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The Influence of Passive and Active Method of Flow Control
Jakubec, V. ; Matějka, M. ; Popelka, Lukáš ; Schmirler, M. ; Pohl, L.
The study of influence of active flow control has been carried out experimentally on airfoil with flap with use of synthetic jet actuator. PIV has been used for visualization. Furthermore the results of separation bubble visualization have been shown with the effect of passive flow control by turbulator strip.

Instrumentovaný indentační test v nano- a mikroměřítku
Buršíková, V. ; Buršík, Jiří ; Bláhová, O. ; Dušek, J. ; Navrátil, V.
Several materials were chosen to span a wide range of hardness and structure,including pure copper,nickel,titanium,cadmium,zinc and silver.Nanoindentation hardness and microhardness values in wide interval of loads,measured by DSI method and classical Vickers microhardness method were compared in view of indentation Size Effect.

Preparation and properties of pyroelectric detectors for optoelectronic applications /III/
Novotný, Jan ; Zelinka, Jiří ; Podvalová, Zdislava ; Malina, Václav ; Vávra, Vladimír ; Franc, J. ; Fronc, Václav ; Fronc, Václav
The single crystals of TGS doped with Pt-ions and with L-alanine were grown as in ferroelectric phase as the full-shaped crystals. The growth rate along the axis c of the doped crystals is much higher than in an undoped one. Morphology, domain structure and hysteresis loops were investgated. The effect of the dopant on the growth velocity is explained on the basis of catalytic action of platinum complexes. The pyroelectric detectors were prepared from these materials and their parameters are presented.

Adjustace metod ekosystémové inventarizace zásob uhlíku v souladu s doporučením IPCC pro potřeby Národního sdělení na bázi existujících lesnických šetření a modelová analýza scénářů změn zásob uhlíku podle způsobu obhospodařování a využití dřevní hmoty
IFER - Ústav pro výzkum lesních ekosystémů‚ s.r.o., Strašice ; Exnerová, Zuzana ; Michalec, Miroslav ; Zatloukal, Vladimír ; Nikolajev, Sergej ; Beranová, Jana ; Cienciala, Emil ; Černý, Martin
Cílem projektu je adjustace metodiky ekosystémové inventarizace zásob uhlíku v návaznosti na nově vytvářenou metodiku inventarizace a hospodářské úpravy lesů s bohatou strukturou. Projekt je rozpracován do několika tematických etap: 1. Sběr dat a dostupných údajů k problematice, 2. Metodický rozbor inventarizačních šetření a 3. Vytvoření modulu pro přepočet uhlíku na bázi alometrických rovnic a expanzních koeficientů.

Optimizing the technology of Al casting manufactured by the "lost wax process"
Mikulka, Vít ; Vašťák, Patrik (referee) ; Horáček, Milan (advisor)
This diploma theses deals with possibilities of using numerical simulation for optimizing production of highly demanding thin-section casting produced by investment casting process. The casting made of aluminium alloy in which the manufacturing process was very problematic (occurrence of macro and micro shrinkages) has been chosen. By numerical simulation the existing technology has been analysed and based on this the possible reasons for defects found. This was later confirmed also by metallographic examinations. Following to this several options for a new technology were proposed and again by simulation checked their suitability. By comparing all above mentioned options two versions have been chosen in the end which was later tested in production with satisfactory results.

Study of valence band structure of transition metals and alloys by ARUPS method
Pira, Peter ; Matolín, Vladimír (advisor) ; Libra, Jiří (referee)
Heterogeneous catalysis is one of many interesting part of physics, witch surface science study. Knowing of importance of processes in catalytic reaction should predict properties of new bimetallic systems. The main task of this diploma thesis was the study of valence band of transition metals. In this diploma thesis we studied bimetallic system of palladium and tin by ARUPS. We also used methods XPS, XPD and LEED, which are classical applications in surface physics.

Heterodifúze In-114m ve slitinách na bázi Mg-Al
Čermák, Jiří ; Rothová, Věra ; Eversheim, D. ; Stloukal, Ivo
Diffusion of radiotracer In-114m implanted in Mg-2Al solid solution, Mg-33Al eutectic alloy and Mg17Al12 intermetallic was studied by both residual activity and serial sectioning methods in the temperature interval 175 ? 575 °C. The differences in In diffusivity was discussed in terms of chemical composition.

Testing framework for compression methods
Štoček, Ondřej ; Lánský, Jan (referee) ; Žemlička, Michal (advisor)
There are many algorithms for data compression. These compression methods often achieve different compression rate and also use computer resources differently. In practice a combination of compression is usually used instead of standalone compression methods. The software tool can be evolved, where we can easily combine existing compression methods to new one and test it consequently. Main goal of this work is to propound such tool and implement it. Further goal is to implement basic library of compression and transformation methods that can be plugged in this tool and that the capabilities of the whole solution can be demonstrated on.

Implementation a new methods for the dynamic analysis using the program system ANSYS
Klaška, Petr ; Iván, László (referee) ; Malenovský, Eduard (advisor)
This paper deals with an implementation trigonometric collocation method for ANSYS program system and its application with databases additional stiffness, mass and damping effects of journals or hydrodynamic dampers.