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Interactive effects of elevated CO2 concentration, drought and nitrogen nutrition on malting quality of spring barley
Simor, J. ; Klem, Karel ; Psota, V.
Elevated CO2 concentration [EC] generally leads to increased rates of photosynthesis, increased formation of assimilates and finally to storing them in the grain. Increased storage of starch in the grain, however, leads to an unbalanced proportion to the proteins, and their relative content decreases. This is particularly apparent in the conditions of nitrogen deficiency. The interactive effects of EC, nitrogen nutrition and reduced water availability are, however, not yet sufficiently understood. Within the manipulation experiment in open top chambers (Domaninek near Bystrice nad Pernstejnem) that allow simulation of EC (expected by the end of this century 700 ppm) and drought, the effect of these interactions on protein content, and other quality parameters of spring barley grain was studied. EC reduced grain protein content, increased extract, Kolbach index and also summary Malting quality index. Such effect was more pronounced under higher nitrogen dose, which generally worsened malting quality parameters. Reduced water availability slightly enhanced all malting quality parameters and also showed slight synergistic effect to EC. No clear interactive effects on malting quality were found for nitrogen nutrition and water availability.
Europaean cherry fruit fly - taxonomy, bionomy and control: certified methodology
Falta, Vladan ; Psota, Václav ; Kocourek, František ; Vávra, Radek ; Bagar, Martin ; Šenk, Jan
The publication is intended for the fruit growers of organic or low residue farming systems. Overeview of biology of the European cherry fruit fly and the possibilities of non chemical pest control in the whole context of the crop protection including other information linked to the topic are worked up.
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Influence of cultivars on distribution of starch granules
Psota, V. ; Chmelík, Josef ; Bohačenko, I.
LALLS and GFFF were used for determination size distribution of starch granules in cereal grains. Knowledge of distribution is important for breeders and malters.

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1 Psota, Václav