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The role of social worker in palliative team in hospital setting
Vlčková, Karolína ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Kodymová, Pavla (referee)
(in English): The bachelor thesis is focused on the role of social worker in palliative care team in hospital setting. In the theoretical part, there is an explanation of the term palliative care and the place of this care and the role of social work within it. The practical part of this bachelor thesis deals with the results from semi-structured interviews with eight social workers from palliative care teams in hospitals. Using thematic analysis we identified six topics which cover job description of these social workers. It consists of: empathetic attitude, assessment of situation, providing support, counselling, sharing information, covering psychosocial needs. This description was compared with model of competencies for palliative care social worker created by EAPC. It was found that activities done by Czech social workers are mostly the same as model of competencies from EAPC, however, Czech social workers do not evaluate provided care and do not participate in research and education. Against their foreign colleagues they provide more practical help like arranging the application to hospice or home care assistance.
The solving of inquiry tasks by students of primary school
VLČKOVÁ, Karolína
Diploma thesis analyzes pupils' ability to solve inquiry based tasks in biology lessons with regard to original problem solutions and application of theoretical knowledge. The thesis also analyzes in what types of tasks are pupils more successful and what type of problem solution they prefer. The practical part contains four worksheets with inquiry based tasks, which were created and presented to primary school pupils for the purposes of this thesis. The next part of the thesis is a summary of pupils' solutions, which are discussed at the end of the thesis.
Fear of Child birth - causes and coping strategies
VLČKOVÁ, Karolína
This thesis addresses fear of childbirth, causes of birth anxiety and effective strategies helping to deal with those above. Bachelor thesis is divided into two major sections, theoretical and empirical one. In the theoretical part, the issue of birth anxiety is elaborated based on academical literature and most recent scientifical discoveries in the field of gynaecology. Detailed step-by-step information about the pregnancy periods as well as list of the physical and mental changes experienced by mothers in different trimesters is provided. Empirical part of the bachelor thesis consists of investigation of pregnant women fears, causes of anxiety and methods how to effectively handle them. Three major objectives were stated for purpose of the research. First aim is to discover and map the most common causes and impulses of childbirth fear in pregnant women. Second is to identify childbirth fear overcoming strategies. Finally, third objective is to determine the effect of previous childbirth experience on next labor. In order to achieve conclusion five major experimental questions were presented: - How women experience and perceive childbirth fear? - How do they manage to moderate the childbirth fear? - Which everyday casual impulses women mark as trigger mechanisms of their personal childbirth fear? - What is the most common fear iniciating thought? - Does previous childbirth experience influence the perception of next one?

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