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Teoretické znalosti žáků vybrané střední školy z první předlékařské pomoci
Dvořák, František
This bachelor's thesis deals with the evaluation of the knowledge of high school students in the field of first aid. In the theoretical part, the author deals with first aid in specific crisis situations. At the beginning of the practical part, he created research questions that dealt with the awareness of students in the field of first aid. To obtain the data that was used to evaluate the practical part, he created a didactic test with 22 questions, which deals with both first aid itself and correct diagnosis of the condition. He gave the didactic test to 79 respondents of selected high school. He evaluated the test and summarized the results. Then he answered the research questions. From the obtained statistics, he created a discussion, which deals with the ability of students to properly provide first aid and diagnose a life-threatening or risky condition. In the end, he summarized the answers to the research questions and summarized the output of this bachelor thesis.
Item analysis as a tool for the evaluation of didactic tests: the example of the course Statistics for geographers
Novotná, Kateřina ; Netrdová, Pavlína (advisor) ; Pěnička, Jaroslav (referee)
In today's education system, we often encounter poorly created didactic tests that do not actually test the knowledge and skills acquired through teaching, or only test them to a limited extent. For example, if items for closed-ended questions are unprofessionally created, students may even guess the correct answers without having any knowledge and skills in the subject area. The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to evaluate the quality of closed-ended questions with a range of possible answers on the example of the final tests of the course Statistics for Geographers and, based on the obtained results, to recommend adjustments to specific items. The evaluation will be done based on item analysis using the ShinyItemAnalysis web application. In the case of poorly functioning questions, based on the results of the analysis, their modifications will be proposed so that they are more suitable for didactic testing. In the theoretical part, the bachelor's thesis will focus on the didactic test as a specific evaluation tool, its forms, individual types of test tasks and recommendations for their creation. Everything will be supplemented with specific examples from the field of statistics. The space will also be devoted to techniques of guessing answers, characteristics of test tasks and test theories....
The issue of admission to secondary schools and multi-year gymnasiums
VÁVROVÁ, Kristýna
This bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of unified entrance examination to secondary schools and multi-year grammar schools in the Czech Republic. The thesis consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part focuses on the definition of basic terms related to the unified entrance examination as well as the definition of curriculum for individual thematic units for the primary and lower secondary education (first and second stages of basic education). The practical part of the bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. The first part contains the results of a survey of pupils in grades 5, 7 and 9, including answers to which schools the pupils apply to, how long and how exactly they prepare for the mathematics entrance examination. The second part of the practical part deals with the results of scores obtained by grade 9 pupils in three different sample entrance examination tests written from scratch by the thesis author. This part compares the scores obtained in each of the sample tests and investigates what types of problems pupils find difficult and what types of problems pupils are good at.
Využití e-learningu ve výuce odborného výcviku vybrané SOŠ
Holoubek, David
The major objective of this Bachelor's thesis is the possibility of using e-learning methods in vocational education at secondary schools. Educational material on Intelligent Buildings presented in an e-form is created in this work. The proposed learning material and its tools are processed in the form of an electronic course book and lecture, and in the form of a video and a power point presentation. This educational material will be used in vocational training at Secondary School of Information Techno-logy, and Postal and Financial Services, Čichnova 23, Brno, and will be primarily used by students with poor school attendance in order to fill their knowledge gaps. The theoretical part of the Bachelor's thesis deals with the analysis of distance education and e-learning. The main aim of this part is to find and describe advantages and disadvantages of distance learning, possible types of communication between stu-dents and a teacher, and a team composition which is responsible for the creation of the courses. The second part of this section involves the description of the system in which e-learning courses can be created. The goal of the practical part is the creation of an e-learning course in the Moodle system which will include educational material processed in four different variants, and also a didactic test intended to test the knowledge of the participants.
Possibilities of implementation of the pollination as the pedagogical content of the elementary schools
The diploma thesis focuses on pollinators as a subject of science education and especially the possibility of implementation in teaching at primary school. The research part deals with pollination, the importance of pollinators, anchoring the topic in the Framework Educational Program, and especially the analysis of several textbooks of science for primary schools in terms of the topic of pollinators. To obtain the necessary data in the practical part, didactic tests and an educational project for the pupils of 4th and 6th grade at primary schools were created. Based on the acquired findings, a conclusion was drawn regarding the possible inclusion of the topic in teaching at primary school.
The probe of knowledge about living nature in lower secondary schools
SKALICKÁ, Karolína
The main aim of the bachelor thesis was to ascertain the level of knowledge of lower secondary pupils about living nature. Following the written didactic test, the pupils undertook an Educational Forest Trail walk whereby they could assess their newly acquired knowledge. Some natural objects were available to help the pupils with the test and its selection was based on the textbooks used in previous years. One of the chapters of this thesis focuses on the chosen realia as well as the questions for the test. The practical part contains results of testing and it describes the process of the walk. Finally, the results of this thesis are compared to the results of similar studies.
Knowledge of lifeless nature of primary school pupils
The diploma thesis deals with knowledge of primary school pupils about lifeless nature. Their knowledge was validated via didactic test which was created on the basis of the literature review. There are several themes described in the literature review such as science literacy, lifeless nature in Framework Educational Programme for Basic Education, and last but not least, creation of a didactic test. In total 1043 pupils from 12 regions of the Czech Republic took part in the testing. An interview with a primary school teacher about problematic themes in lifeless nature teaching is also included in the thesis. This thesis was supported by the Grant Agency of the University of South Bohemia (GA JU) nr. 123/2019/S.
Utilization of School Garden for Practical Activities with Plants at Lower-secondary School
Grygová, Petra ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with use of a school garden for practical activities during excursion activities. The specific selected locality is the school garden of Business Academy and Secondary School of Agriculture and Ecology in Žatec. The main goal was preparation of practical activities that might be implemented in the school garden and their verification in classes of lower grades students of the lower-secondary school. The proposed research was carried out through didactic tests, in which the input knowledge was considered before the implementation of practical activities (pretest) and the knowledge acquired was afterwards verified in a posttest. The overall didactic concept of botanically oriented activities was elaborated in accordance with biology didactics. Subsequently, another survey took place in a form of attitude questionnaire, which aimed to determine popularity of practical activities in the school garden by the students themselves. The achieved research results demonstrate that practical activities with plants in the school garden are effective and popular form of teaching. KEYWORDS student, teaching forms and methods, school garden, practical activities, excursion activities, didactic test, attitude questionnaire

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