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Planning expert system for mobile robot
Dvořáková, Ivona ; Sáblík, Václav (referee) ; Valenta, Jan (advisor)
The thesis connects on knowledge from semestral project. The first part of thesis represents primary parts, sorts, problems and principles for planning expert systems. The second part of thesis interprets possibilities and principles usage planning expert systems in mobile robotic. The thesis includes an example of mobile robotic, too. Characterization of robotic football is presented in the third part. The part of thesis interprets system´s scales and their specifications. In the last part detailed conception for robotic football is designed(group of MIROSOT).
Electrotechnic firm logistic
Dvořáková, Ivona ; Vaněk, Jiří (referee) ; Špinka, Jiří (advisor)
The thesis paies logistics and this firstly from aspects production of the process in theoretic introduction. In the next part of thesis interprets technology projection, capacity calculations and planning. The theory is ending characterization monitored company. The practical part work forms analysis input data prejudicing calculations capacity utilization company and characterization project calculation. The capacitive calculations utilization company for traced period are enclosed at the close this thesis.

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