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Evaluation of the construction of sewer in Pardubice-city microtunnelling method. Assessing the possibilities of further use of this technology in pedestrian areas of the Pardubice-city.
Maršálek, Jan ; Franczyk,, Karel (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with using microtunneling method in Pardubice-city. Evaluate construction of sewer and assessing the posibilities of furthert use of this technology. The work include static assessment of jacking pipes. Mathematical modeling is used in software Plaxis 8.2.
Verification of interaction between the foundation plate and the pile
Kozáková, Marcela ; Hrubešová,, Eva (referee) ; Turček,, Peter (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The doctoral thesis deal with the interaction between the foundation plate and deep foundation in the form of bored piles in the case of skeleton construction. The issue of tension redistribution from the column between the plate and the pile is investigated on specific object – „Shopping and entertainment center Fórum Nová Karolina”. On this object were selected columns monitored and load tests of the piles was executed. Values of the axial loading of the piles and the actual deformation of the construction have been derived from measurements and tests. They were compared with the results of structural behavior by numerical modeling.
Reconstruction of sewer in Brno-City
Folovská, Kateřina ; Just, Tomáš (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The master thesis deals with the reconstruction of the sewerage in Brno-city, between the streets Roosveltova and Solniční. Due to the location of sewer in build-up area, the reconstruction will be performed by tunnelling technology – shield excavation. The thesis is mainly dedicate with design and structual design of sewer lining. The mathematical model is created in software Plaxis 8.2 2D.
The face safety pillar assessment for underground construction
Zapletal, Adam ; Černý,, Vít (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The master thesis parametrically compares different methods to determine the required lengths of the safety pillar when building secondary urban collector in Brno. The analytical calculation by Šedivý is compared with mathematical modeling executed in the program Plaxis 2D 2015.02. version and also in the program Plaxis 3D Introductory 2013 version.
Mining and access shaft of the pilot adit with extended launch chamber
Kuhajdik, Adam ; Horák, Vlastimil (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of a mining and access shaft with an extended launch chamber for the Vinohrady exploration adit in Brno. The requirements to be met by this underground work are defined. Based on an analysis of the applicable shaft sinking methods, two implementation procedures have been proposed. The combination of a drilled pile wall with extensive use of jet grouting appears to be preferable. This procedure is further elaborated in 2D and 3D models with static design assessment of the different structural parts and phases. The work further discusses displacements in the modelled environment and displacements on the structure. The static design of the shaft is complemented by a safety analysis of the embryo face of the exploration adit. A bill of quantities of the selected technical solution is also included in this work. The work with numerical models includes a comparison of the results of 2D and 3D models.
Mechanical properties of granitoid rocks of the Moldanubian batholith in the context of a planned deep underground radioactive waste repository
Brabec, Marek ; Horák, Vladislav (referee) ; Krmíček, Lukáš (advisor)
The author of this bachelor thesis carried out a study of the mechanical and physical properties of granites exposed both on Čeřínek hill, which represents the central part of the delineated polygon of the Hrádek site, and in the nearby active Rácov quarry near the village of Růžená. In the theoretical part of the thesis the author describes the geology of the investigated site and the methods used to determine the investigated properties. In the practical part of the thesis the results and outputs obtained from the measurements are mentioned and discused. The practical part of the thesis presents and discuses the results and outputs obtained from field and laboratory measurements.
The assesment stability of the cliff
Bíba, Tomáš ; Lossmann, Jaroslav (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The stability of rock walls and slopes are an integral part of professional geotechnical assessment wherever there is a breach of natural or rock mass. Assessment always depends on the expertise and experience in particular industries that report preparation. Performed mostly analytical calculation (classic or using software) or numerically. The best way is to use both methods and compare them. The aim is always best to estimate the behavior of rock mass and to ensure its safety.
Remediation of Landslide on the Road II/492, Luhačovice
Malá, Markéta ; Horák, Vladislav (referee) ; Glisníková, Věra (advisor)
Bachelor thesis called Remediation of landslide on the road II/492, Luhačovice deals with the distribution and description of the types of landslides, methods of their solutions and ways to secure further landslides. One part of this thesis are practical solutions of remediation landslide with anchored pile wall.
Technical gallery under the railway
Michaljaničová, Jana ; Horák, Vlastimil (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The focus of this master thesis design static assessment of shotcrete lining belonging to underground gallery for water supply. This object is a part of larger project called „Uzel Plzeň, 3. stavba – přesmyk domažlické trati“. The gallery with length almost 100 m leads directly under two double-track lines with height traffic importance and two factory sidings. The thesis deals with the recommendation of a suitable technological procedure for excavation and excavation stability. It also includes design of both primary and secondary shotcrete lining. The assessment is based on the evaluation of the outputs of two characteristic cross-sections processed in Plaxis 2D. The outputs consist of information on internal forces, deformations and state of stress in the surrounding rock. Based on this information, a structural design is performed
The aqueduct under the highway through of the microtunnel
Hoza, Martin ; Kunc, Jaroslav (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
During the construction of water pipeline Strelice is necessary to overcome the D1 motorway. This thesis deals with design of the motorway crossing using trenchless technologies. Combination of pipejacking and shield tunneling is chosen. Static calculation includes determination of the jacking force, proposal of the thrust block and assessment of the reinforced concrete jacking pipes.

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