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Awareness of girls' and boys' attending selected secondary colleges of their obligations resulting from family law
Kučerová, Alena ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Kučírek, Jiří (referee)
This research study is focused on the awareness of adolescents on the child's duties which they stemming from a Czech family law. The main goal is, using of analysis of individual provisions of the legislation of the child's duties in the Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, to determine the awareness of adolescent about these duties. Intermediate objectives is to determine whether the duties according to their opinion, fulfils in practice, the acquired data to compare and submit proposal for a teaching of this issue, including the design of its incorporation in school education programmes in selected schools. The survey is carried out among 120 sixteen - eighteen year-old students' of the Business Academy and Secondary technical school in Prague, in the form of empirical investigation quantitative method, questionnaire survey in written. Stems from him, that although teens do not have awareness of the duties, an obligation in practice performs. Comparison of the results of the investigation then showed that the obtained data from the selected schools were, at the 5% level, found statistically significant differences. In conclusion is designed the project of teaching in this field, as an extension of the curriculum on Rights of the Child, including its incorporation into school study programs...
Role of tumour suppressor PML in nucleolar functions
Kučerová, Alena ; Hodný, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Stejskalová, Eva (referee)
The cell nucleus is a complex structure composed of different parts, the nucleolus and PML nuclear bodies are important compartments of the nucleus. In the nucleolus, transcription of ribosomal DNA and biogenesis of ribosomes take place. The nucleolus may regulate the expression of proteins and thus the subsequent cell growth through regulating the amount of ribosomes. The nucleolus is also a sensor of stress. PML nuclear bodies play an important role in many cellular process - response to stress, virus infection or DNA damage. PML nuclear bodies consist of many proteins, the major protein is PML protein (Promyelotic leukemia protein). PML protein is coded by PML gene, it is spliced postrancriptionally and it has several isoforms. PML protein is an important cellular regulator and also a tumor suppressor. The nucleolus and PML protein cooperate together and have a functional relationship, which is not entirely clear. It was shown that PML protein changes its localization after exposure to stress and it goes near the nucleolus or into the nucleolus and this happens mainly in primary cells (the reason can be that the level of PML protein downregulates in tumour cells). The relationship between the nucleolus and PML nuclear bodies is important for cell response to stress. Keywords: nucleolus,...
Bacterial microflora in the gut of the sand fly
Kučerová, Alena ; Hypša, Václav (referee)
Leishmaniasis is an important human parasitic disease of tropical and subtropical areas transmitted by bloodsucking insects of the genus Phlebotomus or Lutzomyia. There are many people under threat, especially in Africa, Latin America, South and Central Asia, in the Mediterannean and the Middle East. The disease manifests from mild skin symptoms to fatal viscerals forms. Leishmania parasites proliferat and develop in the digestive tracts of sand fly. Phlebotomine sandflies feed on sugar solutions produced by plants or other insets (eg. honeydew of aphids). Intake of various food causes the contamination of gut with many microorganisms that may affect the vector and/or transmitted parasites. In addition, microbial colonization of the digestive tract occurs during larval development. Females lay eggs in places rich in organic detritus and decaying animal faeces serving as a larval food. The article published in Folia Parasitologica deals with the composition of the bacterial microflora in laboratory-reared colony of Phlebotomus duboscqi. Mainly aerobic or facultative anaerobic gramnegative rod-shaped bacteria were identified in the gut of larvae and adults. We demonstrated, for the first time in the sandflies, transstadial passage of bacteria from larvae to adults. Bacteria of strain AK, identified...
Role of PML in nucleolar functions
Kučerová, Alena ; Hodný, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Skalníková, Magdalena (referee)
Promyelocytic leukemia protein (PML) is a tumour suppressor which is frequently downregulated in human tumours. PML plays a role in many cellular processes including DNA damage response, senescence and apoptosis and is mainly localized in special structures called PML nuclear bodies (PML NBs). The nucleolus is a key nuclear compartment, where transcription of ribosomal DNA and biogenesis of ribosomes take place. The nucleolus is also called a stress sensor because of its role, for instance, in stabilization of tumour suppressor p53. Localization of PML to the nucleolar periphery appears to be prominent after disturbance of nucleolar functions - for example inhibition of rRNA transcription or processing. Thus the relationship between the nucleolus and PML nuclear bodies may be important for cellular response to stress. However, the role of PML nucleolar associations in nucleolar function including mechanism of formation of these structures remain unclear. Here we characterised PML nucleolar structures and mechanism of their formation. We showed that formation of PML nucleolar structures is not caused by replication stress, is not dependent on any specific phase of cell cycle and is not caused by DNA damage response but is induced by topological stress due to inhibition of toposiomerase function....
Local political partisanship in a local government environment (town Kutná Hora)
Kučerová, Alena ; Čopík, Jan (advisor) ; Monika, Monika (referee)
The thesis deals with the local political party line in the environment of regional government. The work is focused on the town of Kutna Hora (Central Bohemia). The first part, the literature search, is the theoretical definition of basic concepts that deal with the local political party line in four categories according to the size of the municipalities. The most important is a definition of medium-sized municipalities, which corresponds to the currently investigated Kutna Hora. Then there is a definition of the characteristics of communal system, voting behavior and formation of municipal coalitions. The literature search is followed by the practical part, where there is the acquired theoretical knowledge applied to the local government of Kutna Hora. The focal point is based on the identification of local political participants (local organizations of political parties and other political organizations, interest groups, etc.), their electoral successes, the internal decision-making mechanisms, relationships and activities. The essential finding is that it´s not possible to apply expressly the assertion of Katz and Maira that the number of members of local organizations of political parties is steadily decreasing in western democracies, to the local government of Kutna Hora. The number of members in particular political entities of Kutna Hora is relatively high. Mutual relations of political entities of Kutna Hora however are based on personal sympathies and aversions. The local political system can be assessed as fully competitive, based on the principle of government and opposition.
Rozvoj regionu v sousedství vojenského újezdu Březina
Kučerová, Alena
This diploma thesis addresses the issue of development potential of villages located within the military area Březina. The main assumption is that these villages are influenced by the proximity of military area. Also, with respect to proximity of area of interest to higher territorial entity border, the issue of border and incidental edge effects is also discussed in the thesis. Attention has also been paid to proposed optimization of military areas. The aim of the thesis is to create a typology of villages located within military area Březina and to propose positive measures to reinforce the position of peripheral villages in socio-economical system of the region.
Streamlining a Grant from the ERDF for ROP JV
Bajerová, Veronika ; Kučerová, Alena (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the investment project financing non-manufacturingorganizations from European Union funds. The theoretical section applies to fundsof regional policy and its objectives, as well as the regional operational program, based in NUTS II. Practical part includes an analysis of real project. The designpart is concerned with the problems that arose during the project, but who would have been prevented in the future. This section contains my own suggestions and recommendations.
Municipality´s Economics Evaluation
Fojtová, Monika ; Kučerová, Alena (referee) ; Rajchlová, Jaroslava (advisor)
This thesis deals with management of a particular small village in the six-year period. The theoretical part describes municipal authorities in the Czech Republic, budgetary system, including the municipal budget and budget structure. The practical part analyses economics of the village Jabloňany in the years 2007 - 2012 with a subsequent evaluation of operating and capital management. The practical part is concluded by calculation of the national share revenue from shared taxes for the municipality Jabloňany in 2013. Calculated tax return is included in the municipality draft budget and medium-term financial plan. The conclusion summarizes the overall management of the municipality Jabloňany and outlines the possible use of increased tax revenues.
Impact of the financial crisis on selected segments of the Czech economy and the state budget
Kučerová, Alena ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Vítek, Leoš (referee)
This thesis deals with the problems of the global financial crisis and its impact on the Czech Republic since 2007 with a more specific focus on the period 2011 - 2013. The first part focuses on the definition of the financial crisis, to analyze its cause and also to the effects of crisis on the global economy and world financial markets. In the second part of the study evaluated the effects of crisis on the real economy of the Czech Republic in terms of selected indicators. The third part is devoted to expressions of crisis in the income and expenditure of the state budget, the budget deficit and government debt and the effect of crisis for the fulfillment of the Maastricht convergence criteria. The conclusion is devoted econometric modeling, which aims to prove the hypothesis that the work analyzes the selected indicators have influenced the development of indicators of ratio of government debt to the GDP and the proportion of public deficit to GDP in the period.

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