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Analysis of an asynchronous machine with electronically switchable pole count.
Němec, Josef ; Cipín, Radoslav (referee) ; Bárta, Jan (advisor)
This Masters thesis deals with pole-changing machines. Advantages and possible design of these machines was presented in the first chapter. The use of pole-changing machines in electric traction was discussed in the second chapter, together with the possibility of fluent pole change. The last chapter deals with construction of these machines and their inventors. In the fourth chapter an equivalent circuit model of the machine was presented and later used to calculate basic machine parameters for the use in finite element method. In the fifth chapter a machine with toroidal winding was designed, which allows various coil connections and thus it allows the winding to have different pole and phase count. Several possible connections and combinations of phase and pole numbers were presented and exemined with the help of finite element method. Based on this analysis, an asynchronous motor with distributed winding was designed in the last chapter and its ability to increase efficiency at higher speeds by changing the number of poles was verified.
Multipurpose Town House on Křížová Street, Brno
Poruba, Martin ; Němec, Josef (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
Design Theory 1st WHAT IS THE TOWN HOUSE By Town House (the only no MD) is undoubtedly the "parterre". The parterre is meant the space where the public associates with a freelancer (the owner of the house rules), which produces original products and original services. The advantage of this arrangement is just the comfort of home owners who meet only a few steps and is in its own business. Up to then follow the floors for residential owners and floor suitable for extended family living or for rent. The building can be rented for parts. The bottom line is that at least one of the apartments will be permanently residing owner. This is achieved by real form MD. The possibility of phased construction, in principle, helps to achieve optimal distribution of project funding (see figure below), ie. There is no need to invest at a time. It is important to fill the empty land in the streets of the city the right partner, with a gradual hill floor living, creating and MD. Just like in nature and in grow houses in the same way. Live to see if any of them, it is easy to replace by a new town house in a relatively short period of time. 2nd TRANSPORT VISION January 2 The need for transport for the urban man City man living in MD would be able to travel virtually anywhere on foot. Common goals, which during the day or week Stakes should be available nearby. She would arise from the need to own a personal vehicle for city driving. So the MD automatically receives the imaginary top of the pyramid forms of housing. Living it has many advantages. I would venture to say that owning a house might be the goal of each of us. As the owner of MD do not happen to work, ie. carry him away from home. All comfort is located in the vicinity. This form of housing support retail development and maintenance of interpersonal relationships. It is a healthy way of life. Basically I'm trying to point out the long years of proven experience. February 2 Future Transport When thinking about the future of transportation, I think of flying caps, with automatic navigation. Today we may seem too fantasy, but it can be assumed that this direction for the future traffic will develop. Such a concept of urban transport is therefore clear that it will be necessary to invest large sums in building road corridors and the streets will again become a pleasant place for people to meet. Just imagine the morning when you come to lift the roof of the MD and sit at sunrise in your hovercraft ... amazing! If you stay in the country, even today there are solutions that will relieve traffic in the city. Good public transport will solve many. Congestion nodes not in the inner cities, what to do. MHD What should be: efficient, clean, for an annual pass with the support price At least busy line should be abolished and congested lines strengthened, leading to migration of people into urban centers. It is a challenge for city planners. A sufficient number of seats in vehicles is a necessary condition for successful public transport. Cars with low starting edge and in good technical condition are showcase quality public transport. Bicycle hire Following the example of many EU countries, we should consider for transportation by bicycle wheels. Bike rentals should be the norm. RENTAL MOTOR UNIVERSAL MINI carts Likewise, the creation of citywide rental carts with electric motor at low speed 25 km / h would be very beneficial.
New town hall for the district Brno-North
Holpuch, Michal ; Němec, Josef (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design the town hall for the city part Brno-sever. City Hall is situated in a newly designed urban structure, located at the place of barracks in Cerna Pole. The main motto of the work was to create a modern town hall, which will sustain its flexibility and openness on the foundation for the enduring values. This was achieved by dividing the functions in the basic group and respect them throughout the proposal.
Slovene National Theatre in Ljubljana
Korbička, Miroslav ; Němec, Josef (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
Duties through the back door diplom work was design Slovinian national theatre in Ljubljan. Ljubljan is main city Slovene. It takes plain 275 km and has 271 881 inhabinants.Throw the city flows river Ljubljanica, which making had not had great filling of the city. Determine grounds for proposal theatre is situated into the blok near the congress square. That is joined whit his upper part on main ljubljans road Slovenska way. Congress place is one of the most important squars in the city. At the first time I desing on well settle theatre on appoint grounds. The buildings at the gas site have windows and that was for me one of the stoping factors. I was worked whit two main ideas. First thought led me to compar the theatre to Congress squar , so that theatre was not drowned within gap site, but I want to show some part of theatre in Congress square. Second thought relates with making some small square before the enter to theatre. And these both ideas leads to my finaly building. The national theatre is compair of three parts. The first part is in the middle and it leads to the square. In this part you can finde a technics rooms a some office. The secound part is intended for public people. In this part is situated theatre front for 502 people. In third floor is situated the gallery. In the fourth floor is the smoll alternative theatre front for about 100 people. In the third part of theatre is situated stage, dressing rooms for actors, day rooms and some storge areas.
HOUSE ON THE EDGE – Valašské Meziříčí, Sokolská Street
Štancl, Michal ; Němec, Josef (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
The concept is a combination of two different dimensional masses placed in a given area. The main building consists of a simple form of block IV. floors, the height and direction honor houses line the eastern part of the street Polášková and indirectly linked to it. Starting Cimala commercial center. In the opposite part of the main mass is only partial continuity created one deck above. An important factor in creating living spaces was sufficient offset from the main road, partially shielded by noise at the second follow-up buildings. The dominant mass is connected to a smaller two-storey L-shaped object, which combined elements of both maintaining the existing road corridor between the buildings housing and the historic town center. This is achieved by interruption of the dominant buildings in the middle on the first floor with the open-through-passage of the passage connecting the two parcels and create a public space between objects. The passage therefore preserves the widely used linear path from the street Pospíšilová Square. United objects are separated from the eastern part of the shopping center space Cimala in order to maintain the supply side of the aforementioned object.
Benedová, Kateřina ; Němec, Josef (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
The situation of the site overlooking the river and in direct connection with the old town is ideal for a retirement house. Regarding the needs of the public life in Prerov the main func-tion of the building is a combination of senior housing and small flats for young families. The horizontal composition of the front should be accented by a dominant volume. The tower containing the small flats provides this solution. Part of the concept is a small square with three trees and a terrace belonging to the safe in the ground floor.
Analysis of a fault tolerant electrical machine
Němec, Josef ; Rúra, Dávid (referee) ; Bárta, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with fault-tolerant machines. The basic principles which increase the fault-tolerant capabilities and some of the designed fault-tolerant machines have been presented in the first chapter. These machines have been compared in the second chapter and their advantages and disadvantages have been presented. The third chapter deals with three basic methods used to analyse electrical machines. The last chapter deals with fault analysis of a three-phase synchronous machine with two independent power sources. The faults have been compensated so that the machine produces required torque. Furthermore, two methods for decreasing torque ripple have been proposed for compensated states with asymmetrical supply.
Kouřil, Vojtěch ; Němec, Josef (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
The house creates a place for stop. Instead of cornerhouse symbol, public space. And a membrane betveen public and private.
School, the Foundation of Life – a Complex of Educational Buildings in Ostrava, Cerna louka
Chroustová, Andrea ; Němec, Josef (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
The goal of diploma thesis was design of educational building complex in Ostrava, Černá louka. Design is divided into two buildings- the main building(primary and secondary school) and kindergarden building. Main entrance into the complex is oriented to the catchment area - new living in Nová Karolina. Subsidence of the Kindergarten object creates landscaped space in front of schools. The green belt for sport and recreation was preserved along the river. Form the main object corresponds with the surrounding buildings - closed block with an inner atrium. The block opens and decreases towards the river, as well as kindergarten object. The facade of the building is special architectural concrete with the ability to clean the air - pierced around the windows. Gllass is used towards atrium and the river. Colours facade is enlivened by yellow surfaces lining by the windows, for common areas are used flat glass glossy green panels. Operation of the main building is divided into 4 units. Primary school is oriented towards the river and it is typical for square classrooms and a large corridor. Secondary school, coupled with the high school is located in 2nd and 3rd floor in the atrium arrangement of corridors with classrooms. Next part is gymnasium oriented to the Černá louka. Facilities of the school is located in the 1st floor. The dominant element is spatially banked dining room that opens into the atrium.

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