences has given rise to unusual biotopes that host a number of protected animal species. By synthesizing surveys, 498 plant species were obtained, of which 2 are protected by law and 43 are endangered according to the Red List. 17 species have been found in mammals, of which 3 are protected by law and 10 are endangered according to the Red List. 146 bird species have been registered, of which 56 are protected by law and 63 are endangered species according to the Red List. In amphibians and reptiles, 8 species have been recorded, the law protects 7 of them, and according to the Red List, 8 species are endangered. Of the insects, 176 species have been registered, of which 17 are protected by law and 31 are endangered according to the Red List. A floristic survey was also carried out. In which 200 plant species were found, none of which are protected by law and 18 are endangered according to the Red List.
Provedení detailního fytopatologického průzkumu u senescentních dřevin v parku u zámku Buchlovice
Běhávka, Martin
The bachelor's thesis focuses on a detailed phytopathological examination of 70 selected senescent trees located in the park near Buchlovice chateau, which covers an area of 18.4 hectares. The aim of the survey was to describe the diseases and pests occurring on selected tree species and the way in which these tree species are affected. Furthermore, on the basis of this survey, I created a list of measures specifically related to the given tree species in order to ensure the longest and highest quality of plant life. According to the resulting data, it follows that the local woody plants suffer from diseases typical of the species and their age. For example, we can observe relatively gentle treatment in terms of damage to root canals and the overall zone at the base of the trunk.
Polyfunctional zone MOŘICE okr. Prostějov
Janovská, Tereza ; Vojtová, Lea (referee) ; Dýr, Petr (advisor)
The task of the diploma thesis is to prepare an architectural-urban study of a large multifunctional complex of the AGRISPOL company in the village of Mořice. The proposal is to have a wide scope, design of biogas plant, storage facilities, silos, internal roads, accommodation and recreation. The agricultural centre owns four agricultural sites, Mořice, Vitčice, Vrchoslavice and Pavlovice near Kojetín. The topic of the pre-diploma thesis was the agricultural centre Vitčice. The main idea of the thesis was to design efficient communications, layout and arrangement of the biogas plant, revitalization of garages and workshops, design of storage halls for the purposes of the cooperative or for rent. The eastern part of the plot is designated for short-term housing and senior housing in the proposed nursing home, supplemented by services such as manicure, pedicure, hairdresser. These two units are divided into almost two identical buildings that resemble a hockey stick in shape. The combination of these two shapes has created an inner courtyard which serves as a garden/park for the adjacent accommodation units. The park will be freely accessible to the public. The capacity of the nursing home is 16 accommodation units. The units include a hallway, private bathroom and a living room with kitchenette. The capacity of the adjacent apartment building with an adjacent multifunctional part is 8 flats of 1+kk size and 9 flats of 2+kk size. The apartments are designed as starter housing for young couples or for accommodation of AGRISPOL employees. It is a form of short-term housing.
The Compact urban structure in the Czech Republic
Kopačka, Daniel ; Erben, Adam (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
Moravský Krumlov, historical core, urban district, industrial area, river, public space, urbanism, structure, corner, square, street, chapel, park
Sport hall and its facilities for the elementary school Hudcova 35, Brno
Váchová, Barbora ; Klimecký, Martin (referee) ; Gerö, Jiří (advisor)
The proposal is based on a pre-diploma project, where the Medlánek area was comprehensively addressed and a housing development, a kindergarten, a church and civic amenities were designed for the area. The sports hall, which is the subject of the thesis, was part of it. The sports hall and its facilities for the elementary school Hudcova 35, Brno, which is the subject of the diploma thesis, is located in the development area of Brno - Medlánky. The location of the sports hall is justified due to the location of Hudcova 35 elementary school and the future development of the Medlánek area. The building is divided into a part for athletes, a part for visitors and a technological part. A parking lot and a parking lot for buses are proposed for the sports hall. The surroundings of the entire sports hall are designed for leisure activities - a workout field, a children's playground and a park. The proposal respects the environment in which the building is designed, both with the height levels of the surrounding buildings and the selected visual material, which blends in with the adjacent park and cottage development. The building meets the requirements for barrier-free accessibility and environmental requirements. In order to better blend the building with its surroundings, trees are planted in the immediate vicinity, which further form an imaginary connection to the newly created park and the current Castle Park. The facade of the building is designed with respect to the character of its surroundings. The part of the building, which is situated towards the cottage area and the park, is lined with tanned wood, and a covered walkway is designed along this part. The walkway consists of black V-shaped steel columns and a glass roof. The second part of the building is situated towards the Mechanical Testing Institute. The facade is designed from ecological mineral plaster. On this part of the building, windows are designed, which are connected in a belt using thermal insulation.
Making a large-scale map in Trenčín
Huňová, Natália ; Nosek, Jakub (referee) ; Vondrák, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this final thesis is the topographic and altimetric survey of the Milan Rastislav Štefánik park in Trenčín and the subsequent creation of a purpose map. The following chapters describe the process of surveying work in the field, computational management of measured data, and graphic processing in geodetic software. The final result is a purpose map at a scale of 1:500 in the 3rd class of accuracy according to ČSN 01 3410 Large scale maps - Basic and purpose maps.
The importace of the Hildprandt von Ottenhausen Family for Blatná region
Vokrojová, Eliška ; Županič, Jan (advisor) ; Zicha, Zbyněk (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to point out the various contributions (cultural, economic, political, entrepreneurial, etc.) of the aristocratic family Hildprandt von Ottenhausen for Blatná region. At the begining, various views on the determination of the Blatná reigon are compared. The history of the family line is also reviewed. Most attention is given to the activites of the Hildprandt family which were beneficial for the Blatná region. Hildprandts von Ottenhausen contributed to the development of the Blatná castle, they also remade the adjacent forest to a park. Thanks to them, industrial activities (sugar industry, distilling industry or beer industry) flourished in this region and many people became employed in these companies or on the farm owned by the Hildprandts. Many prominent persons visited Blatná, as guests of the noble family, amongst these persons was Franz Ferdinand d'Este, heir to the Austrian monarchy, or an indian maharaja. Hildprandts employed some of the Czech patriots (Jan Evangelista Purkyně a Antonín Jaroslav Vrťátko), those patriots taught next generations of the family love for their country. Some members of this family enriched Blatná with their artistic talent through their creations (painting, sculpture or writing activity). In political sphere, their patriotic thinking...
Low-rise apartment buildings in Řečkovice
Kazdová, Tereza ; Žalmanová,, Petra (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor's thesis was to design a low-rise apartment building in Řečkovice district, Brno, which would be used for elderly housing. The land on which the building is planned to be located is currently densely overgrown with greenery, but there are two buildings planned to be built in the eastern part of the land already. The bachelor's thesis deals with the design of the western part of the land. The design consists of one four-story building containing 25 separate housing units, each for one to two residents. Each apartment has its own balcony facing either the private or the public part of the garden. In addition, social areas and other services for seniors are designed to be in the building. The design includes cutting down the overgrown vegetation on the property and designing a small park for gatherings. This bachelor's thesis is based on the studio of architectural creation from the second academic year.
Restoration of the chateau in Velke Nemcice
Danková, Andrea ; Špiller, Martin (referee) ; Guzdek, Adam (advisor)
The topic of the bachelor's thesis is the restoration of the chateau in the village of Velké Němčice. The documentation is based on an architectural study processed within the subject AG033 Studio of Architectural Creation - Restoration of Monuments. The chateau is located in the historical center of the village, where it has been standing since the second half of the 16th century. It will primarily be used as a village office, but it will also have associated functions - an information center, a ceremonial room, a cafe, room for local associations and a municipal library. As part of the project, the wider area around the chateau will be transformed into an area worthy of the cultural and historical center of the village. The space will be modified as a park, which should be used for the recreation of local residents, at the same time, parking spaces and space for seasonal markets will be prepared. The proposed object has a U-shaped floor plan (the middle wing is on the east side, the other wings are north and south). The building has one underground floor, two above-ground floors and an attic. There is a hipped roof over almost the entire floor plan. Currently, part of the chateau is an extension from the 20th century in the central part of the western facade; however this extension will be removed. An extension with the function of a library will be added to the northern wing of the chateau. This extension will follow the historical building in its form and size, but the materials of its structures (glass facade, reinforced concrete skeleton support system) have been chosen so that the extension has a contrasting effect.
Restoration of the chateau in Velke Nemcice
Holíková, Ludmila ; Špiller, Martin (referee) ; Guzdek, Adam (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the restoration of the chateau in Velké Němčice. The project is based on the subject AG033 - Architectural Design Studio 3 - restoration of monuments. The origins of the history of the castle in Velké Němčice probably date back to the middle of the 16th century when the original gothic fortress was rebuilt into a renaissance castle. The chateau has changed many owners over the centuries and has been rebuilt many times. During the second half of the 20th century, it was used for some time as a elementary school, then even as a small textile production or restaurant. At present is the chateau without usage. The current town councillors are planning to buy the castle from the state and use it as a municipality office of Velké Němčice. The project will also conclude the area around the castle, which should become a worthy cultural centre of the village. The area will work as a municipal park to be used for the recreation of residents. An important part of the project is adding of the greenery, new pavements, and central paved area for outdoor cultural events and the addition of benches or a children's playground. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to design the complex restoration of the chateau in Velké Němčice. However, the historic appearance of the chateau and the overall genius loci should be preserved. The castle will be treated as a historically valued and protected building.

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