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Evaluation of Economic Effeciency and Risk of Investment Project
Novotný, Jiří ; Hromádka, Vít (referee) ; Korytárová, Jana (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation of economic efficiency and risks of an investment project. This is the construction of a multifunctional building in Brno. The theoretical part of the thesis explains the basics concepts, defines the phases of the project life cycle, describes cash flows, economic indicators and deals with project efficiency management. The practical part is devoted to the investment project, especially the creation of cash flows and the resulting evaluation of the economic efficiency of the project. At the end of the work, a sensitivity analysis is demonstrated.
Impact of Drivers' Working Regimes in Freight Road Transport on Transport Safety
Máša, Vojtěch ; Novotný, Jiří (referee) ; Libertín, Josef (advisor)
Working arrangements are restrictive limits for drivers important for both motor carriers and drivers. Have a major impact on the logistical arrangements of manufacturing companies that transport their goods by road. Failure to comply with these limits, is recently one of the major problems in road transport and leads to unfair competition between road hauliers. Carrier's failure to obtain such social legislation crucial competitive advantage. Recently the problem devoted much time from the perspective of politicians. States, violations of social legislation by the carrier and the driver severely punished and often the articles we read on the operating modes of drivers and their associated hazards of freight transport, road safety hazard, danger for drivers of cars. For 10 years devoted to the issue and participate in the creation of training materials on the subject of Logistics and. In my work I wanted to examine the issue of working arrangements drivers from professional point of view - how the limits are set and working arrangements whether they comply with road safety. Next, consider the statistics of accidents in the CR in relation to drivers' working arrangements and to propose changes that would contribute to the improvement of social legislation in relation to road safety.
An Arrhytmia Classifiication Based on RR Interval
Novotný, Jiří ; Škutková, Helena (referee) ; Kozumplík, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with automatic classification of cardiac rhytm based on the sequence of RR intervals. The theoretical part deals both with characteristics of arrhytmias, which have been classified and the principles of the detectors and classificators used in this thesis. In the practical part, the QRS detector based on the calculation of the envelope of the ECG signal was realized in Matlab. Furthermore, the algoritm classifying arrhytmias based on the analysis of RR intervals was created. The reliability of the detector and the efficiency of the classificator was tested on the standard database CSE. The sensitivity of the detector was 98,28% and its positive predictive value was 98,38%. The diagnoses of the implemented classificator concurred in 73,17% with the cardiologists‘ diagnoses.
The Study of Logistic Services for Competitive Advantage
Pavlas, Vladimír ; Novotný, Jiří (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
Master‘s Thesis analyze business and logistic services of trading company, describe theoretic accesses to services optimalization and propose innovations for purchasing of competitive advantage.
Collaborative robot control by PLC
Novotný, Jiří ; Benešl, Tomáš (referee) ; Macho, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the control of a collaborative robot using a PLC. To implement this work is used collaborative robot YuMi from ABB and PLC from Siemens of latest series S7-1500. We will get acquainted with products which have been used in project and with the development environment for PLC (TIA Portal) and for robot (RobotStudio). We define the requirements for the communication interface between the robot and the PLC. We will describe a demonstrating task requiring control of a robot using a PLC. The task demonstrates a real application for the end user. Then we implement PROFINET communication interface and implement the described task for the robot. The final solution is then tested in real production line.
Ways of Using Digital Tachograf Data for Authorised Experts' Work
Zeman, Petr ; Novotný, Jiří (referee) ; Libertín, Josef (advisor)
The introduction of digital tachographs has brought many changes compared to previously used analogue tachograph. Legislation addressing this issue is quite extensive and often amended. Ever-present threat of industrial equipment, which affect the observed, and the stored data has a negative impact on road safety. The aim of this paper is to present a comprehensive overview of legislation regulating the issue of digital tachographs in relation to the introduction and use of digital tachographs, with obligations to use a tachograph, tachograph functional requirements. Process further review of data on vehicle operation recorded with a digital tachograph and analyze their availability in terms of approval of the different actors (the driver, carrier, service, police, other supervisory authorities). Contribution of this work is the elaboration of recommendations for the expert's methodology in analyzing data from the digital tachograph.
Valuation of construction work from stone in the restoration of historic immovable objects
Fučíková, Petra ; Heralová,, Renáta Schneiderová - (referee) ; Novotný, sochař Jiří (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse the current situation in valuation of restoration works during construction work, and then to define and standardize the construction work of stone during the restoration of immovable historical monuments. The dissertation moves further knowledge about the issue of restoration work valuation and brings benefits at both theoretical and practical level. In the first part thesis deals with the detailed definition of basic terms, namely restoration, cultural heritage, calculations and costs. The second part of the thesis is dedicated to international comparisons of the historical monuments care in the Czech Republic and France. The result is a comparison of selected indicators of historical monuments care in the Czech Republic and France. Further the attention in the second part is devoted to the pricing development and standardization in construction and restoration, as well as to the pricing of construction work. The third part of the thesis is dedicated to the actual research work, which is focused on the methodology of determining the price of stone construction work in the restoration of the historical buildings. Based on the results of the research there are presented conclusions and proposals of solutions to the existing issue. It is primarily about defining the scope of the building technical documentation with respect to the requirements of restoration, defining direct and indirect costs and profits of construction work of stone in the restoration of historical buildings. At the end of this section there are defined conclusions from the research, which summarize the determination of price list and its description. An integral part of this dissertation is a proposal for the further development and possible solutions of this specific issue.
Efficiency in the management of public immovable property
Novotný, Jiří ; Husáková, Eva (referee) ; Korytárová, Jana (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the efficiency of public real estate management. It consists of an assessment and comparison of six selected properties owned by the statutory city of Zlín. The theoretical part of the thesis explains basic concepts, describes the public sector, property and property management departments, methodological procedure for determining the efficiency of public real estate management and financing of public investments. The practical part is devoted to selected real estate properties, their comparison with market rental prices, their categorization as private or non-profit sectors. The thesis concludes with an analysis of the profitability of the selected real estate properties.
The issue of cooling of power. machines in cars
Novotný, Jiří ; Huzlík, Rostislav (referee) ; Veselka, František (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor‘s project was introduction with the electrical machine in the car and make overview of these machines. Measure ventilation circuit the small machime with help of Thomas cylinder. And the calculation of the issue measurement of ventilation.
Eliminating odors in the sewer network
Novotný, Jiří ; Malaník,, Stanislav (referee) ; Hluštík, Petr (advisor)
The diploma thesis focusses on the elimination of odor in the sewer system. Firstly, the paper contains the research in problematics of the origin, control and risks of the hydrogen sulfide for humans as well as for the sewer system. Secondly, the paper describes methods for hydrogen sulfide removal from water, air and in addition to that the selected sorbents are described in detail. Practical part deals with sorbent testing for hydrogen sulfide removal in laboratory environment. The practical part also follows up the odor in the particular area through sorption on sewer filters. From the measured data and from the results of the laboratory analyzes the consequences of the odor are evaluated and recommendations for the operator are presented.

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