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Proměny české kulturní krajiny - případová studie: mikroregionu Bystřicko
Vávra, Libor
The topic of this diploma thesis is research of transformation of the cultural landscape in two selected cadastral areas in microregion Bystřicko. It is about cadastral area of Rovečné and Vír. In this diploma thesis was used method of literature research, comparative method, survey investigation, cartographic investigation, semi-standardized interviews and SWOT analysis. At first is created detailed characteristics of model areas and cartographic investigation. The results of the survey and semi-standardized interviews are described and then is elaborated a SWOT analysis and its comparison and then the results of comparison of model areas. At the end are solved the results. Changes in the acreage are mention of the last 174 years. In Vír are these changes chiefly on arable land, forests and water areas. At Rovečné these changes are not so significant, but again they are mainly on arable land, forest soil and permanent grasslands. My hypothesis has been confirmed.
Krajinná paměť venkova
Vávra, Libor
Main topic of thesis is memory of rural landscape. The research is focused on Věstín municipality situated in region Vysočina in Nedvědická vrchovina. Literary research and comparative analysis are applied methods. In the first part of the research, basic informations concerning three villages within chosen municipality were find out. Next part deals with primary and secundary structure and is followed by landscape, physical-geographic, ecologic and cultural-historical comparision. Closing part presents results, where is stated that arable land was metrix in past, but was replaced by woods in present. Most changes were gathered in landscape comparison - uniting of lands and building new collective farms and housing estate in Věstín, contributed to the changes of landscape character.
Pigmentové povrchové úpravy ve vysokém lesku vodou ředitelnými nátěrovými hmotami
Vávra, Lukáš
The diploma thesis is focused on the comparison of the influence two-component and one-component waterborne base coatings on the quality of pigmented finished surface in high gloss. There are analyzed requirements for the mentioned surface treatment and applied coatings in the thesis. Samples preparation, depending on base coating and base material used and determination of the physical-mechanical, chemical and optical properties are indispensable part of the diploma thesis. The selected base coatings are compared with each other and with commonly used polyester and polyurethane coatings.
Media analysis of Czechoslovakian Desintegration
Vávra, Ladislav ; Štemberk, Jan (advisor) ; Vávra, Martin (referee)
This thesis addresses the topic of the breakup of Czechoslovakia into two independent Czech and Slovak republics at the beginning of the year 1993. With the help of secondary literature, the first section is dedicated to chronologically interpreting the history of the relationship between Czechs and Slovaks. The section also discusses the accounts of leading Czech, Slovak and other international historians relating to the end of Czechoslovakia. In the second section, the author of this thesis firstly focuses on the analysis of selected printed media, including the Czech newspapers 'Rudé právo' and 'Mladá fronta/Mladá fronta DNES', and Slovakian 'Pravda' from the months around the time of the so-called Hyphen War at the beginning of 1990. The final chapters focus on the analysis of the above-mentioned newspapers from the time of the elections to the Federal Assembly in 1992 and examine reference methods relating to the issue of the Czech- Slovak misunderstanding.
Implementation of uC/OS-II Real-Time Operating System on Freescale MC9S08JM60 Platform
Vávra, Lukáš ; Šimek, Václav (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
The term real-time operating system for embedded aplications has great importance today. This thesis descbires robitc arm control by mC/OS-II system on MC9S08JM60 platform. Robotic arm uses three servomotors HS-311 for motion, which are controlled by PWM. PWM pulse width is set according to the loaded data from the accelerometer, which is placed on DEMOJM board.
RS08KA Wireless Communication
Vávra, Lukáš ; Šimek, Václav (referee) ; Růžička, Richard (advisor)
This bachelor's degree work is focused on a design of wireless communication application and its implementation with a microcontroller RS08KA, which could be further used for modelling accesories. The main aim of this work is to create an affordable hardware; the components used are selected with regard to this fact.

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