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Analýza koncepce proexportní politiky České republiky
Starecki, Jan ; Lukáš, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Cibulková, Iveta (referee)
Práce se věnuje aktuální proexportní politice ČR a faktory, které ji ovlivňují. Nabízí detailní popis institucí provádějící podporu exportu, včetně nabízených služeb. Věnuje se především EGAP, ČEB a CzechTrade. Dále zpracovává Exportní strategii České republiky. V závěru práce jsou uvedeny návrhy pro zlepšení koncepce aktuální podpory vývozu.

Sustainable tourism development of Vysocina Region
Veselá, Markéta ; Macháček, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vondráková, Zuzana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of sustainable tourism development at the regional level. This phenomenon is elaborated on the example of Vysocina Region. To evaluate sustainability of its development, the potential of this touristic destination is researched regarding various areas, including key products. These are subjected to comparisons with recommendations of significant tourism organization for the purpose of assessing the sustainability of tourism. The diploma thesis also includes a comparison with other Czech regions experience as a touristic destination. Vysocina Region has favourable initial conditions for its sustainable development, especially regarding supply of key products, which include both environmentally friendly goods and cultural attractiveness contributing to the personal development of individuals and promoting intercultural tolerance. The main issue appears to be the spatial imbalance of its development in the region, caused mainly by the concentration of tourist activities to certain areas and low local initiative in the less attractive areas. The diploma thesis proposes a number of solutions, such as utilization of geocaching and products of gastroturism, supporting the foundation of local destination management organisations, promoting cycling tourism and the foundation of highly visited tourist destinations.

Social housing - comparison of Concept of Social Housing in the Czech Republic 2015-2025 and Austrian social model
Hejduk, Radim ; Krebs, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Barák, Vladimír (referee)
The thesis is focused on social housing - public policy, that is applied in many countries of the EU. Czech Republic is currently trying its implementation. Due to rising household's costs of housing, rising expenses on demand-oriented housing policy in form of housing benefits and difficult to solve social exclusion, social housing appears to be one of the more accessible ways of solution. The goal of the thesis is at first to analyze and evaluate known forms of social housing and its application from the economic perspective, then to form reccomendations for the Conception of Social Housing for the Czech Republic in the period 2015-2025 using comparison to already-existing Austrian model. This text answers the main research question how does functioning model of social housing look like and what are the economic impacts of it on households.

Transport of Dangerous Substances in the Czech Republic
The topic of the diploma written assignment is "Transport of Dangerous Substances in the Czech Republic" and it was chosen for elaboration of the wholesome view on the road, train, ship and plane transportation of the hazardous materials and mixtures. These transportations represent a possible risk of damage to life, health, property or environment for the society. Hazardous materials and mixtures nowadays are being transported in large measures and there is an assumption in the future that the volume of the transported hazardous materials and mixtures will increase. For elaboration of this written assignment three hypothesis were given: a) Legal regulations of the European Union and the Czech Republic solve the problematic of the transportation of hazardous materials and mixtures well enough. b) The public has enough information about the transportation of the hazardous chemical substances or mixtures. c) People that work in the field of the transportation of hazardous materials or mixtures are well informed about the transportation of hazardous chemical substances or mixtures. For determining whether the legal regulations solve the problematic of the transportation of hazardous materials and mixtures well enough the literary sources which deal with this issue, legal regulations of the Czech Republic and the European Union and other international agreements were used. After working through these sources it was found out that the international, the EU and Czech legal regulations or agreements solve this issue well enough and emphasis is given on convergence of legal regulations of all transportations. Implementation of international agreements and legal regulations of the European Union into the legal regulations of the Czech Republic happens in the present time very fast and without failures. For figuring out the awareness of the public and awareness of the people working in the field of the transportation of hazardous materials and mixtures for the diploma written assignment on the topic of "The Transportation of Hazardous Materials and Mixtures on the Territory of the Czech Republic" there was a quantitative research made. The quantitative research was made with the help of handed out questionnaires. The public was represented by the employees of the Regional Municipalities of the Czech Republic. Both of the groups were given the same questionnaires. The results of the questionnaire research were evaluated, expressed in percentage and statistically assessed. For the statistical assessment the double selection T-test was used to find out whether the difference between the assessed groups is statistically important. People working in the transportation of hazardous substances and mixtures have sufficient information which was confirmed by the questionnaire research. By the made statistical assessment it was found out that the difference between the groups is statistically significant and so the public does not have sufficient information related to the transportation of hazardous substances and mixtures. Due to the results of the questionnaire research and mainly that the hypothesis b) - The public has enough information about the transportation of hazardous chemical substances or mixtures was not confirmed. In the conclusion of the written assignment there are a couple of suggestions for improvement of the awareness of the public. For example as a part of education at primary and high schools and training schools where this education is already running as a part of The Protection of Human during Incidents. This education has been going on since 2003. And that is why the older people in the public are not well met with this issue and they should be introduced to it by for example a media campaign by means of short TV spots on public television channels or by means of spots that already the Independent BESIP Department of the Ministry of Transportation makes up. These spots are called Besipky.

Analysis of drawing contributions from the Regional Operational Programme in the Košice Region 2007 - 2013
Hupka, Peter ; Kalábová, Markéta (advisor) ; Abrhám, Josef (referee)
Regional policy is becoming one of the strategic priorities of the European Union after its extension. The main tools of the policy are subsidies for less advanced regions in EU. This work aims to evaluate the Regional operational programme in the Košice region during the programming period 2007 to 2013. In the theoretical part author describes the process of forming the European Union, the overall characteristics specified by EU funds and gives basic information on Slovak Republic and Košice Region. The analytical section is dedicated to the characteristics of the Regional operational program. This work compares the individual priority axes of the operational program and the successful utilization of the allocation. For an objective assessment Košice region is compared with other regions of the Slovak Republic at the level of priority axis. Based on the analysis the author reviewed the regional operational programme in the Košice region as successful with space for improvement in the fulfilment of allocations

Czech administrative justice from the viewpoint of comparison with French and German system
Kukačová, Sára ; Matula, Miloš (advisor) ; Louda, Tomáš (referee)
Diploma thesis is devoted to the theme of Czech administrative justice, its current form and comparison with chosen models of European administrative justice, that is with French and German model. Goal of the thesis is on the basis of description and analysis of these models of administrative justice to get the comparison and evaluation of the differences and positive and negative elements of chosen models in relation to Czech system of administrative justice. The first part focuses on rather theoretical side and the introduction to this problem. Fundamental terms and characteristics are described and the concept of administrative justice is put to a broader scope. There is also mentioned the historical development of administrative justice in the Czech lands from year 1848 until the present day. The second part is devoted to the study of specific current legislation of chosen countries - Czech Republic, France and Germany. On this foundation is in the closing part accomplished the analysis and comparison of particular systems of administrative justice together with stating their mutual positives and negatives.

Age management
Jirásková, Barbora ; Dvořák, Marek (advisor)
This thesis processes the concept of the human resources management with respect to the age structure of employees in the intentions of the Czech Republic. In the theoretical part, there is outlined the history of the application of the principle of age management, focusing on current demographic trends, forecasts of population age structure, the aging workforce and the need to preserve the ability to work into old age. Points to the need to adapt corporate strategy, personnel management trend of an aging population. It presents ideas for the main underlying programs and legislative measures which form the basis of the latest concepts and strategic plans in the Czech Republic and Europe. The empirical part deals with a specific level of allowance organization established by TSU and two sub investigation. The first is a case study of age management staff. The resulting data are confronted with the results of a survey among employees of the organization. The second investigation are interviews with members of management and employees of the HR department on the issue of the introduction of age management, their awareness of the concept of age management, the question of age discrimination, the issue of maintaining the continuity of knowledge in the organization and their views on these topics. The outcome of this survey indicates a willingness and readiness of the organization has already received age management principles adhere to and develop further.

Evaluation of the European Cohesion Policy in Selected Region
Podzimková, Ivana ; Tomšík, Karel (advisor) ; Pavel, Pavel (referee)
The diploma's thesis is aiming to evaluate European policy of social cohesion and its growth options in the selected region. The evaluation is connected to the Elbe cycle route and it is based on analyses. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces the subject of European policy of social cohesion while defining its legislation and framework of the legislation. It also defines the embodiment of regional politics within legislation of the local government i.e. the Czech Republic. Analyses of the development of the selected project i.e. the Elbe cycle route and its impact on Hradec Kralove district will be dealt with in the practical part of the thesis. Business results of entities participating on the Elbe cycle route project will be gathered and used in order to evaluate selected indicators. Final assessment will be based on benchmarking. Method of comparison, analyses and syntheses will be used to evaluate gathered data. Applicable data will be gathered by research of related literature. Information will be also provided by the executive entities connected to the project, regional websites focussed on cycle tourism and by the town of Smiřice. Data gathered by the entities that cooperate on supervision of the Elbe cycle route project will be used for the statistic assessment.

Volby do Evropského parlamentu v roce 2014 (území České republiky)
Český statistický úřad
Ve dnech 23. a 24. května 2014 se na území České republiky konaly již třetí volby do Evropského parlamentu. V ostatních členských státech Evropské unie volby proběhly v období mezi 22. a 25. květnem 2014 Volební období poslanců Evropského parlamentu je pětileté, příští volby se tedy budou konat v roce 2019.
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The development of the crime on credits in the South Bohemia before 2014
The aim of this study is to analyze the development of committing a credit fraud offence under § 211 of the Act. no. 40/2009 Coll., the Penal Code (particularly the development of this crime and the development of the amount of the damage) and consequent comparing the selected macroeconomic indicators development in the period 2005-2014 in the region of South Bohemia. In this work secondary data analysis methods were used. Statistical data obtained from the South Bohemian branch of the Czech Statistical Office and statistical data from Crime Police of the Czech Republic was used as the source. The data evaluating the amount of detected cases of this crime committed by the offenders in the Region South Bohemia, according to the region where the fraud was commited, was analyzed. The analyzed file was 5,713 offenses and 4,219 offenders. The defined set was divided into seven parts (districts), according to the local jurisdiction of the territorial departments of the Czech Police. The observed data was compared with selected macroeconomic indicators. From the results it can be concluded that the highest rate of loan fraud offence (calculated per 1,000 inhabitants) is in the district Stra-konice. Conversely, the lowest crime in the same period is in the district Jindřichův Hradec. This work also re-vealed that the development of macroeconomic indicators has no effect on the development of this crime. In conclusion, it is recommended to promote economic education at primary and secondary schools, thus improving the financial literacy of the population. Furthermore, we can recommend the consistent use of, the Central Credit Register, which is already available, as well as supporting of changes in the legislation, so that the providers have an obligation to investigate the credit applicants more and make the offenders of this crime discouraged by higher penalties imposed for credit fraud.