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Natural inhalations. Their position in balneology, physiotherapy and therapeutic physical education.
MICHLOVÁ, Magdaléna
This thesis deals with the natural inhalations and their position in balneology, physiotherapy and therapeutic physical education. It consists of the theoretical part which peeks into the topic of both types of inhalations - natural and synthetic. It also speaks about clima, climatic conditions and places that are suitable for natural inhalations. These places are mostly climatic spa. It focuses on the possible combinations of natural inhalations with other spa procedures, especially on outdoor activities that may increase the effects of natural inhalations. In the theoretical part of the thesis I point out to the wide variability of options for the combinations of natural inhalations with the therapeutic physical activities. Besides the spa physiotherapy and therapeutic physical procedures, there are a lot of options of leisure and wellness activities for natural inhalations if they take place in suitable climatic enviroment. The practical part collected data retrospectively, partly from the archives of the Clinical pharmacology department, Nemocnice České Budějovice a.s., partly from the participants of the Summer Recover Camp Slavkov, Blahonice, operated by Nemocnice České Budějovice a.s. Probands were the participants of the camp - 14 boys and 23 girls. NIOX device was used to assess the FeNO (fiction of exhaled nitric oxide) at participants in the beginning and in the end of the twelwe-days-stay in the recovery camp. This method can quantitatively evaluate the impact of natural inhalations, therefore it is a quantitative research. Based on this research which shows that there was decreased allergic inflamation of probands, we can say that it is very likely, almost certain, that the natural inhalations have curative impacts. This thesis might be used especially in spa or clinical practice of physiotherapists for acquiring some basic awareness and knowledge about possibilities of the use of natural inhalation and might help them to integrate natural inhalations in the therapy. Last but not least, it can be beneficial for the laic public as an informative and educational material.
Development and optimization of systems for SERS on single molecule level
Michlová, Magdalena ; Vlčková, Blanka (advisor) ; Pfleger, Jiří (referee) ; Procházka, Marek (referee)
AABBSSTTRRAACCTT Dimers and small aggregates as well as compact aggregates of Ag nanoparticles (NPs) were assembled and chemically anchored to supporting surfaces. The supporting surfaces were either glass slides or SiO2 - coated Cu or Au grids for TEM, both chemically functionalized by 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (APTMS). Compact aggregates of Ag NPs incorporating protoporphyrin IX (PPIX) molecules were prepared by adsorption of chlorides in the presence of PPIX. Dimers and small aggregates of Ag NPs were assembled by selected molecular linkers: 4,4'-diaminoazobenzene (DAAB), 4,4'-diaminoterphenyl (DATP) and 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-aminophenyl)porphine (TAPP). The most efficient strategy of dimers and small aggregates preparation has been their assembling by a three - step procedure involving (i) attachment of isolated Ag NPs to the NH2 groups of APTMS functionalized TEM grid, (ii) attachment of molecular linker (with two functional NH2 groups in para position) to Ag NPs by a one terminal NH2 group, and (iii) attachment of Ag NPs to the second, free terminal NH2 group of the linker. In this procedure, the control over the perpendicular orientation of the bifunctional linker and its attachment by one terminal group to Ag NP surface has been accomplished by functionalization of Ag NPs by adsorbed citrate...

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