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The determination of the composition of refractory material by X-ray fluorescence.
Janča, Martin ; Šilerová, Iva (referee) ; Šiler, Pavel (advisor)
The goal of this Bachelor thesis is to find the right way for the analysis of the refractory materials that would be accurate and could be repeated. The ideal method that would help us achieve our goal seems to be the fluorescent spectrometric analysis. This method is used very often in case of instant control of the quality of production in the cement and other heavy industry enterprises. Using the fluorescent spectrometric analysis comes with one issue, which is the presence of many distorting interferences. From this particular reason it is necessary to identify these interferences and then find the ideal solution of their elimination. Because of the possibility to have the sample in any shape or form at the x-ray florescent spectrometer it was necessary to choose the right method of preparing the sample for the analysis as well as choose the right parameter for the measuring itself and for the elimination of undesirable interferences.