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Simultaneous transmission of photonic services in fibre optics
Látal, Michal ; Horváth, Tomáš (referee) ; Münster, Petr (advisor)
Diploma thesis focuses on simultaneous transmission of selected photonic services by one single-mode optical fiber. The thesis deals with the problem of common transmission of multiple photonic services by one optical fiber using the wavelength division multiplex technology. Furthermore, the origin and influence of nonlinear phenomena accompanying the simultaneous transmission of photonic services are described. Except common data transmission with a bitrate of 10 Gbit/s, a common high-speed data signal transmission with a bitrate of 200 Gbit/s, accurate time transmission and high-power sensor signal are considered. During the aimultaneous transmission of selected photonic services, the measurement of the transmission parameters was performed for various variants of the simultaneous transmission arrangement. In particular, the influence of nonlinear phenomena and possible mutual interference of individual transmission channels at 50 and 100 GHz between signals was analyzed.
One-way serial laser communication over longer distances
Valent, Adam ; Šteffan, Pavel (referee) ; Háze, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is the construction of one-way communication device. This device consists of the transmitter and the receiver, both of which are connected to its respective computer via USB interface. This device allows sending UTF-8 characters or files from one computer to another. Both computers are running a graphical user interface program. The core of a transmitter is a digital signal modulating laser diode. The receiver is made of photovoltaic panel with a resonance circuit and an amplifier. Communication between the electronics and the computer is driven by microcontrollers. Received messages are verified with one of multiple error detection algorithms, which can be selected by user in the utility program.
Implementation of smart water measurement technology into small municipal waterworks environment
Klučka, Tomáš ; Zubíček,, Vojtěch (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis describes the actual situation of smart water metering, an overview of water meters suitable for remote data reading and individual components for application of remote data transmission including transmission itself. The thesis also contains the characteristics of available wireless data communication technologies and detailed solutions according to two companies specializing in remote transmission of water meter data. Subsequently, the pilot projects of large water company are presented, including practical findings. The practical part deals with the implementation of smart water metering in three specific municipalities, including a description of the area of interest, water supply system specification and possible limitations, the recommended technology, the requirements for putting in into operation and the pricing of technology and services according to two specialized companies. Finally, the possibilities of other using of smart water meter technology are discussed.
Communication devices over GSM/GPRS
Prečan, David ; Růčka, Lukáš (referee) ; Herman, Ivo (advisor)
This master thesis deals with a data remote transmission by means of SMS and GPRS technology. The overview of current solutions is presented and then a remote temperature measurement and a data transmission employing a communication module GSM/GPRS TM1 through GSM network using GPRS technology is described. As a response to an impulse, the communication module sends SMS. The technical solution is described in details including HW and SW design of the data transfer and processing equipment using a ATmega 162 microprocessor. This equipment communicates with a server (PC), which displays the measured temperature. A prototype which was used for a validation of the design is also described.
Influence of physical parameters and age of power lines on PCL/BPL performance and reliability
Janás, Jan ; Mlýnek, Petr (referee) ; Benešl, Lukáš (advisor)
With the increasing demands on data transmission, other ways are being sought than standard data transmission via conventional data cables. One of these ways is communication over power lines - PLC or BPL technology. This method of communication is widely used in households, energy, industry and other fields where it is used for data collection, communication, or control of various devices. Before considering the use of BPL technology, it is first necessary to evaluate the considered power line to see if it is suitable and technically competent for this purpose.
Data transmition security with BCH codes
Frolka, Jakub ; Tejkal, Vladimír (referee) ; Němec, Karel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis Data transmission security with BCH codes deals with class of random error correction cyclic codes which are able to protect data in binary form. BCH codes operate over algebraic structures called Galois fields. Encoding of these codes is same as encoding cyclic codes and can be used cyclic shift register, but decoding is more complex and can be done with many algorithms, in this thesis are mention three: Peterson algorithm, Matrix method and Berlekamp-Massey algorithm. In this thesis are described characteristics BCH codes, their usage in communication devices and their posibility implementation. An example BCH code which is able to correct four independent errors is created. This example is used for presentation of encoding and decoding methods. In the end is described implementation of data protection codec for FGPA devices.
Data transmission over distribution power networks
Vašíček, Filip ; Mišurec, Jiří (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
This thesis brings together information about the data transmission over distribution power networks with a view to the broadband systems. The division of PLC systems is mentioned and the principle and characteristics of PLC technology are described. I was also interested in topology and a description of elements of PLC network. There are presented the two most frequently used systems: HomePlug and DS2. Next section contains an analysis of network architecture, especially the physical layer. The protection of data against errors and the OFDM method are described. There are also analyzed other layers of the network reference model, the mechanism of quality of services and the data encryption using AES. I was also focused on the issues of standardization of PLC, the electromagnetic compatibility and a description of the international project OPERA. In the practical part is processed the concept of the laboratory PLC network with elements of the system Defidev/DS2. Functionality of the network has been tested by measuring of the bit rate on the physical and application layer.
Protection of data transmission against long error bursts
Malach, Roman ; Lambertová, Petra (referee) ; Němec, Karel (advisor)
This Master´s thesis discuses the protection of data transmission against long error bursts. The data is transmited throught the channel with defined error rate. Parameters of the channel are error-free interval 2000 bits and length of burst error 250 bits. One of the aims of this work is to make a set of possible methods for the realization of a system for data correction. The basic selection is made from most known codes. These codes are divided into several categories and then the best one is chosen for higher selection. Of course interleaving is used too. Only one code from each category can pass on to the higher level of the best code selection. At the end the codes are compared and the best three are simulated using the Matlab program to check correct function. From these three options, one is chosen as optimal regarding practical realization. Two options exist, hardware or software realization. The second one would seem more useful. The real codec is created in validator language C. Nowadays, considering language C and from a computer architecture point of view the 8 bits size of element unit is convenient. That´s why the code RS(255, 191), which works with 8 bits symbols, is optimal. In the next step the codec of this code is created containing the coder and decoder of the code above. The simulation of error channel is ensured by last program. Finally the results are presented using several examples.
Optimization of data communication over high-voltage lines
Minárik, Peter ; Krajsa, Ondřej (referee) ; Mlýnek, Petr (advisor)
The thesis deals with analysis of the PLC (Power Line Communication) system for data communications through powerlines. In the introduction describes the technology of data transmission through the energy network and is divided into categories corresponding with the explanation of the various specifications and features. Different types of coding, affecting the transmitted signal interference and modulation techniques used in a PLC are also described. The practical part is made up of telecommunications network model with transmission channel realized as additive white noise. The model can setup different types of modulation and coding in relate with the signal to noise ratio and bit error rates. The individual blocks settings are described in detail. The model was simulated. The results of simulation are displayed and evaluated at the end of work.
On Board Diagnostics
Račanský, David ; Šebesta, Jiří (referee) ; Dřínovský, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with design of a simple diagnostic board computer of a car. The solution is divided into 2 parts. The first part is focused on the hardware implementation, which is based on the use of integrated circuit ELM323. This circuit contains 6 basic communication protocols for diagnostic purposes. Communication here has been modified from the original version of RS232 on USB with the help of FTDI. The proposed software solution was realized in C++ Builder 6.0 programming tool. It contains 9 modes, which include all types of vehicles subject to the ISO 9141 and ISO 14230 communication standards for automotive diagnostics. It can detect the type of defect, if defined and listed in the relevant table. Storage and retrieval of gained data are obvious.

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