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Difficulties for Pupils with Dysphasia when learning English
Pilousová Baumannová, Gabriela ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Michalová, Zdena (referee)
Z kvalitativní analýzy uvedené v kapitole 4.7 implicitně vyplývá, že se dosavadní metodika výuky cizích jazyků u dysfatických žáků příliš neosvědčuje. Je proto třeba hledat jiné postupy, které by pomohly kompenzovat specifické nedostatky těchto žáků. V následujícím textu jsou již navržena některá konkrétní opatření zmírňující dopad vývojové dysfázie na osvojování angličtiny či cizího jazyka obecně. Tato opatření se týkají orálního a písemného projevu žáka, vyučovacích pomůcek, zadávání domácích úkolů a celkové motivace k učení cizímu jazyku. Powered by TCPDF (
Fear and axiety among children with stuttering
Gottwaldová, Kristýna ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Durdilová, Lucie (referee)
This graduation theses attends to (is dedicated to) questions of fear and anxiety among preschool and younger school-age children. The paper is devided to theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is broken up to five chapters, which focus on the facts we need for understanding to this topic. There are concepts like emotions (fear, anxiety), developing age limitation, stutter, in more particular the question of parents of stammering child, that child in the society and prevention of stutter. The practical part includes goals, questuionare evaluation and its results which should present the particular areas of childernś and parentś fear and anxiety. Keywords: emotion, fear, anxiety, stuttering
Method for the Emotional Influence of Pupils with ADHD/ADD in the framework of the Educational Process
Lázníčková, Petra ; Michalová, Zdena (advisor) ; Housarová, Blanka (referee)
The purpose of this dissertation is to map out the achieved success of giving lessons in social skills to children with ADHD/ADD. The objective is to find out if these kinds of lessons improve the emotional regulation and some personality traits of the children. The theoretical part is a discussion on the problems of ADHD/ADD - historical view, definitions, causes, manifestations and possible therapeutic approaches. Furthermore, it describes emotions, emotional regulation and personalities of children with ADHD/ADD. Conclusion of the theoretical part presents useful methods which could develop emotional and social skills especially during the educational process. The practical part is based on a research questionnaire conducted with pupils from the special school for pupils with behavioural disorder. This research questionnaire will focus on the aforementioned success in giving lessons of social skills. The first questionnaire evaluates traits of personality on the basis of self-evaluation by pupils at this school. The second questionnaire is designed to analyse the ability to differentiate between, evaluate and comprehend emotions.
Displays of People with Dementia in Communication Process (in Different Phases of Alzheimer Disease)
Diblíková, Hana ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Růžičková, Hana (referee)
Although communication disorders belong among basic manifestations of dementia syndrom, professional speech care for people with these kinds of disorders in the Czech Republic is still just a theory. The topic of the present thesis is manifestations of people suffering from dementia in communication process - in different phases of Alzheimer's disease. A theoretical part is based on scientific publications and focuses not only on dementia and related impaired communication skills, but also on speech intervention for people with dementia (both diagnostics and therapy). The results of the reserch into the current level of communication skills of people in different phases of Alzheimer's disease, gained mainly from the analysis of video recordings of their interviews with care assistants, are presented in practical part within the framework of the problems mentioned above. The main goal of the thesis are an evaluation of the data according to individual areas of communication and drawing conclusions for better utilization of sustentative communication potential of people suffering from dementia. Keywords: dementia, impaired communication skills, communication competences, speech intervention
Speech Instruction and the Prevention of Break-downs in Communication Abilities in a Nursery School
Králová, Lucie ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Štěpáníková, Alena (referee)
This diploma thesis analyzes and compares the legislation frame of pre-primary education within its history from the beginning of institutionalized education of children in our territory. It also introduces the framework of pre-school education and compares the targets and tasks stated for language and speech education, including the program of speech and communication impairments treatment development. The last two chapters describe children speech development theories and preventive training in general. The practice part covers an analysis of questionnaire-based research, which was questioning the kindergarten teachers about their basic and advanced education in field of children speech and communication development, as well as about their cooperation with parents. It also evaluates the current level of children speech abilities. Powered by TCPDF (
Speech aids for Children and Schoolchildren with comunication disorder
Formanová, Kristýna ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Durdilová, Lucie (referee)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is speech therapy aids for children with communication disorders. This is discussed both on theoretical and practical basis. The theoretical part defines speech therapy aids. The description proceeds from a general point of view to a more specific definition in the context of disrupted ability to communicate. Individual parts of the thesis allow a more profound perspective on these issues, including functions, principles, definitions and classification. In the practical part of my work I present the results of my research focusing on mapping speech therapy aids for children with communication disorder at a present-day marketplace (on a random sample of speech therapy aids). The goal of the bachelor thesis is to show a comprehensive view on the theoretical issues of speech therapy aids for children with speech therapy disorders. It should stress the importance of manufacturing and use of speech therapy aids. Keys: aids, speech therapy aids, communication disorder, toys, product, technical tools.
Integration of Children with Dysphasia at the Beginning of School Attendance
Blovská, Markéta ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Sýsová, Jana (referee)
The dissertation is focused on problems of the development dysphasia of children of early pupilage. It consists of two parts. The theoretical part concentrates on integration and integrated education, and defines the term of development dysphasia and its symptoms. The practical part deals with integrated form of education of dysphasic children, and analysis of the problems they face studying Czech language.
Elkonin's Language skills training (in children with language delay, mental disability, ADD and ADHD syndroms)
Škaloudová, Renata ; Housarová, Blanka (referee)
This doctoral considers by improvement of metaphonological abilities with help of the Training of Language Abilities by Elkonin. In it the programme is aplicated on specific groups of children with faults of communication process - with delayed speech development simply, soft mentaly handicap and with marks or syndrome ADD/ADHD. It describes changes necessary for these groups to succeed in this programme. Theoretical part is given to starting points, which D. B. Elkonin could use in his time. It is also given to nowadays opinion on problems of metaphonological abilities in the world. Powered by TCPDF (
Stimulation of the primary functions, speech and communication abilities in a child with a Rett's syndrome
Ptáčková, Alena ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Housarová, Blanka (referee)
This rigorous thesis presents Rett syndrome, serious neurodevelopmental disease, which is manifested by psychomotor development disorder. It is the only autistic spectrum disorder, where the etiology is known. Further it gives the historical view of Rett syndrome problems, it records precisely the disorder process and basal and specific manifestations in children with Rett syndrome. It offers possibilities of interventions in the area of communication deficiencies. The pivotal part of the rigorous thesis is specialist diagnostics and three-year speech intervention for the child with Rett syndrome. The analysis of the selected areas in the therapeutic plan, data sorting and subsequent interpretation is made. The thesis mentions the role of the special pedagogical centre and the work of the form master in the nursery school, the cooperation between the speech therapist and the form master and the cooperation between the speech therapist and parents of the child.
The dichotomic view on man in the chronic stage of the aphasia
Vondrášková, Dana ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Voldřichová, Michaela (referee)
The topic of this thesis is the life of people with aphasia, mainly in the chronic stage and the life of their partners. The introduction of the theoretical section of the thesis deals with the definitions of health and disease with emphasis on the medical, psychological and sociological perspectives. The theoretical section is based on the. wider concept of chronic disease. This thesis focuses on the quality of life of people with chronic aphasia that reflects many areas of everyday life. The emphasis is, first of all, put on family environment and friends. The practical section presents research focused on a two-sided view of the same disorder. How this disorder is perceived by a person with chronic aphasia and by his or her partner. The outcome of this thesis is the evaluation of the answers observed during the recorded discussions in each research area. Conclusions should provide a reflection on the life of the patients with chronic aphasia and their partners in all spheres of their lives.

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