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Labour Market changes during the transition process in the Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic
Valta, Michal ; Jakubec, Ivan (advisor) ; Szobi, Pavel (referee)
The Czech economic transition started in the beginning of nineties, coming with a number of changes to tore down the dogma of socialist methods not only in the labour force allocation. The most important contribution of this thesis is to reflect these changes by using the empirical testing of selected models and commonly available statistical indicators. The thesis investigates the development of the labour market in the Czech Republic at a critical period of reform in the last decade of the twentieth century. In addition to the main objective the work focuses also on the identification of causal relationships between indicators and critically assesses them. In conclusion of the thesis are summarized the most important changes that created the Czech labour market during the reporting period, the success of the Czech economic transformation is valorised in the context of other countries in the region with similar experiences. The work is primarily based on academic economic literature and analyses of officially published statistical indicators.
Analysis of the Mobile Market in the Czech Republic since 1989
Valta, Michal ; Štípek, Vladimír (advisor) ; Procházka, Pavel (referee)
The theme of bachelor thesis is an analysis of the mobile market in the Czech Republic since 1989, focusing on the current market structure and problems of transition operators on a new type of data transmission in the LTE (Long Term Evolution) network. The theoretical part focuses on the creation, development and regulation of the market. There were used applications of known economic theories of oligopoly, competition, and also regulation or liberalization, which deal with the topic. There will also be explained and characterized the basic concepts and legislative changes pertaining to the field of telecommunications, including the functions and powers of the Czech Telecommunication Office. The practical part is based on international studies and experience with similar frequency spectrum auctions in the countries of Western Europe, which are then applied to tender in the Czech mobile marketplace. In the final passage presents several different theories of possible future developments in this market, with regard to the outcome of the auction and forthcoming legislative changes.

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