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Turning machines and tools, production of a sample part
Šaroun, Martin ; Jaroš, Aleš (referee) ; Kupčák, Radim (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis provides an overview of turning technology in the research part. It describes the basic terms and terms, deals with the division of lathes and turning knives. The practical part of the work is focused on the technological processing of the specified part, which is the assembly mandrel used for precise gluing. The technological process was developed and in cooperation with the company, the production of its own component took place. In the last phase, the final inspection of products and evaluation took place.
Improvement of manufacturing technology of flange
Dvořák, Jakub ; Fiala, Zdeněk (referee) ; Jaroš, Aleš (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on improvement of the existing technology of the flange part in cooperation with the company Znojemské strojírny, s r.o. The theoretical part describes the technologies used in machining of the component. Subsequently, cutting materials and aluminum alloys are dealt with. A detailed analysis of the existing technology is performed in the practical part of the thesis followed by rationalization of the production process, which was carried out with respect to time and financial savings. A new technological procedure is developed after the improvement of the current production process. Finally, a technical-economic evaluation of the design improvement process is carried out.
Optimization of tool cutting geometry for high-speed machining of thin-walled parts
Barcuch, Jakub ; Humár, Anton (referee) ; Píška, Miroslav (advisor)
The theoretical part of the thesis deals with materials used in the aircraft industry with a focus on aluminium alloys. Then it describes high speed machining, its characteristics and its comparison with conventional machining. The following chapters describe strategies of machining thin-walled parts and a description of vibration that occurs during machining. The practical part deals with selection appropriate tool geometry, machining of thin-walled parts and evaluation of their deflection during machining.
Structure and properties of welded joint TiAl6V4 / 6061 made by electron beam technology
Král, Michael ; Jan, Vít (referee) ; Foret, Rudolf (advisor)
Titanium and aluminium alloys are among the most used construct materials due to their physical and mechanical properties except steels. The joining of these alloys can improve properties of whole construction but it is still difficult task. Especially welding of titanium and aluminium alloys is difficult cause formation of undesirable intermetalic phases in the weld. This thesis focuses on influences of electron beam welding parameters especially focusing and deflection of beam and preheating of base material to quality of heterogeneous join of titanium alloy Ti6Al4V and aluminium alloy EN AW-6061 – T651. There is described preparation of welded joins and brazed joins in the thesis, which are evaluated by light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and EDS analysis of chemical composition. There was evaluated presence and chemical composition of formated intermetalic phases in the welded joins and quality and defects in the brazed joins.
Effect of the exothermic mixture humidity on the metal solidification in the feeders
Hejduk, Stanislav ; Krutiš, Vladimír (referee) ; Záděra, Antonín (advisor)
The work deals with research activities in the field of casting and also the nature and principle of exothermic castings. Furthermore, an experiment was designed to investigate the effects of moisture on the exothermic mixture and its settling ability. For the experiment, risers with different degrees of humidity formed into bentonite molds were used. Furthermore, the solidification curves obtained during the melt in the riser and the shrinkage which were formed in the riser were evaluated.
Production of spacious thin wall castings from aluminium alloy
Meduna, Radek ; Talián, Viktor (referee) ; Roučka, Jaromír (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the production of spacious thin-walled castings of aluminum alloys with a good surface quality. During the casting process, different types of molding sands and aluminum alloys are used. The target of the diploma thesis is to evaluate the casting surface quality, to analyse the defects and to evaluate the results.
Reduction of the body weight of passenger cars based on material choice
Petrucha, Roman ; Pernica, Vítězslav (referee) ; Šenberger, Jaroslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis contains a description of the most commonly used materials and manufacturing technology for the body of cars. For this purpose, in the first chapter describes the vehicle body with the safety requirements that are placed on it. There are also analyzed the benefits of the overall reduction in vehicle weight. The following chapter describes the materials which are used for the construction of the body. The last chapter discusses the issue manufacture of bodies, where are analyzed some manufacturing technologies.
Welding of bike frames
Kotrík, Marcel ; Daněk, Ladislav (referee) ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (advisor)
In my bachelor thesis I elaborated an overview of suitable materials for the manufacturing of bicycle frames. Most preferred materials for mass production of bicycle frames are cured aluminum alloys. The best method for joining aluminum tubular frame construction is fusion welding at robot lines in a protective atmosphere of inert gas. We measured the hardness of the welded metal, heat affected zone and base material at the weld of the bicycle frame. Values are very similar in all areas, so the whole frame structure was cured. We welded a test weld, using TIG method. Hardness of the test weld is about 24.5 % lower, than hardness of the weld from manufacturer. Hardness of the heat affected zone is even lower. The curing of the whole frame construction is therefore very important. There is a concentration cavity in the cut of the weld from manufacturer and the root of the weld is not welded all over. The same defects are in the cuts of our test welds, there is also porosity in one of the test welds. But the test weld is satisfying, despite the defects.
Coatings on aluminum alloys
Slouková, Karolína ; Wasserbauer, Jaromír (referee) ; Zmrzlý, Martin (advisor)
Aim of this bachelor thesis is a summary of results of research of conversion coatings on aluminum alloys and coatings based on examination of cerium using potentiodynamic measurements. In the theoretical section there are described basic properties of aluminum and its alloys. Then corrosion of aluminum and its alloys is discussed and an overview of the most common types of corrosion affecting these alloys is presented. A brief overview of aluminum alloys notation follows. Next section is devoted to concepts that are already associated with potentiodynamic measurements. There are described electrochemical cells, effects of current density, polarization and passivation. The following summary of research articles deal with current research of aluminum alloys and coatings formed on them. Discussed are especially research results on coatings based on cerium. The experimental part focuses on the effect of hydrogen peroxide concentration on coatings based on cerium, and the influence of the surface roughness of the samples on the adhesion of these coatings. Analyses were performed using electro microscopy and potentiodynamic measurements.
The perspectives of hot bulk forming
Staněk, Vojtěch ; Císařová, Michaela (referee) ; Podaný, Kamil (advisor)
The project elaborated within bachelor study brings research work on the theme of perspectives of hot bulk forming. Forming technologies, their utilization so far, pertinence and supposed use in the future were reviewed on the basis of literary study. Further the importance of computer simulation and contemporary trends in processing of non-ferrous alloys are mentioned.

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