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Google as a enterprise solution
Kutil, Ivan ; Koubský, Petr (advisor) ; Šedivý, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of cloud computing and its appropriate deployment in small and medium business. The objective of this thesis is to analyze the offer of Google products and to demonstrate measurable benefits of this solution. Introductory part of the thesis summarizes the history of IT and it is looking for the connection between history of IT and the term cloud computing. This term is described in detail with selected cloud computing characteristics. The main part of the thesis deals with analysis of Google services, technologies and platforms, which could be used in enterprise. The matters are viewed not only economically, but also from the technological and security point of view. In practical implementations are demonstrated measurable benefits of deployment to the Google cloud platform. Finally, the thesis provides the summary of platform's advantages and disadvantages with a description of practical advices for small and medium businesses
SaaS in corporate ICT - consequences, changes, opportunities
Jurica, Martin ; Donát, Jiří (advisor) ; Koubský, Petr (referee)
This thesis is focused on analyzing the current state of SaaS (Software as a Service) and impact of SaaS on corporate's ICT as a whole. The aim is to explain the concepts and implications of modern forms of providing services, to describe and to evaluate their benefits and risks and to assess future developments in this area. The attention will be paid on specifics of the environment of Czech companies. The first part of this work deals with the current SaaS solutions and related technologies. Emphasis is placed on acquainting the reader with currently available (or introduced by mid-2011) technologies and their mutual relationships. This section also summarizes the current level of knowledge of the field and on this basis provides definitions of areas and technologies. The next part of the thesis focuses on a particular cloud and SaaS solutions available on nowadays market. The next part of this section is based on a specific case study of a small company, which considers the move to SaaS solutions. This section is focused on the practical application of the preceding conclusions. Last section aims at the prediction of development of ICT business in the upcoming years, with an emphasis on SaaS and related technologies. The second part is trying to find answers to the questions "Whether," "When" and "How" will SaaS affect the market of information technologies, their deployment and business models of future anticipated expansion model of Software as a Service. SaaS maturity model is also discussed as well as specificity of the Czech market.
SAP Products for Utility Companies
Šafránek, Jan ; Koubský, Petr (advisor) ; Kopecký, Petr (referee)
SAP IS-U is de-facto industry standard for customer information systems for utility companies through Europe -- used in electricity, gas, district heating and water utilities industry. These core modules are needed for invoicing tasks and most classical day-to-day scenarios: * IS-U BF Basic Functions * IS-U MD Master Data * IS-U DM Device Management * IS-U BI-IN Billing Invoicing * FI-CA Contract Accounts Especially for large customers in electricity and gas industry, IS-U EDM Energy Data Management is used for management of interval reading consumption and profiles. As utility industry evolves through market liberalization, unbundling processes are covered by IS-U IDE Intercompany Data Exchange (with PI Process Integration as and integration platform). Additionally, IS-U Work Management can be used to connect IS-U processes with PM Plant Maintenance functionality of SAP ERP and service department processes can be covered through two different products: * IS-U CS Customer Service - Older solution, less robust but fully integrated and easier for implementation * SAP CRM -- Stand-alone product, more robust, full featured solution My diploma theses can be used as a brief introduction into the world of IS-U and I also tried to answer these two additional questions: * Common processes that are not covered by IS-U * Comparison of ASAP and MMDIS methodology
Realization of micropayment system
Schwarz, Pavel ; Koubský, Petr (advisor) ; Maule, Petr (referee)
Czech market offers sadly no simple solution for making a fast payment on the internet for the low-cost. Comparing to the world trends the Czech internet community has small experience with online and fast payment. About 100 million of users use micropayment system every day worldwide. This is a significant trend that Czech market will follow soon. Czech internet e-commerce grows steeply gradually. Marketing company GfK Praha released research according to which 3 millions of Czech internet users made shopping payment on the web last year. This outstanding figure proves a growth in habit of using the internet for e-commerce purposes. Users reveal the real flexibility of the web which can offer not only information base but also mainly entertainment side. The worldwide tendency of digitalization shows convergence of the internet and home entertainment. It is clear that the direction of the internet will become the home medium centre soon. Web services such as TV, gaming, voice, data sharing are already on the net. It is clear that the internet business of intangible services is on the start and awaits its expansion. New services of this king will surely bring new demand for fast web payment solution.
Business analyst's educational framework
Subachev, Mikhail ; Koubský, Petr (advisor) ; Klimek, David (referee)
The diploma thesis explores the meaning of business analyst role in IT. What possible influence this role has on successfulness of IT projects and how companies could effectively educate such an employee using optimized framework of their internal processes. Suggested process framework for business analysts' development involves five areas of company's life: company culture, education, knowledge management, practical application of gained experience and last but not least - the recruitment process. Processes of these areas affect each other and together create integrated system, which allows for effective education of business analysts. Process framework enables complex approach to employees development and effectively links human resources development strategy and company's global strategy.
The Possibilities of Entering the Chinese ICT market
Hovad, Martin ; Málková, Helena (advisor) ; Koubský, Petr (referee)
Práce se zabývá možnostmi vstupu na čínský trh informačních a komunikačních technologií. Definuje a popisuje jednotlivé formy vstupu a zabývá se vstupní strategií. V práci jsou obsaženy obchodní příležitosti na tomto trhu a případové studie firem, které na trh vstoupily nebo chtějí vstoupit.
Development of web-portal, evaluation of Web 2.0 concept applicability
Zmeškal, Jan ; Koubský, Petr (advisor) ; Kasal, Jiří (referee)
This thesis is examining the best known internet service -- WWW, it's history and current trends. Following part deals conception of Web 2.0, which is currently subject of intensive discussions it's supporters and opponents. Theoretical knowledge is than applied in analysis of services of new developed web portal, which I personally consider the goal of thesis. There are mentioned both of particular sections of web-portal and their interconnection within the whole system. In connection with practical part of thesis are described the most important web portals in world's and Czech Republic's internet market and their biggest source of income, internet advertisement. Own contribution of this thesis is mainly in it's practical part, which is intended to be applied for following analysis and development of
Analysis of the structure and the progression of companies on the ICT market in the Czech republic
Obrázek, Michal ; Benáčanová, Helena (advisor) ; Koubský, Petr (referee)
This work analyses the structure and the progression of the ICT market in the Czech republic. The first part deal with czech ICT market segmentation with regards to different methods of particular institutions. The next chapter describes specific environment of the Czech republic, factors and conditions influencing the ICT market and companies progression. It is especially focused on macroeconomic development, policy in relation to ICT market, grant policy, flow of foreign direct investment, availability of labour force and relevant information technologies. The work also analyses market progression and related economic indicators such as a market volume measured by expenditures into ICT products and services and share of these expenditures in total GDP as well as expenditures per one employee. In addition it offers a view of progression of foreign trade with ICT products. The main part of this work deal with the structure of companies on the information a communication technology market in the Czech republic. The aim of this part is to analyze basic structural indicators such as number of active firms a its structure in accordance with their residence, legal entity and time of estabilishment, number of employees, revenues per employee or value added generated in ICT sector. The chapter also contains survey of firms from relevant ICT segments ordered by achieved annual turnover.
IT firms in Czech republic and their conpetitive advantage in European Union
Šafář, Petr ; Benáčanová, Helena (advisor) ; Koubský, Petr (referee)
In this diploma thesis, I focus on Czech and European market of information technology. My principal aim is to analyze a measure of Czech competitive advantage in this sector. Both global statistic and segment characteristic are subjects of this analysis. My diploma thesis has following structure; after opening definition of literary sources, I deal with brief analyses of Czech IT market. Next two chapters are about European IT market structure and its characteristics. Last section is focused on competitive advantage of Czech Republic.
Broadband v ČR a porovnání s Evropou
Červinka, Ladislav ; Koubský, Petr (advisor) ; Gála, Libor (referee)
Práce detailně prozkoumává, analyzuje a porovnává dvě technologie, které tvoří pátěř vysokorychlostního internetu nejen v České republice - ADSL a přípojku kabelové televize (CATV). Práce dále analyzuje penetraci broadbandu v České republice a v zahraničí. Podkladem pro analýzy byla data společností OECD, ECTA, ČSÚ, Evropské Komise, Aspa , a.s. a dalších. První část práce se zabývá historií zavádění obou sledovaných technologií v ČR a jejich technickým zázemím, druhá část samotnou analýzou penetrace broadbandu a analýzou českých poskytovatelů broadbandu, poslední část se zaobírá analýzou reálných nákladů na broadband a výběrem nejvhodnější služby dle preferencí zákazníka.

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