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Revenue forecasting in municipal budgets
Talíř, Jan ; Sedmihradská, Lucie (advisor) ; Slintáková, Barbora (referee)
The focus of the thesis is set on different ways of analyses of revenue forecasts, their compilation and integration into budget procedure of a certain municipality, in this case Polička. The thesis aims to analyze the ability of the municipality to forecast its revenues as close as possible and to find out whether the forecast can be even more accurate with the help of several statistical methods. A certain part of the thesis is devoted to a description of a method how the municipality forecasts its revenues and what is done before the budget is approved. The result of the thesis shows that the forecasts of the tax revenues are relatively accurate. Futhermore, used methods of revenue forecast are not appropriate for all the revenues in the same way. Therefore it is not advisable to forecast particular revenue by the same method.
Filling budget on concrete conditions of municipality Lodhéřov
Stárková, Kateřina ; Nováková, Štěpánka (advisor)
The main aim of the bachelor thesis is to acquaint with legal form of municipalities in Czech Republic and their economy. Analysis of municipal economy is apllied to concrete example of municipality Lodhéřov. The thesis is divided into two parts. First part is theoretic. This part defines basic terminology used in connection with municipalities and their budget, such as municipal competency, municipal authorities, municipal budget, municipal budgetary process or actual budget structure. The second part describes economy of municipality Lodhéřov. This part analyzes revenues, expenses and financing of municipality Lodhéřov for years 2006, 2007 and 2008. Thesis is further focused on filling budget in analysed years.
Municipal taxes in the selected municipality
Fajtová, Kristýna ; Sedmihradská, Lucie (advisor) ; Slintáková, Barbora (referee)
Municipal taxes are the only income that can be influenced by the municipality. This means that their imposition will decide for yourself. In this work first analyzing the possibility of the imposition of municipal taxes. Briefly characterize the nine municipal taxes which may under the act the municipalities in the Czech Republic to choose from. It is also given to the situation in a specific town, which is Ždírec nad Doubravou, which is located in the region Vysocina. In this part analyzes the development of the individual municipal taxes and their rates in 2001 - 2007. For the collection of primary data in this work I used a questionnaire in which I examined the view of Ždírec inhabitants of municipal taxes. I found that they know almost nothing about municipal taxes. The last part of the work compare the calculated parameters for Ždírec and the Czech Republic. From the calculated values, I found that the burden on citizens Ždírec municipal taxes are much higher than the average in the Czech Republic.
Revenues of small municipalities in the Czech Republic: case study
Petáková, Ivana ; Urbánek, Václav (advisor) ; Urbánek, Václav (referee)
This thesis describes different types of income into the municipal budget of a particular municipality. The main aim is to analyze the incomes of the municipality Hluboš. Additional aim is then to compare the possibilities the municipality Hluboš has to influence and increase their revenue collection in accordance with the valid tax legislation.The first chapter provides the theoretical background for the analysis of the incomes of the municipality Hluboš and describes individual types of income. The second chapter deals in detail with the individual types of the municipal income and their proportion in the whole. And finally, the third chapter then compares various legislative possibilities to influence the revenue collection and looks closer on how the municipality Hlubos takes advantage of these possibilities. The conclusion is, that the municipality Hluboš does not fully exploit these possibilities, so possible measures to increase the municipal income are advised.
Transferred competency of municipalities in the Czech Republic and its financing
Bartoň, Pavel ; Jetmar, Marek (advisor) ; Peková, Jitka (referee)
Thesis is concerned with transferred competency of municipalities and its financing. There has come through a reform of public administration in the Czech Republic not long ago, which transferred a part of execution of state administration to municipalities. Thesis summarizes legal basis on which this process is realized. It also describes typology of municipalities and the extent of its transferred competence. Main part of this thesis is focused on analysis of transferred competency financing. Object of the thesis is to prove or to disprove an idea that the municipalities have to use their own funds to finance the execution of the state administration.
Filling budget in concrete conditions of the town Most
Viktorová, Veronika ; Nováková, Štěpánka (advisor) ; Takáčová, Hana (referee)
The thesis deals problem of municipality's budget management with a view to filling budget of concrete town of the Czech Republic. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The theoretical part defines position, competency and authorities of municipality and it describes budget of municipality, budget process and structure of budget more closely. The problem is demonstrated further on practical example of the town Most. In the practical part there is realized detailed analysis of filling budget earnings and expenses and there is reviewed overall budget management of the town Most during the years 2004-2007.
The management of property of chosen community
Louženská, Jaroslava ; Sedmihradská, Lucie (advisor)
This work is engaged in communities, both their structure and mostly their property and its managing. It describes, how is the property divided in here, who has power to take decisions. This division of property is directly applied on community Dobrovice, where the managing of the property is examined. More closely it is focused on managing with lands.
Filling budget on concrete conditions of community Podolí
Nováčková, Barbora ; Nováková, Štěpánka (advisor) ; Takáčová, Hana (referee)
The theoretic part deals position of municipality, its finance and budget. It briefs of trend in public administration. The theoretic knowledge are shown by means of practical example. The budget of municipality Podolí is subjected to analysis and reviewed throug ratio self-financing and self-support.
Budget analysis in concrete coditions in the town Mníšek pod Brdy
Kožíšková, Lucie ; Nováková, Štěpánka (advisor) ; Takáčová, Hana (referee)
The Diploma Thesis is divided into two main parts - theoretical and analytical. The theoretical part is focus on briefly development of municipalities, their status, competency and local government. The work describes the budget system of the Czech Republic and it is concentrated on municipality budget(revenues, expenditures and icomes from operations). The analytical part is concentrated on municipality economy, changes in budget revenues and expenditures in Mníšek pod Brdy in years 2003-2007. The last part is focus on municipality audit and present projects in this town.
Financial management of municipal waste in municipality Dacice
Hanková, Jaroslava ; Slintáková, Barbora (advisor) ; Kubík, Rudolf (referee)
The graduation thesis concerns on questions of financial management of municipal waste in municipality Dacice. Profits and costs, related to waste management, are analyzed. Relevant economic theories are presented in the first chapter. Consequent chapters describe economic instruments and legislative regulation of waste policy in Czech Republic. The practical application of the theoretical findings is presented in the final chapter. Pursuant to analysis of waste management the deficiencies are mentioned and recommendations are given.

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