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Web-Based Information System for Support Casualty-Wards
Koreň, Miroslav ; Mazal, Zdeněk (referee) ; Jurka, Pavel (advisor)
Aim of this Bachelor's Thesis "Web ambulatory care information system" is to gain information about ambulatory systems and comprehend their principles. On this knowledge base build up own ambulatory system and assume results. Created application involves basic functionality provided by obvious ambulatory systems and is opened for future update. System is conceived as web application. It was built up with the usage of facilities for development web information systems in Java language, specifically by using JSF (Java Server Faces), JSP (Java Server Pages) and Servlets.
Exoskeleton design
Štancl, Jan ; Lázna, Tomáš (referee) ; Kopečný, Lukáš (advisor)
The bachelor paper „Exoskeleton design“ deals with development of prosthetic exoskeleton of index finger. The exoskeleton is for patient who lost the distal and middle articles of the index finger. The exoskeleton consist of three articles. Distal and middle articles are powered by one linear actuator, proximal article is passive. The articles are mechanically connected to each other. The rotary potenciometer senses the bend angle at the MP joint, which corresponds to the desired position of the exoskeleton. Feedback is provided by optic gate that senses the engine revolutions.
Rehabilitation centre, Pasohlávky
Skříčková, Alžběta ; Císař, Lukáš (referee) ; Müller, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of a rehabilitation center, which is located in the cadastral area of the village Mušov on the border of the village Pasohlávky. It is a two-storey rehabilitation center with a gym and a partial basement. The thesis deepens the initiative of Thermal Pasohlávky, which plans to build a spa resort in the same section, combining elements of spa care, recreation and sports use. The object fulfills the function of a rehabilitation medical facility. The center is designed for up to 50 patients and is functionally divided into three parts. The first part consists of rehabilitation. We will find here several exercise rooms, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, doctor's office with waiting room and reception. Rehabilitation also includes a gym with access to the terrace and park. On the second floor we can find specialized department of ergotherapy for people with different types of disabilities and second functional part of the bulding designed for staff facilities. It is made up of staffing facilities, dressing rooms, offices and meeting rooms. The third functional part consist from the technical background of the building and is located on the ground floor. The object is designed as a wall system, built from sand-lime bricks km beta Sendvix and insulated with the ETICS thermal insulation made from mineral wool. Horizontal supporting structures are designed as reinforced concrete. The entire building is roofed with a flat roof. Wooden windows and doors are used in the building to fill the holes. Before the building is a parking lot for employees and visitors of the rehabilitation facility. The design respects the principles of barrier-free solutions. The bachelor thesis is elaborated in the form of a project documentation for the execution of the construction.
Mobile Application to Control the Diet of Patients on Dialysis
Pavlacký, Ondřej ; Kolář, Dušan (referee) ; Goldmann, Tomáš (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to create an intuitive mobile application for Android operation system which will help dialysis patients by displaying approximate values of monitored substances in their body and replace classic paper records. Thanks to this mobile application patients are going to have better overview of consumed foodstuffs a help them stick to their diet. When inserting the foodstuff patients will select from the database of foodstuffs and the application will calculate values that the food contains. Patients can also expand the database with their own food. Application will also register periods between dialysis and from the length of the period, patients' weight and their diuresis calculate maximal values of monitored substances (water, potassium and phosphorus). Patients will also see values from passed periods, which will we shown in statistics.  Data will be persistently saved in local and remote database. Application is developed on Xamarin platform.
Analysis of Selected Indicators of Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute
Tušková, Anna ; Podhorec, Ján (referee) ; Kropáč, Jiří (advisor)
Subject of bachelor´s thesis is analysis of selected indicators of Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute in a certain period of time. In the theoretical part provides the basic background of the time series. Practical part is focused on the analysis of selected indicators, together with the possibility of determining the prognosis of further development.
Design of Amphibious Rescue Vehicle
Truhlář, Jonáš ; Karásek, David (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
The master thesis deals with the design of an amphibious rescue vehicle with a focus on rescue and evacuation of patients from inaccessible or flooded areas. The aim is to design a product that would fulfill the function of pre-hospital emergency care to the patient in the field and that would meet the conditions for integration between ambulance rescue vehicles. The representative amphibious vehicle for this work is a special articulated tracked vehicle known as a bandvagn. The thesis analyses in detail the intersection of the two markets of ambulance and amphibious in an attempt to find the aspects determining the development of the product. The design puts emphasis on the economic and financial balance of the proposed product, which it places on the product construction. The very design uses the integration of the off-road aspect of the vehicle with the ambulant one to bring a new perspective on the body shape of the modules.
Patient data trasfer over GSM
Pavliš, Jaroslav ; Dlouhý, Jiří (referee) ; Švrček, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis is concerned with possibilities of patient data transfer from a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter-defibrillator to physician over GSM. Theoretical part describes options of data transfer in GSM networks, data appropriate for sending and a structure of message is proposed. A device, that is able to send medical data in a form of SMS messages is designed and constructed. The device uses a Freescale MC68HC908GP32 microcontroller, character display with a Hitachi HD44780 controller and a cell phone Sony CMD-J70. The program for microcontroller is written in assembler for HC08. For tabular view of received messages, an application software for PC was created.
Knowledge of nurses in domain of nursing care for patients with enteral nutrition
Zemanová, Veronika ; Tomová, Šárka (advisor) ; Hromádková, Jaroslava (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the knowledge of nurses in the field of nursing care for patients with enteral nutrition. The work is divided into two parts, the theoretical part and empirical part. The aim of the final thesis is to map the knowledge of nurses in the field of enteral nutrition. Alternatively, increase awareness through professional training of nurses and prevent adverse effects in the administration of enteral nutrition that may occur with inappropriate nursing procedures in patients with enteral nutrition. The theoretical part of the bachelor's thesis deals with the types and types of artificial nutrition, methods of application, its indications and contraindications, and possible complications that may arise during the administration of enteral nutrition to patients. The empirical part of the final thesis is processed by quantitative research, it contains the results of a research investigation and subsequent comparison with the results of similar works. Method: Questionnaire survey - based on a non-standardized questionnaire survey that was anonymized. Results: A total of 140 questionnaires were distributed. In the end, 102 respondents took part in the entire survey. The return rate from the total number of questionnaires was 72,85%. Most of the respondents 99 (97,06%) have a...
Nurse education as a part of comprehensive nursing work at bone marrow transplant unit in the Motol University Hospital
Angerová, Hana ; Tomová, Šárka (advisor) ; Nikodemová, Hana (referee)
The bachelor thesis will deal with the educational process in the children's bone marrow transplant unit at the Motol University Hospital. The educational process takes place in 4 stages, where both the doctor, psychosocial worker, nurse, as well as the patient and his family participate in the educational process itself. The work will focus on specifying nursing care in this department and education within this educational process, where the nurse herself already participates in educating the patient and his family when the patient is admitted to the transplant unit. The bachelor thesis will be divided into a theoretical part and an empirical part. The theoretical part will describe basic concepts in education and educational process in general. Furthermore, there will be a chapter on topics of education specific to bone marrow transplant units. The conclusion of the theoretical part will be devoted to the topic of bone marrow transplantation. The empirical part will present the results of an anonymous questionnaire survey conducted at the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at Motol University Hospital. The aim of the bachelor thesis will be to determine the quality and satisfaction with the current state of education in bone marrow transplant units from the perspective of patient...
Možnosti produkce a využití medicínského konopí na českém trhu
Kristen, Alan
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of medical cannabis treatment in the Czech Republic. The first part of the thesis discusses cannabis from the point of view of history, taxonomy, where the cannabis plant is described, and morphology, where the main active substances contained in cannabis are defined and described. The objective of the analytical part of the work was to evaluate the development of the medical cannabis commodity vertical and to compare the results with the situation in the State of Israel. The thesis chronologically shows the process of making medical cannabis available to patients in the Czech Republic and Israel, including legislative developments in both countries. The evaluation of the development of the vertical was carried out on basis of the collection of selected statistical data of individual countries during the past years, and subsequently a graphic comparison was created to determine the difference in the approaches to cannabis treatment of the two mentioned states. In the conclusion, the development of the production and consumption of medical cannabis in the Czech Republic is evaluated in comparison with the situation in the State of Israel.

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