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Book of abstracts from XVII. Czech Fisheries and Ichthyological Conference, České Budějovice
Holubová, Michaela ; Blabolil, Petr
The publication contains standard and extended abstracts of contributions from the 17th Czech Fisheries and Ichthyological Conference held online in November 2020.
Krajinářská studie vybraného modelového území
Holubová, Michaela
The thesis called Landscape study of chosen model area deals with problems concerning landscape character, land use and landscape planning. Jablonné v Podještědí and Markvartice cadastres situated in North Bohemia have been chosen as a model area. The area is considered to be significant from the historic point of view and thus a great number of visitors come to see this place, especially St Lawrence's and St Zdislava's Basilica minor, a local observation tower and state castle Lemberk. Relatively high proportion of permanent grass stand is typical for the target landscape as well as scattered vegetation and grazing lands. The expanding house-building, local cases of illegal dumping grounds or insufficient adjustment and maintenance of watercourses may have a negative effect on the landscape. The thesis aims to design possible ways to either remedy actual problems or even prevent them from occurring in the future. The solutions are designed in agreement with the land use plan and aim to use landscape potential while respecting its historic character.
Strategie vstupu na německý trh pro start-up firmu
Holubová, Michaela ; Král, Petr (advisor) ; Olšanová, Květa (referee)
The goals of my thesis are to present the researched company an analysis of a German market in a speed-reading industry, to discuss the correctness of company's hypotheses about the German market compared to the German reality, and to suggest a marketing strategy for the company's market entry supporting the selected market entry mode. In the first part, the theoretical section is introduced in which motives for foreign entry, followed by models of an environment analysis, of entry modes and of a customer analysis are described. These models are further used in the second part in which specifically speed-reading market in Germany and a German customer are analyzed. Based on the analyses, the market entry mode of the company is suggested, followed by the evaluation of the previously defined hypotheses regarding a German customer and a product, and, lastly, the next steps which the company should execute are proposed.
Selection process of new members in AIESEC
Holubová, Michaela ; Khelerová, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Turnerová, Lenka (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the theory of a selection process of a new employee in a company and further it illustrates the practical use of theory in the non-profit organisation AIESEC. Firstly, an evaluation of a current state of a selection process of new members is made and, secondly, changes based on the theory and the evaluation are proposed. These changes are expected to lead to more effective selection process in the organisation.
Phylogeny of Frogs of the genus \kur{Leptopelis} (Anura: Arthroleptidae: Leptopelinae)
HOLUBOVÁ, Michaela
To analyze the relationships among species of the genus Leptopelis, mitochondrial gene 16S rRNA was sequenced and analyzed using Maximum Parsimony and Bayesian inference methods. Sequences of 15 individuals of 13 species of the genus Leptopelis were involved. The 16S rRNA based phylogeny trees indicate that the genus Leptopelis forms a paraphyletic group, with L. barbouri and L. parkeri being more closely related to a group composed of the Arthroleptidae + Astylosternidae than to other representatives of the genus Leptopelis.

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