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Srovnávací analýza efektivnosti nástrojů pro monitorování sociálních sítí
Duffková, Pavlína ; Měsíček, Libor (advisor) ; Molnár, Zdeněk (referee)
The main objective of this master thesis is a comparative effectiveness analysis of selected social media monitoring tools. The theoretical part of the thesis first familiarizes the reader with the core terms, which will be used throughout the thesis. The next chapter focuses on the detailed specification of classic online marketing. It describes the growing trend of social media marketing and charts out its current status on the Czech online market. In addition, the vital SEO and SEM techniques are also described. The subsequent chapter is devoted to social network marketing, where the increasing power of "word of mouth" in purchase behavior, is explained. Last but not least, illustrative examples of the most successful social media marketing campaigns are listed. The next part deals with the issues of monitoring social media. The reasons for monitoring social media, its principles and features are stated in this chapter. The practical part of this thesis has a described methodology for testing selected tools, acceptance criteria and metrics of measurement. The selected tools are compared in terms of qualitative properties and the relevance of results, both from a global perspective with English phrases, as well as from the perspective of local phrases suitable for the Czech environment. In the second test a set of free monitoring tools is determined and compared with the tools from the first test. In the conclusion is the last measurement, which is proposes the most appropriate monitoring tool for small sized Czech company.
Strenght and influence of search engines
Duffková, Pavlína ; Raška, Ondřej (advisor) ; Pešek, Martin (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to describe search engines, evaluate their influence on the microeconomic market, society and estimate their future development. In the first chapter the thesis aims for a better understanding of search engines. Described is the history of search engines, the way they function and a brief analysis of the Czech and American search engine market. The second chapter describes the search engine's powerful position and its influence on the microeconomic market. Mentioned are methods of how a firm can affect its position on the internet market. Furthermore the influence of search engines on users is described including examples and studies. The last chapter of the thesis concentrates on the future development of search engines. The purpose of this thesis is to give the reader objective information about search engines, which will help the reader understand the search engine's position and significance at present time in the world. Hopefully it will help the reader better understand to what measure search engines affect the market, decision-making and behaviour of internet users.

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2 Duffková, Pavlína