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Intimate relationships between healthcare workers in a particular healthcare services provider
Bendová, Eva ; Mellanová, Alena (advisor) ; Vaňková, Milena (referee)
This thesis is focused on the formation and presence of the intimate relationships between healthcare workers from nurses' point of view. The aim is to find out if those intimate relationships are developing on the nurses' workplaces and which factors can influence their origin as well as to find out if the presence of this relationship between a doctor and a nurse can affect the quality of collaboration among themselves but also with the other workers in the workplace. The theoretical part is dedicated to important socialization factors of the individual in society. It's focused on a position and function of the individual in a group, formal and informal relationships, family and it's function and types, on a married life and on risk factors of a family environment. The integral part is a description of the profession of a doctor and a nurse with their roles, team cooperation and professional relationship, but also a description of the doctor's and nurse's relationship like man's and woman's with potential intimate relationship. The empirical part is processed as a quantitative research. Data were obtained by non- standardized anonymous questionnaire and the research sample consisted of 177 respondents. According to current nurses' workplaces the intimate relationships between doctors and nurses...
Psychological support and communication with family on newborn resuscitation, ICU
Morávková, Tereza ; Mellanová, Alena (advisor) ; Novák, Ivan (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA V PRAZE 1. LÉKAŘSKÁ FAKULTA Studijní program: Specializace ve zdravotnictví N5345 Studijní obor: Intenzivní péče MIP 5345T024 Bc. Tereza Morávková Psychická podpora a komunikace s rodinou novorozence na ARO/JIP Psychological support and communication with family on newborn resuscitation, ICU DIPLOMOVÁ PRÁCE Vedoucí diplomové práce: PhDr. Alena Mellanová, CSc. Praha ABSTRACT This diploma thesis is theoretical and empirical, and focuses on emotional support and communication with parents of a newborn in a resuscitation department or ICU. It analyzes the approach that the medical staff has towards these parents, specifically psychological support in the form of sufficient and adequate communication. The theoretical section begins with the classification of newborns. Next the reasons for intensive and neonatal care for very premature babies are discussed. The following chapter contains an analysis of the psychological changes that the parents of a newborn in a resuscitation department or ICU may experience. This chapter describes the general characteristics of fear and anxiety. The next section describes the reasons, possible manifestations and consequences of this fear and anxiety experienced by the families. The next chapter sets out the principles of communication with a family in a...
Awereness of woman aged 20 to 40 years in the urinary incontinency arising in connection with pregnancy and childbirth
Gardoňová, Jana ; Marsová, Jana (advisor) ; Mellanová, Alena (referee)
The subject of my bachelor thesis is Awereness of woman aged 20 to 40 years in the urinary incontinency arising in connection with pregnancy and childbirth. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical one. The theoretical part is devoted to the anatomy and physiology of the female urinary tract and urinary incontinence, its types, aids, treatment, prevention, education, and economic issues. I have been identifying , the level of awareness of women in urinary incontinence arising in connection with pregnancy and childbirth, in the empirical part. I have used quantitative research to achieve results. My research was conducted using questionnaires.
Foreign language as a communication barrier in intensive care
Zachová, Eva ; Mellanová, Alena (advisor) ; Svobodová, Dita (referee)
This diploma thesis analyzes if there is communication barrier with foreign patients at the selected intensive care units. We dealt with question whether hospital employees perceive communication with foreigners as a problem or not and how can they solve the problem. The first (theoretical) part is devoted to the role of communication in nursing process and to the definition of term communication barrier. In next chapters we have analyzed the profile of multicultural nursing. Then we focus on the issues of cross-cultural communication and communication barriers in contact with foreigners and the most common causes and techniques used to deal with such situations. We pay great attention to prevention and potential solutions to barriers between cultures and ethnic groups. The motivation for the thesis was supposed effecto of communication gaps on health and higher psychological burden on staff, especially when one of the basic activities of nurses is to educate patients. Research interprets the information obtained from a self-designed questionnaire survey. Questionnaires were distributed to intensive care and resuscitation units in four hospitals in Prague. Statistical evaluation of the questionnaires either confirms or refuses the hypothesis that I set at the beginning of the research. According to...

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