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Legal regulation of beekeeping
Kotrba, Jiří ; Damohorský, Milan (advisor) ; Falteisková, Sabina (referee)
1 Abstract This diploma thesis deals with legal issues related to beekeeping and bee protection. The beekeeping legislation in Czech Republic is not regulated in just one comprehensive legal act but consists of many partial provisions that can be found in a large number of various acts and decrees. The fragmentation of the beekeeping legislation is its biggest shortcoming and causes, that beekeepers are unable to get proper knowledge of the issue. It is necessary to ensure that all beekeepers are informed as best as possible of their rights and obligations, so that the legislation is followed in practice. Reader of this thesis is being presented with a detailed legal analysis of the most important provisions concerning beekeeping which is also here and there accompanied with ideas de lege ferenda. This diploma thesis is divided into five parts, which are further subdivided into chapters and also into subchapters and lower levels if needed. The first part is divided into two chapters and discusses the history of beekeeping and the beginnings of the development of its legal regulation in the world and in the territory of the Czech state. The second part of this diploma thesis is subdivided into three chapters and deals with the considerations about the possible future extension of the legal regulation which...
Essays in Corporate Finance
Joeveer, Karin ; Jurajda, Štěpán (advisor) ; Ongena, Steven (referee) ; Kotrba, Josef (referee)
This dissertation consists of three essays about firm financing. The first essay detects the bank-firm relationship in a transition country while the second and third essays address the importance of country factors in a company's capital structure decisions. The question of the extent in which the financial sector problems "spill over" to firms is an important issue to study and it is particularly under-explored in the context of transition economies, where the financial systems are fragile. In my first essay I study the effect of an Estonian bank's failure in 1998 on its corporate loan clients by comparing the performance of clients to that of a random sample of other firms. First, I analyze whether bank bankruptcy causes the bankruptcy of client firms. I find that client firms are less likely to survive until 2000 even after controlling for their pre- bank bankruptcy performance. Second, I analyze the behavior of firms' profitability, liquidity, and growth of fixed assets. I find liquidity to be the only variable that decreases for the client firms compared to the control firms after the bank bankruptcy. In my second essay I evaluate the importance of firm-specific, country- institutional and macroeconomic factors in explaining the firm leverage variation simultaneously. I use a large European...
Foundation and origin of limited company according to Act No. 90/2012 Coll.
KOTRBA, Jaroslav
In my bachelor thesis is described the procedure of foundation and formation of the limited liability company in the context of legislation changes after 2014. The target is to analyze qualities of the limited liability company in comparison of present and former legislation valid to the end of 2013. The theoretical part of my bachelor thesis deals with general procedure of foundation and formation of the limited liability company considering both legislation changes. The practical part is focused on specific foundation and formation of the limited liability company, considering duties to the public authorities. My proposals to the legislation changes (de lege ferenda) are mentioned in the end of the practical part.
Construction and design of stamping tools for metal parts with focus in can drawing
The introductory part of this bachelor thesis is theoretical and it discusses about the topic of sheet stamping in general. In this part analysis and detailed examination of stamping technologies are performed. In the second part, there are tendencies in evolution of stamping tools described and analysed in last years. At the end of the work suggestions for improving arrangements of stamping tools and prediction of future development in stamping tools designs are mentioned.
Možnosti využití telematiky v podmínkách dopravy ve zdravotnictví
Hejdučková, Iva ; Pernica, Petr (advisor) ; Kotrba, Jan (referee)
V práci je zjišťována aktuální nabídka technických prostředků, které slouží k řízení a správě vozidlového parku, dále je specifikováno, jaké konkrétní prostředky firma Pragomedika Plus a.s. v současné době používá k řízení provozu svého dopravního parku a následně jsou posouzeny efekty, které jí tyto prostředky přinášejí. Na základě těchto skutečností je zhodnocena současná situace ve firmě Pragomedika Plus a.s. a jsou jí doporučeny případné změny v oblasti řízení a správy podnikových vozidel.

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