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Analysis of selected reservation system
Majer, Patrik ; Fortinová, Jana (advisor) ; Basl, Josef (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the analysis of requirements of a selected reservation system. In particular, it concentrates on the reservation system used by the National Heritage Institute. In the thesis introduction the author describes basic functionality of this reservation system as well as its way of use within the National Heritage Institute. Furthermore, the thesis introduces an empirical research whose purpose is not only to determine necessary system adjustments but also to verify hypotheses outlined by the author. The main part of the thesis deals with a proposal how to solve particular system adjustments which emerged from the survey data.
Analysis of Emergency Medical Services web pages
Majer, Patrik ; Molnár, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Měsíček, Libor (referee)
This thesis analyses webpages of Emergency Medical Services. Proper analysis in this thesis is divided into three parts. The goal of the first part of the analysis is to find out potential lacks of webpages with regard to rules of accessibility. There is special need to accent the importance of accessibility of webpages of such organi-zations, because potential customers can suffer from different handicaps, which are deeply analyzed in this thesis. In the next part of this thesis, I analyze the Search engine optimization. In this part, I am trying to find out, if webpages are well-structured with regard to browsers and their needs. I also discover a number of backlinks, which points to webpages placed on the specific domain. Last part of the analysis looks deeply into a usability, which is the key factor for the success of every webpages. In the next part of the work, data, which were discovered in my analysis of specific webpages, are represented. In the last short part of thesis, which is called "Effective Webpage", the best parts of solution of specific webpages are highlighted and con-nected into one comprehensive solution, which could be an effective one.

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