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Spiritual needs of clients
Chalupová, Andrea ; Rybářová, Marie (advisor) ; Mellanová, Alena (referee) ; Kutnohorská, Jana (referee)
The work concern about spiritual needs of hospitalized clients, demonstrate importance their satisfying, study presence of nursing diagnosis from spiritual sphere, influence at go through illness and quality live of client. The targets of theoretical part of work: - define name of spiritual, approximate two her dimension; - show difference between spirituality and religion; - describe rule of spiritual didactics; - chart spiritual needs with relation into nursing process; - characterize age category close to examine amount of clients; - pick up the Christian's conception illness and suffering; - offer resources which we have disposal at talking with client; - describe what positively or negative affects quality of client's live. The targets of empirical part of work: - map spiritual needs of clients with connection of illness; - find out changes in hierarchy spiritual neccesary of clients and other needs (before beginning of illness, after specify of diagnosis and during therapy, in terminal stage); - describe and analysis meet/dissatisfy spiritual needs of clients; - find out if age influence of saturation spiritual needs; - catch presence of nursing diagnosis in sphere of spiritual. Final part assess all task, marks out significance of spiritual needs and their monitoring by medical personnel.
Beginnings and Progression of Nursing Education in Hradec Králové
Replyuk, Alla ; Kutnohorská, Jana (advisor) ; Smolejová, Iva (referee) ; Rybářová, Marie (referee)
This Bachelor's work shows the historical progression of nursing education in Hradec Králové. Regard with development of it from first to present days. Deal with instrumentality of Christian friaries both in the world and in our country, their influence over progress of nursing schools and contribution of historical personalities of the world and Czech nursing. My aim was to describe beginnings and development of nursing education in Hradec Králové from church congregations to present days of Secondary nursing school.
Humane attitude to the dying patient in nursing
Jirousková, Klára ; Rybářová, Marie (advisor) ; Kutnohorská, Jana (referee) ; Pečenková, Jaroslava (referee)
JIROUSKOVA, Klara. Humane attitude to the dying patient in nursing. Bachelor's work The topic, I've chosen for my bachelor's work is dealing with problems in humane attitude of nursing staff to the dying patient. The study is dedicated to those, who are daily faced to death on their wards, and feel themselves not to be familiar with appropriate approach to the dying patient- mostly to the medical staff in hospitals. This bachelor's work is composed of two parts - theoretical and empirical. In the first, theoretic part, I've focused on the process of dying, with it's stages, on the patient's reactions to the threatening death, and also on the mental changes, dying man have to go through in this process. The study is concerning the specific needs of terminally ill patients, as well as, the possibilities of psychological help. Particular attention is paid to the euthanasia, to the palliative and hospice care. The study is trying to clarify, that euthanasia, with respect to the palliative and hospice care, can not be regarded as a "dignified death". Study deals also with the "burn out" syndrome that usually affects nursing staff taking care mostly of critically ill patients, pointing out its causes, process, and possible prevention. The last part shows the death phenomenon, as an eliminative mean of...
Personal development and life prospects of children with hearing disorders
Roďanová, Ivana ; Kutnohorská, Jana (advisor) ; Bůtová, Vladimíra (referee) ; Dršata, Jakub (referee)
Personal development and life prospects of children with hearing disorders My bachelory work is divided in two parts - theoretical and empirical. In theoretical part basic definitions, types of hearing disorders and defects and diagnoses of children's hearing are described. In the next part, I inform about the compensatory aids for people with hearing disorders and ways of their comunication. I also write in my thesis about personalities of these people, care of them and thein integration into society. The empirical part presents results of research, which was carried out on the basis of interviews. It is focused on interests and hobbies of children with hearing probléme, their ability to communicate and possibilities for profession choice . The work also maps their free time.
Appearance of a nurse as a part of non verbal communication
Hendrychová, Veronika ; Pečenková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Kutnohorská, Jana (referee) ; Vlčková, Naděžda (referee)
Appearance of a nurse as a part of non verbal communication. This work focuses on the aspects of the nurses' uniforms from the non verbal communication point of view. The introduction is devoted to the history of uniforms, further it deals with the word communication, which is latter divided into verbal and non verbal. The empirical part works with non verbal discourse. Based on a survey done among patients we can say that uniform and all its aspects play in a key role in client's care as the uniform forms trust to the medical officer. The hospital staff assessed their uniforms, too. They evaluated their contentment with their uniforms and added some comments. The appendix contains graphs of some parameters and also photo documentation of historical uniforms.
Ethical aspects of care about diing person in psychiatri
Frühbauerová, Iva ; Kutnohorská, Jana (advisor) ; Šlaisová, Ivana (referee) ; Strnadová, Jolana (referee)
The bachelors work is all about ethics like science, death and dieing with view to psychiatrics probléms. Ethics and moral acts seem to be necessary part of verbal and nonverbal communication in medical work. There are some pacients in psychiatric profession,for example with advanced demencion , which are certainly in hands of ethics and moral principles of medical staff . The theoretic part describes the pacient with mental illnes, behind the gates of psychiatric clinic. It describes the moments concern him and his illnes. The live ends of some pacients are situated to this clinic, the very end of my work is about that. The empiric part investigates perceiving the close of death between middle-medical personnel and their approach to diing, mental ill pacient. The target of my bachelors work is to outline the difficult moments of mental ill lives, when their psychic become wrong and the lives ended in psychiatric clinic. There we can find the large space for ethics like science, because the ill and menthal ill people have rights to be nursed with moral overlook. The nurse would heave allways on mind, that the mental ill pacient is still one of us,is still the human being.
The health Workers' dealing with members of romany community - peculiarities of communication
Kobrlová, Lada ; Kutnohorská, Jana (advisor) ; Konštacký, Stanislav (referee) ; Mareš, Jiří (referee)
THE HEALTH WORKERS' DEALINGS WITH MEMBERS OF ROMANY COMMUNITY - PECULIARITIES OF COMMUNICATION The theoretical part of this work informed about history, traditions, values, and the specific communication style of Romany ethnic minority. Lack of understanding to these factors can lead to unnecessary misunderstanding between Romany patients and health workers. The main targets of empirical part were to find out how the health workers dealt with the Roma and what experience they attained with these patients. Further aim of this research were to learn about their foreknowledge of Romany minority. There were 132 health workers who filled in the questionnaire. The hypothesis of applying an equal approach was confirmed. Over 50% of interviewed had predominantly negative experience. The hypothesis of lack of information about cultural customs of Romany minority was confirmed, but only about 20% of interviewed wanted more information. Health workers should applied an individual approach to Roma patients in accordance with transcultural principles. Better foreknowledge could improve mutual communication and reduce amount of conflicts between the members of Romany community and health workers.
Domestic violence
Hofmanová, Markéta ; Kutnohorská, Jana (advisor) ; Hosák, Ladislav (referee) ; Švecová, Dagmar (referee)
Domestic violence Domestic violence is a topic which draws the society's attention recently. Domestic violence can be defined as all kinds of physical, sexual and psychological violence in all types of intimate relationships. My thesis consists of two parts: theoretical and empirical. The thesis aims at the common myths and prejudice about the topic and how they affect human thinking and their opinions and are the differences in the perception of men and women. The important question is the legislation in the Czech Republic as well. 88 respondents took part in the survey, 50 % male and 50 % female in four different age groups.
The History of Nursing Profession in the Mladá Boleslav Region
Fejfarová, Jana ; Kutnohorská, Jana (advisor) ; Kyasová, Miroslava (referee) ; Herčík, Karel (referee)
Fejfarová Jana The History of Nursing Profession in the Mlada Boleslav Region Bachelor thesis This thesis surveys the evolution of the nursing in the Mlada Boleslav region in a chronological order. My goal is to help improve the status of the nursing profession in our country. The thesis is divided into three main parts. The first part deals with history of nursing profession in the world as well as in the Czech Republic and it is an actual introduction into the history of the nursing care. The second part, then, deals with the evolution of the nursing in the Mlada Boleslav region. Through the study of historical archives, literature as well as interviews with actual participants maps the development of modern nursing. The chronological comparison shows that the evolution of nursing in the Czech republic from its very beginning kept up with the nursing evolution in the world and that the nursing care in Mlada Boleslav copied the newest knowledge with a few years difference. The work concludes with a final part which is a probe into present - day nurses' knowledge about the history of nursing profession.
The meaning of hope in nursing practice
Veselá, Marcela ; Mareš, Jiří (advisor) ; Švarcová, Eva (referee) ; Kutnohorská, Jana (referee)
The aim of my thesis was to describe how love and hope phenomenon relates to nursing care in general. Therefore, in empirical part of my work I focused on a survey conducted among students and practising nurses. Comparing these two target groups, I discovered great differences in views. Students are more oriented on a patients' requirement for love because they are not drudged by day-to-day problems encountered in nursing care. This gives them greater capacity to understand. Having said that, I must stress that many nurses treat their patients with love and understanding of patients' hope. One of the purposes of this work has been to provoke survey participants to think about this problem. The responses I obtained were eloquent, which suggests a successful accomplishment of my thesis.

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