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Tuberculosis as a nursing problem
Tuberculosis (TBC) is an infectious disease affecting mostly the respiration system. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every year approximately eight million new cases of tuberculosis are reported and around two million people die of this disease. The Czech Republic ranks among the countries with the lowest annual incidence of tuberculosis. Patients suffering from tuberculosis are hospitalized in tuberculosis and respiration diseases (TRN) wards where they have to follow a certain medical regimen. They are hospitalized in isolated rooms, have to observe increased hand hygiene, use disposable tissues for coughing, spit the sputum into sputum containers, cover their month while coughing and use their own eating utensils and drinking glasses. In terms of comprehensive nursing care of tuberculosis patients, the problematic issue is observance of the barrier nursing care. While providing nursing care to a tuberculosis patient it is important that the nurse uses disposable protective aids and observes hand hygiene and disinfection principles. For these reasons the theoretical part includes the barrier nursing care, hygienic-epidemiologic techniques and principles of the medical regimen of tuberculosis patients. The research was qualitative and used interviews and monitoring. The research set were the patients and nurses in the TRN ward in Nemocnice Jihlava a.s. The objective of the thesis was to ascertain whether the TBC patients observe the medical regimen and whether the nurses observe the principles of the barrier nursing care of TBC patients. Two research issues were set in respect of the objectives. 1. Do the tuberculosis patients observe the medical regimen? 2. Do the nurses observe the principles of the barrier nursing care of tuberculosis patients? The research revealed that the monitored patients observed the medical regimen. The monitored nurses observed the barrier nursing care and hygienic-epidemiologic measures. Based on these results it can be stated that the nurses have both theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of the barrier nursing care and use the knowledge while providing nursing care to tuberculosis patients. Three hypotheses followed from the research. H1: The patients in the TRN ward observe the medical regimen. H2: The nurses know the principles of the barrier nursing technique. H3: The nurses observe the principles of the barrier nursing care. The results of the research will be provided to the nurse manager of the hospital of Jihlava and to the head nurse of the tuberculosis and respiration diseases ward of Nemocnice Jihlava a.s. as a source of information for continuous improvement of quality of the nursing care of tuberculosis patients in the tuberculosis and respiration diseases ward.

Czech TV: The situation in the regions 2004 - 2008
Kunštát, Daniel ; Tabery, Paulína
This report presents the outcomes of a secondary analysis of CVVM's data regarding regions.