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Pathogenesis of infectious disease caused by bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Doležalová, Klára ; Janďourek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kovařík, Miroslav (referee)
Charles University Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove Department of Biological and Medical Sciences Study programme: Bioanalytical laboratory diagnostics in health care Author: Bc. Klára Doležalová Supervisor of diploma thesis: PharmDr. Ondřej Janďourek, Ph.D. Title of diploma thesis: Pathogenesis of infectious disease caused by bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis The theoretical part of this diploma thesis is concerned about tuberculosis where the main part of the thesis is focused on pathogenesis of this disease. Tuberculosis is recognized as highly infectious disease leading to the total exhaustion of the organism. The main causative agent of the above mentioned disease is Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is transmitted to respiratory tract via inhalation of droplets from infected person and leads to the granuloma formation. For tuberculosis is typical a creation of granulomas, mainly with caseous necrosis. Highly important is accurate diagnosis and appropriately chosen treatment. The treatment consists of a long-term administration of antituberculotic drugs in combinations. The development of the resistance to one or more antituberculotics is adverse complication within the treatment procedure. The experimental part of this work pays attention to the testing of antimycobacterial activity...
E-learning support for lifelong learning
Doležalová, Klára ; Husa, Jiří (advisor) ; Hana, Hana (referee)
The bachelor thesis E-learning support of lifelong learning concerns the topic of e-learning. Its main goal is to create and implement an e-learning course of Czech language for foreigners, more specifically for foreign scientists who come to the Czech Republic for work. This goal is reached in the practical part of the thesis which describes the process of creating the course with learning management system Moodle and its following implementation into practice. The theoretical part focuses on adult education, on forms and methods of teaching which can be effectively used in educating the adults and the motivation of adults to continue with learning throughout their life. One of the chapters deals with lifelong learning as an important concept of todays society. Next the thesis focuses on history of e-learning and how is this teaching method percieved today.
Communication Strategy of Non-Profit Organizations
Doležalová, Klára ; Khelerová, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Turnerová, Lenka (referee)
This thesis concentrates on communication of NGOs. Firstly it defines non-profit sector, his financing, then it describes marketing of these organizations. In practical part the thesis deals with the attitude of people to NGOs and their way of communication and analyses communication of individual non-profit organization.
Regionální operační programy
Doležalová, Klára ; Abrhám, Josef (advisor) ; Svobodová, Z. (referee)
Cílem této práce je zmapování systému implementace strukturálních fondů Evropské unie v České republice v dosavadním a nadcházejícím programovacím období, s důrazem na dosavadní zkušenosti v rámci Společného regionálního operačního programu a analýzu připravovaných Regionálních operačních programů. Zhodnocení regionálních operačních programů na příkladu jednoho konkrétního regionu.

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