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Digital footprint on own computer and the Internet
Skalický, Pavel ; Halbich, Čestmír (advisor) ; Gojda, Ondřej (referee)
The aim of my work is finding ways of how the user is able to control their digital footprint. Finding a negative impact on the user and his identity. All tests performed on the freely available tools. At the beginning of the introduction to the concept of digital track, different views on these tracks. There is described the emergence of digital tracks and then formulated a precaution against leaving digital traces. Said there are risks for when leaving digital traces. In the practical part, a test tool for hiding digital tracks, and detecting tracking tools. Getting to what extent can protect against attacks. The subsequent recommendation to certain instruments.
Audio power amplifier 2 x 50 W
Skalický, Pavel ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Tomáš (advisor)
The topic of my bachelor´s theis is design of class AB audio power amplifier 2 x 50 W/4 with preamplifier and stereo output. The design is standard solution of stereophonic version of power amplifier, with monolithic integrated circuit 2 x LM 3886. The project deals also with preamplifier with integrated circuit LM 1036, calculation of heat sink of power circuits and solution of supply. The aim of this bachelor´s project was make complete design of laboratory prototype (scheme, layout of printed circuit, part list and placemnet, amplifier arrangement), realisation function of prototype and laboratory measurements.
Voltage and current reference sources
Skalický, Pavel ; Pavlík, Michal (referee) ; Háze, Jiří (advisor)
The topic of the master´s thesis are voltage and current reference sources. There is detailed description of current and voltage references, which are basic building blocks of many analog circuits, in the theoretical part. Next part of the master´s thesis is the design of a voltage reference source, the design of a voltage reference generating two voltages and a current reference source. The correct function of all circuits have been verified using simulations, especially dependence of the output voltage or current on supply voltage or dependence of the output voltage or current when the ambient temperature is changed.
History and Present of Financial Derivatives
Skalický, Pavel ; Brada, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kováč, Michal (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the history of financial derivatives and their history. The work is divided into three main parts. The first part is focused on history of financial derivatives and their evolution in the time. The second part is about history of valuation of financial derivatives and the last part is focused on exotic financial derivatives.

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