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Brownfields in successful regional development projects based on domestic examples
The topic of the thesis is related to the issue of brownfields in successful regional development projects on the examples of domestic projects. The first part of the thesis summarizes the literature search, basic terminology, typology, etc. Then the methodology is presented, i.e. what methods are used in the thesis. The practical part itself is focused first on the summary of basic data about the objects and then the analysis and evaluation of the selected projects using the selected methods. The thesis concludes with a summary of suggestions and recommendations for the lowest ranked project.
Visitors` Satisfaction in the Třeboňsko Tourist Area
The chosen topic of the bachelor thesis is satisfaction with services as a development factor of tourism in the Třeboň region. The main reason for choosing the topic is the fondness for traveling and the possibility of analyzing the given environment. First, the thesis defines basic terms and factors that affect tourism. Furthermore, the work uses not only qualitative research, but also quantitative research in the practical part. Qualitative research was conducted in order to compare the current situation with previous years with the help of controlled interviews with the mayors of individual selected municipalities. Quantitative research used a questionnaire survey, on the basis of which they were subsequently established and evaluated four established hypotheses. Both of these researches subsequently led to the planning of a new potential product because on the basis of the obtained data, it is possible to read what the destination's shortcomings are and what would need to be done to eliminate these shortcomings in order to improve the current situation in this place. The main goal of the bachelor's thesis is the evaluation of visitors' satisfaction with services in the area of Třeboňsko and the subsequent definition of a proposal for measures that lead to an increase in the satisfaction of tourism participants in this area.
Economic and financial crisis in Spain
Lišková, Klára ; Němcová, Ingeborg (advisor) ; Žamberský, Pavel (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to the economic development in Spain in the times of the longlasting economic expansion which was terminated by the crisis in 2006-2007. The purpose is to summarize the development, identify the main factores causing the crisis and to evaluate the impacts. Great part of this thesis is dedicated to the sector of construction and the real estate market. It analyses the process of formation of the price bubble on the real estate market and its subsequent crack. The problematic internal situation was in a short time period exposed to the impacts of the global financial crisis. A special part of this thesis is therefore dedicated to the Spanish banking sector and its stability.

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