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Level of difficulty of assignments and exercises in ICT and cumputing subjects at basic schools
Fojtík, Jan ; Černochová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Neumajer, Ondřej (referee)
The aim of the thesis is based on the existing approaches to the assessment of the difficulty of the task of teaching with a focus on ICT and computer science to design a methodology for determining the difficulty of the task and verify it on the model examples for elementary schools. The methodology will be to respond to the theoretical background, which are based, in particular, of the parameters, forms, functions, and the specifics of teaching jobs. Other theoretical basis for the analysis of the teaching jobs are from the known taxonomies, Focus group research method and statistical data processing. The empirical part qualitative research including the multi-round testing pupils Elementary school and the analysis of the data obtained.
Evaluation methods of life indurance products
Fojtík, Jan ; Janeček, Martin (advisor) ; Lozsi, Imrich (referee)
The thesis deals about methods widely used for life insurance products evaluation from the clients perspective. These methods of evaluation are important mainly for comparisons of several insurance products. One of goals of the thesis is to analyze existing methods used for evaluation of insurance products and discuss their suitability for comparing life insurance products. These methods are based mainly on cost analyses because they were originally developed especially for investments projects comparisons. The main goal of the thesis is to create new indices for comparing life insurance products. These new indices are supposed to resolve imperfections of regularly used evaluation methods. They are also designed to cover all functions of life insurance therefore they are supposed to provide with more coherent information for comparisons. The indices are based on knowledge of life insurance products, probability, demography, financial and insurance calculus.

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