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Possibilities of physiotherapy within the complex spa stay in patients with dg. Morbus Bechterev in different degrees of illness
The bachelor thesis is focused on patients diagnosed with Bechterew's disease or ankylosing spondylitis, who spent a comprehensive stay in a spa facility. The thesis takes into account the classification of Bechterew's disease into five stages, because in each stage the therapy of patients differs and is adapted to the stage of the disease. The main aim of the work is to map the possibilities of physiotherapy within a complex stay in a spa for the diagnosis of Bechterew's disease and to describe the methods which are used. According to the obtained information about the possibilities of physiotherapy, with their use, physiotherapeutic plans are compiled based on the health status of patients in various stages of the disease. Qualitative research was conducted to summarize the possibilities of physiotherapy within a spa stay and to evaluate the impact of the combination of spa care with physiotherapy.According to the results, the effect of individual physiotherapy at the end of the spa stay was evaluated as very beneficial on the patient's health. The achieved results of the research attest the undoubted importance of movement therapy in the comprehensive treatment of Bechterew's disease. Balneotherapy procedures have also been shown to improve or maintain patients' health. In addition to intensive physiotherapy, the therapeutic effect depends, for example, on the natural healing source in the respective treatment facility, but also on the change in the environment in which the patient stayed for four weeks. The calm spa environment has a beneficial effect on the patient's mental state. If physiotherapy is supplemented with special spa programs, the effectiveness of the treatment increases. The work could be used as a new source of information about the used methods and spa care, not only for students, but also for medical staff members or the non - professional public. According to the information obtained, improving the education of patients about the disease, treatment options and regimen measures could also be beneficial for the practice.
The impact of Covid-19 pandemic in the field of sport
Kvardová, Petra ; Pavlů, Dagmar (advisor) ; Nováková, Tereza (referee)
Author: Bc. Petra Kvardová Title: The impact of COVID-19 pandemic in the field of sport Objectives: The diploma thesis examines the long-term impact of COVID-19 in professional and semi-professional athletes. The main objective of this thesis is to evaluate the most common problems and difficulties that accompanied professional and semi-professional athletes of selected team sports in the Czech Republic after experiencing COVID-19 and after returning to full load in their sport. Methods: The thesis has the character of quantitative research, in which a questionnaire survey based on theoretical background was used. The questionnaire uses two evaluation scales, DASS-21 and SMS-28. The data from the questionnaires were processed in MS Excel, which was used for descriptive statistics and displaying the results into graphs. The SPSS statistical program was used to verify the hypotheses, in addition to the creation of contingency tables, tests such as the χ2 independence test, the Fischer exact test, the Mann-Whitney test and the Spearman coefficient were used. Results: In total, 218 respondents participated in the survey, of which 77 were players at the top level, 131 players at the performance level, 9 recreational athletes, 1 coach. The last two categories mentioned were excluded from the rating. In...

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