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The non-professional public perception of the nurse occupation
Chvojková, Kateřina ; Marsová, Jana (advisor) ; Hejzlarová, Lenka (referee)
The work deals with the theme of perception of the nurse job by public. The objective of the work is to find out what awareness of the present work of nurse is with a view of contact of job of nurse, her personal experience and at the same time the experience of neighbourhood of the respondent and with the view of the personal feature of nurse. The objective is also to conduct a survey of factors having influence on opinion of public about job of nurse. In the theoretical part the attention is paid to the definition of the term nurse especially in the connection with its relation to nursing. The overview of the historical development of nurse from the beginning of Christianity until the first half of the 19th century is presented and furthermore it is presented the origin and development of the professional nursing including the situation in Czechia. A special attention is paid to the prestige of the nurse job including the influence of the public on its formation and also the role of the mass media at forming the public meaning is dealt with. In the empiric part of the work the objectives of the work are formulated. The results of the questionnaire investigation are illustratively depicted with help of tables and figures. In the conclusion the results of the research are summarized including the...
Educational skills and thein application in practice
Šertlerová, Nikola ; Tomová, Šárka (advisor) ; Raudenská, Jaroslava (referee)
In this bachelor thesis entitled "Educational Skills and Their Application in Practice" we are dealing with education of patient by nurse. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part describes the education in nursing, the characteristics of the participants in education, the role of nurse as educator, factors influencing education, communication in education, didactic principles of education, educational methods, educational goals, and educational process in nursing. The empirical part describes a questionnaire survey consisting of a questionnaire for nurses and a questionnaire for patients at the internal and surgical departments of the Motol University Hospital and Orlová Regional Hospital. The aim was the primary data collection and their subsequent analysis. Empirical part describes the methodology and organization of the survey, the characteristics of the survey sample and the analysis of the survey results. The survey results are graphically processed and the working hypothesis statistically processed. The results of the thesis confirm that education is consider to be important not only by nurses but also by patients who are aware of the importance of the educational process. The biggest obstacle during educational process for nurses is lack of time....
Lexicon of nursing in Russian-Czech Comparison
Nešporová, Lucie ; Žofková, Hana (advisor) ; Nazarenko, Liliya (referee)
The Bachelor thesis deals with lexicon of nursing in Russian - Czech comparison. The aim is to compare selected Russian and Czech expressions from point of view of word formation and to determine which ways predominate in these two languages. Component parts deal with mechanisms of word formation. We use comparative analysis. Collected Russian expressions are compared to their Czech equivalents.The thesis is mainly focused on terms of this field. It tries to find out if there are some regularities in the structure of loanwords and if these two languages use loanword or create their own word. It comprises also chapters about history of nursing, terminology, origin of medical terminology and professional slang. Supplement includes Russian-Czech dictionary containing diverse medical expressions and texts with medical topics.
Personality proces of nurses - comparation of norwadays and recent past
Kvasničáková, Jana ; Štefančíková, Mariana (advisor) ; Gigalová, Veronika (referee)
Author: Jana Kvasničáková Institution: Department of Social Medicine LF UK in Hradec Kralove Department of nursing Title of the work: Personality proces of nurses - comparation of norwadays and recent past Academic advisor: PhDr. Mariana Štefančíková, Ph.D. Number of pages: 159 Number of attachments: 8 Defended in: 2016 Key words: nursing care, nurse education, nurse, profession, theory of motivation, qualitative research This bachelor's degree dissertation deals with changes in the nursing profession in the Czech Republic from, the socialist era to present. The theoretical part concentrates on changes in nursing care, education, professional demands and motivation/demotivation theory. The nurse personality is analysed including changing roles and competences. The empirical part includes qualitative research based on interviews of two groups of nurses. The first group is senior nurses who worked prior to the end of socialism and the latter commensed work after 2005. Each group includes 4 interviews. This dissertation analyses nurse's opinions on the profession, changes and the effects on private and family life.
Burnout syndrome in the context of nursing
Corea Gamboa, Susan Kely ; Javůrková, Alena (advisor) ; Jirkovský, Daniel (referee)
The content of this thesis is a research study investigating the relationship between burnout levels experienced by nurses working in the Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Spain and some US states. Through an online questionnaire, their degree of empathy, emotional attachment, and level of education were determined A questionnaire was developed by using the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory (CBI) in health personnel, Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI) to measure of dispositional empathy, Experiences in Close Relationships - Relationship Structures (ECR-RS) to assess attachment patterns in a variety of close relationships and an Emotion Thermometers tool a simple rapid modular screening tool for detection and monitoring of emotional disorders in clinical practice. Part of the questionnaire are an anamnestic questions to also analyze the demographic data. The questionnaire was sent by email to nurses working in the above countries. The group comprised a sample of 1123 nurses represented in the study from September 2018 to January 2019.
20th years of the magazine Sestra
Hejná, Karolína ; Cebe, Jan (advisor) ; Kocourková, Lucie (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "Twenty years of the "Nurse" magazine" deals with the history of Czechoslovak nursing magazines since the early 19th century until the present day. Its attention is focused especially on the "Nurse" magazine, which is (according to Media Project) the most widely read professional health care magazine title at the moment and intended not just for nurses, but also for other non-medical workers in the health care sector. It examines not only the contents and graphic layout of the magazine, but also the personalities of its editors-in-chief and chairwoman of its Editorial Board, and also maps its travels round various publishing houses. There is also a summary of marketing support of the magazine and related projects, as well as a description of its competitors in the Czech magazine market. The thesis presents a qualitative survey, which maps out readers' communities of selected professional periodicals, perception of the quality of contents of various magazines by readers, usability of the information each of them brings in day-to-day health care work, willingness and motivation of health care personnel to publish articles in professional media etc. Its purpose was to determine whether the "Nurse" magazine is indeed a good partner in the lifelong education of non-medical health...
Development of hospice-palliative care with focus on Germany and the Czech Republic
Kubíčková, Ruth ; Vogel, Jiří (advisor) ; Kolář, Pavel (referee)
Vývoj hospicové paliativní péče se zaměřením na Německo a Českou Republiku Development of hospice-palliative care with focus on Germany and the Czech Republic Ruth Kubíčková The aim of the thesis was to map the development, crucial moments and current .shape of hospice-palliative care and simultaneously confirm the thesis that the care of spiritual feature of dying persons has been an integral part of organized development of hospice care since its beginning and nowadays, it is still one of its principal themes. The first chapter deals with branch terminology since its clear definition is essential, not only for dialogue inside the system of palliative care providers and experts, but for interdisciplinary communication and cooperation which is - according to the definition of palliative care - the foundation of its holistic approach to patients. The second and third chapters are concerned with the development of nursing care since the ancient times to the diversification of modern hospice-palliative care at the end of the twentieth century. They deduce that the Christianity, with its central commandment to love thy neighbour as thyself, has changed the attitude to care of suffering persons, both in the nursing care and in shapes and ways of providing care. In the response to revolutionary changes in...
Activity of the Congregation of Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo in České Budějovice. The lifestory of a black and white flower of the city
Ambrožová, Kristýna ; Foltýn, Dušan (advisor) ; Hnilica, Jiří (referee)
The dissertation deals with the historical activities of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo in České Budějovice between the years 1850 - 1956. The thesis is especially based on the study of archival materials. Each chapter comprehensively describes the history of the three branches where the religious Sisters performed their activities. The branches are listed in chronological order of when they were established in the city. A public hospital is mentioned first, followed by an institutional complex of orphanages and schools at the former Vienna gate, and the group is concluded with an asylum for elderly people in need established in 1888. Particular attention is paid to the circumstances concerning the establishment of each branch, its background, ordinary and extraordinary days that were mostly mentioned in local chronicles; and two local superiors who had a major impact on the development and character of the community are also mentioned in the dissertation. Besides the observation of the beginnings and subsequent unprecedented development of community activities within the city frame, the text also includes an independent final chapter focused on events associated with the definitive end after the year 1948. Orientation in the topic and logical sequence of...
Nursing Process for a Patient with Post-resuscitation Therapeutic Hypothermia after Acute Myocardial Infarction
Viktora, Jan ; Vytejčková, Renata (advisor) ; Petrák, Ondřej (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with acute cardiology, namely with casuistry of a patient after acute myocardial infarction with successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the field, artificial pulmonary ventilation and therapeutic hypothermia. The thesis wants to present the highly specialised and demanding nursing care of resuscitated patients from the nurse's point of view with the use of the most modern procedures and technology. The theoretical part of the thesis is divided to several chapters describing anatomy and physiology of the cardiac muscle, acute myocardial infarction, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and therapeutic hypothermia. The main focus of this part of the thesis is on the diagnosis of the acute coronary syndrom itself. The theoretical part describes in more detail therapeutic hypothermia and nursing care of patients after cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Very important chapter is also introduction of a patient on whom is concentrated the nursing care in the practical part of the thesis, and presentation of his hospitalization. The practical part deals with creating, planning and implementation of the nursing care by means of biomedical model and nursing process. The practical and theoretical part alike is divided to several chapters. The main one is focused on nursing anamnesis with...

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