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Franchising as a form of entry to the market
Šebestová, Martina ; Filipová, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Turnerová, Lenka (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with franchising as a form of entry to the market. This work is devided into three chapters. The first chapter is focused on general theory in franchising (definition, different kinds of franchising, advantages and disadvantages, franchising history etc.). The second chapter is devoted to the application of franchising in particular firm accor hotels, where I introduce the brand ibis hotels and its operation in the world. In the third chapter I describe and introduce successful and emerging hotel company on the Czech market, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of this concept.
Strategy of the market entrance
Kiseľová, Zuzana ; Turnerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
The thesis deals with the elements of strategy of market entrance to Vienna. The aim was to determine whether a Czech company pietro filipi has a chance to succeed in such a saturated market and if yes, under what circumstances. The work is divided into five chapters, where the general theory is included concerning the access to foreign markets, followed by the application of theoretical knowledge directly to the practice and it is immediately applied to a concrete example. In this work we come up with two conclusions. One is that pietro filipi should not entry the market of Vienna because of the lack of financial resources and should invest in running business in countries of Eastern and Central Europe, or if it had unlimited financial resources, pietro filipi would be able to invest in opening a store in Vienna. Although we emphasize that this could be the risk anyway. pietro filipi should consider its options and make a decision if it wants to take such a risk of entering the market of Vienna or stay in a less risky environment of Eastern and Central Europe.
Organic Food and its Position on the Czech Market
Hojerová, Eliška ; Turnerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
The thesis defines a concept of organic food and a closer look is given to an organic agriculture - a place of origin for organic food. The second part discusses benefits of organic food for consumers and looks for consumer purchase motives. Third and fourth part is devoted to rules of labeling and opportunities for improvement in this area. Other consumer brands and a current state on organic food market are presented here as well. Variety of products offered and availability of organic food at the particular points of sale are analyzed in the final part.
Hennlich-Company development strategy change
Šumerová, Iva ; Turnerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
This thesis focuses on the company organization from the global point of view. It defines models of possible organizational schemes and factors which influence the company's strategy. It shows us the types of development strategy, describes the trends in organizational structures and talks about the legal aspects connected with organizational process.
Franchising as a from of market entry
Smejkal, Martin ; Turnerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Průša, Přemysl (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on franchising as a form of market entry.The aim of this thesis is to describe franchising as a efficient way of cooperating on theoretical and practical basis. The first chapter describes franchising as a form of cooperation and what are the basic principles of the relation between franchisor and franchisee. History and basic types of franchising are described as well. The second chapter describes a process of forming particular franchise business and what is the goal of running a pilot project.It also includes some basic facts about franchisee recruitment. The third part informs about pros and cons related to franchising from a franchisor and franchisee point of view. The fourth part describes a history of franchising in the Czech Republic. Finally the fifth part describes franchise system of Svejk restaurant, which is very successful and original czech franchise business.
Franchising as a method of entry to the market
Vargovčíková, Lucie ; Turnerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
The subject of presented bachelor thesis is Franchising as a method of entry to the market. The first part of this thesis deals with characteristics of franchising such as the definition of franchising and its advantages and disadvantages for both parties involved. Then there is also provided the current situation of franchising in the Czech Republic. The second part deals with entry into the market by franchising. In this section franchise agreement is mainly mentioned, how to start a franchise business, what is needed to establish this business and how can franchise systems expand. Franchise financing options close the second part. The third part is devoted to franchising in a particular company, which is HaGaimpex s.r.o. owning a franchise Etam Lingerie. There is presented the history of the brand Etam Lingerie and functioning of the system. Then in this section sales techniques and future customer system are discussed, their evaluation and suggestions for improvement. Finally, SWOT analysis is made.
Franchising as the entry method to the market
Knapová, Monika ; Turnerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
This bachelor thesis describes franchising as an method of entry to the market. The first part defines basic terms, the history of franchising, advantages and disadvantages of franchising, it describes the way how to start franchising business and its development in the Czech Republic. The second part describes a banking system UniCredit Bank.
Franchising as the method of market entering
Sedláčková, Nina ; Turnerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
The topic of this thesis is franchising issue. The aim was to define theoretically this form of market entry, to analyze the relationship between master-franchisee and franchisees in Europe within the The Little Gym company and consider suitability of franchising for this concept. The work is divided into 3 parts. The first one is devoted to characteristics of franchising, its advantages and disadvantages. Next part is focused on setting up a franchising business, franchise contract and manuals. The last part deals with the use of franchising in practice. The thesis also includes recommendations for better development of this franchise company.
Organic Food and its Position in Current Retailing
Kubíková, Klára ; Turnerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on organic food and its position in current retailing. The aim of the thesis is to inform about the position of organic food on the current Czech grocery market and to illustrate the position of organic food by an example of a particular retail chain (Billa Ltd.). The first part of the thesis contains theoretic background. The second part describes the current situation on the organic market in the Czech Republic and includes a tabular summary of retail chains and their assortment of organic food. An introduction of Billa Ltd. is also included in this part of the thesis as well as the position of organic food in this chain. The final part presents the results of a survey carried out by the author of this thesis. This survey was based on personal questioning. Conclusions and prospective improvements of the posistion of organic food in Billa Ltd. chain were drawn on the basis of the survey.
Motivation of employees and employee benefits
Haninger, David ; Turnerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Odehnalová, Jitka (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines the subject of employee motivation and employee benefits. The basic terms and theories needed to comprehend the subject are explained in the theoretical part of the work. The theoretical part of the work also focuses on employee benefits, mainly the goal of employee benefits and listing of currently available employee benefits. In the practical part of the work is an analysis and comparison of employee benefits used in two companies that are representing private and public sector and their influence on employee motivation.

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