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Polyfunctional zone MOŘICE okr. Prostějov
Orinčák, Denis ; Vojtová, Lea (referee) ; Dýr, Petr (advisor)
The topic of the diploma thesis is the Mořice Agricultural Business Cooperative. (Hereinafter referred to as ZOD Mořice). This topic is a continuation of the pre-diploma project ZOD Mořice -Vitčice area. ZOD Mořice owns 4 complexes of agricultural facilities. Mořice - Vitčice - Vrchoslavice- Pavlovice u Kojetína. The main concept consists of the division of operations into individual complexes, according to the analyses and ideas of the investor. Vrchoslavice - livestock production (existing, not addressed). Pavlovice u Kojetína - business (proposal - lower years). Vitčice - housing for pensioners with limited mobility and independent pensioners (proposal -pre-diploma project). Mořice - architectural and urban planning study of the area, supplemented by housing units for workers and starter homes (proposal - diploma thesis). I am proposing to place silos and a biogas plant in the area and adding a building for recycling solar panels. The recycling operation will be in one of the existing warehouse buildings. I am also suggesting reserve areas for future use for the sale of homemade products. The most detailed part that is addressed in the thesis is the housing units. The housing units will be used, as service apartments and starter homes, possibly for housing for pensioners without mobility limitations. The concept follows the basic axis of existing buildings and streets. The design uses a housegarden relation. I am trying to preserve the structure of the village and not to create urban elements in it. The roofs are gabled. The facades made of brick strips are meant to make it clear that the houses are close to the industrial zone. I am separating the entire set of dwelling units from the agricultural area with a mound of earth that is on the site and has no other use.
Kraut, Jan ; Stuchlík, Aleš (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
ZBROJOVKA BRNO - Opportunity for the city Strategies for Zbrojovka Brno, the third largest brownfield in the city. Urban policy and the process of integration of the site into the city and connection with his organism. Creating a territorial strategy or tactical urbanism procedure that tries successive interventions re- incorporate this into the organism of the city , in a way that fully reflect the needs , possibilities and polarity in the territory. It is essential that the established process allowed for long-term gradual regeneration, which can be interrupted by economic pressure, and in its every moment of creating a working environment that sudden interruption of restorative work in their stride. The entire process of restoring the site is divided into several phases , but at each flexibly connected and can run such a large area partially independently . Based on the current state of the complex, which is gradually opened , are removed objects that are in disrepair , and those that hinder the development of the area and its smooth functioning. Subsequently, traffic control , area connected to public transport. As a result, the situation will stabilize and rehabilitate the total area of the factory and its surroundings. All through individual interventions in its structure and public space. The whole process is documented on the basic objectives and approaches of the phases that are subsequently documented reference interventions and achievements typical of the condition of the site. All complemented by an analysis of the phenomenon of the basic tasks of rehabilitation of the site.
Cyrnerová, Jana ; Hýl, Petr (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
Subject of master thesis is urban nad architecture study of former textile factory area and land along the street Křenová. The main theme of the solution is integration and rehabilitation of the contemporary building into organism of the city and susceptible addition of new masses which is based on the principles of compact city. Emphasis is also put on increasing throughput and quality of public spaces, which is missing nowadays. In detail I am focused on new buildings – the residential house on the green parking platform, row houses along the river Ponávka and alternative conversion of fomer Dye House into Mother Center. The aim is to propose some alternative to currently inappropriate land use and invention based on the Regional Plan.
Polyfunctional zone MOŘICE okr. Prostějov
Janovská, Tereza ; Vojtová, Lea (referee) ; Dýr, Petr (advisor)
The task of the diploma thesis is to prepare an architectural-urban study of a large multifunctional complex of the AGRISPOL company in the village of Mořice. The proposal is to have a wide scope, design of biogas plant, storage facilities, silos, internal roads, accommodation and recreation. The agricultural centre owns four agricultural sites, Mořice, Vitčice, Vrchoslavice and Pavlovice near Kojetín. The topic of the pre-diploma thesis was the agricultural centre Vitčice. The main idea of the thesis was to design efficient communications, layout and arrangement of the biogas plant, revitalization of garages and workshops, design of storage halls for the purposes of the cooperative or for rent. The eastern part of the plot is designated for short-term housing and senior housing in the proposed nursing home, supplemented by services such as manicure, pedicure, hairdresser. These two units are divided into almost two identical buildings that resemble a hockey stick in shape. The combination of these two shapes has created an inner courtyard which serves as a garden/park for the adjacent accommodation units. The park will be freely accessible to the public. The capacity of the nursing home is 16 accommodation units. The units include a hallway, private bathroom and a living room with kitchenette. The capacity of the adjacent apartment building with an adjacent multifunctional part is 8 flats of 1+kk size and 9 flats of 2+kk size. The apartments are designed as starter housing for young couples or for accommodation of AGRISPOL employees. It is a form of short-term housing.
Public spaces of the city of Brno - theoretical work
Lelkes, Ivana ; Adamková, Jana (referee) ; Kopáčik, Gabriel (advisor)
Master´s thesis adresses the issue of public spaces of inner city of Brno. These spaces have good prerequisities to become attractive places for everyday use or for spending a good free time. These prerequsities include for example compact city structure, well defined public spaces, walking city distances, presence of public and commercial facilities and distinctive genius loci. But public spaces in these localities often do not fulfill their own potential and stay as average free space inbetween buildings. Thesis suggests a detailed system for categorisation of squares and streets in the inner city of Brno and examines the reasons for potential non-fulfillment on these typologies, it tries to find out the problems of public spaces and how they can be solved.
Analysis and design of use of former residential buildings in Nové Sady Street in Brno
Dufková, Kateřina ; Šebesta, Petr (referee) ; Šmahel, Milan (advisor)
The submitted thesis deals with a specific case of dilapidated buildings on Nové sady streetin Brno, Czech Republic, which belongs to the so called "brownfields". The goal of the thesis is to undertake necessary analyses so that the best way of future utilization of these buildings can be defined and, with a respect to the surrounding buildings, a proposal of other suitable objects prepared. At the end, evaluation of the entire project is done. A also mention some potential benefits of the proposed solution - for the immovable properties owners as well as for the neighborhood.
Town planing study "Zbrojovka"
Kosíková, Martina ; Zemánková,, Helena (referee) ; Herzan, Radovan (advisor)
Bc.Tomková Martina. Územní studie „Zbrojovka“. Brno, FAST 2012. The diploma thesis deals with the revitalization of the industrial area of the former Zbrojovka Brno Company. The area is close to the historical centre of Brno. The principal idea of the diploma thesis was to introduce new activities in the area while making use of the current area potential as well as to restore the economic balance and keep the genius loci of the area. The implementation of this idea has required building conversions in the area and the development of a new project the main idea of which is the university campus. The new project of the area benefits from the layout of buildings, especially the layout of large-capacity halls, the closeness of the city centre and the possibility of the railway connection. The whole conception is in compliance with the strategic development plan of Brno which comprises the issues of research, development, innovation and education. On campus there is an independent office building with integrated railway station, multimedia and sport centre as well as a municipal park. The area is open to and offers a wide range of services to general public. The diploma thesis includes the model of the area design.
Compact City - the river and the railway
Kostková, Lucie ; Mahovský, Pavel (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
Diploma thesis solve a block of houses in neighbourhood town avenue Cejl and city heat station in the area of the firm BMT Technology which is partially unused. The project attempt to bring necessary missing urbanity in the area. It means safety, communication and representation urban environment. With the aid of the mass and its use the private and public spaces and its are explicitly defined.
Analysis of the Highest and Best Use of a site in Veveří Street in Brno
Odehnal, Michal ; Hakl, Filip (referee) ; Klika, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with method of analysis of the highest and best use of property, called HABU. The work can be devided into two parts (the theoretical part and the practical part). The theoretical part explains basic terms, presents the current state of the issue in the Czech republic andabroad, further describes the procedure using HABU method and introduces us to the four basic conditions that the method of analysis of the highest and best use is based on (conditions of legal accessibility, physical possibility, financial merits and maximum profitability). In the practical part, the method is applied to a particular case. It is part of the former military site on Veveří 40 street in Brno. The aim of the thesis is to find the most effective use for the given land.
Brno waterfront - rehabilitation of rivers and their surrounding areas
Sentebova, Valeriia ; ing.arch. Lukáš Ležatka, Ph.D (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The main objective of this diploma thesis is to create a project of revitalization of the Svitava riverbank. he project is based on a classic block area that follows the surrounding streets. The proposed solution of the project, built on the Svitava river in Zábrdovice, presents new open space that will revive the entire area along the river. This urban design comes with a proposal that defines the embankment as an attractive space that should be perceived as a connecting point.

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