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Heat treatment of hand tightening tools
Gregor, Martin ; Kouřil, Miloslav (referee) ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor)
Bachelor´s thesis deals with problems of heat treatment of hand tightening tools. Literary analysis is focused on the principles of heat treatment such as annealing, austenitizing, quenching and tempering. Attention is also focused on unconventional heat treatment technology using vacuum and furnace atmospheres based on nitrogen. Analysis of dividing and heat treatment of tool steels is another subject of literary research. In the experimental part are machinery and technological progress of the stock in the company Wera Werk s.r.o., which has more than 50 years engaged in the manufacture, sales and innovation of hand tightening tools. Following processing of the experimental material with a focus on heat treatment and mechanical properties indicate in laboratory tests. Based on the measured and statistically processed values of mechanical quantities is developed design optimization process of heat treatment of hand tightening tools of Wera Werk.
The corrosion study of part aircraft at the site of spot welds in the salt spray environment
Němčíková, Eva ; Doležal, Pavel (referee) ; Pacal, Bohumil (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is focused on the corrosion study of part aircraft at the site of spot welds in the salt spray environment. The panel is made of sheet of aluminium alloy AlCu4Mg1, with surface coated with aluminium of purity 99,5 %, and of square shapes of alloy AlCu4Mg1, without coating. Square shapes are an angle cleat. The thesis deals with corrosion characteristics at the site of spot welds and in the area of contact between them. It deals with character of corrosion, frequency of occurrence and range of corrosive attack. From the data files were detected critical places of construction.
Application of Surface Treatment on Hand Tools
Vraspírová, Eva ; Klakurková, Lenka (referee) ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis deals with problems of materials, which are used to production of hand tools and implements. The theoretical part is focused on tool steels, their mechanical and technological characteristics and to their heat processing. Below there are well-arranged and described surface modification, which are applied to materials nowadays. The next part is focused on modern technology of surface modification, which are applied to hand tools. The research is mainly focused on technology of production of bits by company Wera Werk Ltd, which is deal with production and distribution of hand tightening tools, such as screwdrivers, angular keys, plug keys, bits and torque tools. Attention is also paid to technology of surface modification, e.g. based on zinc phosphate, nickel, nickel-gold and nickel-diamond-gold, used for these tools and to problems of painting. To elements interaction study light microscopy, the hardness measurement by Vickers and Brinell and scanning electron microscopy equipped by energy dispersive microanalyses.
Present Trends of Methods for Hardness Measurement
Brzobohatý, Tomáš ; Doležal, Pavel (referee) ; Hutařová, Simona (advisor)
Purpose of this thesis is created view of present methods of hardness measurement and to describe them in more detail. Firstly this thesis deals with representatives of standard and for many years used methods of hardness measurement and hardness evaluation which are used today, too. Secondly this thesis is focused on modern methods, and their successful working experience is question of time.
Structure and properties of die-cast AZ91 magnesium alloy castings
Růžička, Josef ; Juliš, Martin (referee) ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with evaluation of the casting characteristics effect die casting Mg alloys AZ91 of aspect temper optimal mechanical properties, structure and foundry defect ratio.
Research and development of surface modifications of bearing steels by means of ion nitridation
Klimčáková, Kateřina ; Klakurková, Lenka (referee) ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor)
Basic requirements placed on rolling bearing components include the high fatigue limit, the wear resistance and the corrosion resistance. As full production of bearings from materials with these attributes would be quite expensive, surface modifications are used to improve mechanical characteristics. This thesis deals with application of layers to the bearing steel by means of ion nitridation. It studies effects of input conditions of the ion nitridation and of the surface condition on tribological characteristics of the bearing steel with the above mentioned finishing. The study employed the interaction light microscopy, the scanning electron microscopy equipped by energy dispersive chemical microanalysis, the hardness measurement by Vickers, the glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy, and methods of the phase analysis by means of the X-ray diffraction were used.
Evaluation of Surface Layers of Ball and Sliding Bearings Components
Šafář, Martin ; Hutařová, Simona (referee) ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelo’s thesis solve the problems abrasion film bearing. The purpose of this thesis was used four type film, ISOFLON, Xylan 1010, DLC a PTFE + Niborit 5P.By one of tendenci is specifi coefficient friction over tribological test. On the next tendenci was size film for and after a tribological test find, elese size abrasion. Was make chemical analyse of all film.To elements interaction study light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy equipped by energy dispersive mikroanalyses.
Optimalization of Temperature for Semi-hot Forming of Roll Bearings
Hrouzková, Andrea ; Klakurková, Lenka (referee) ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis solve the problems about optimalization of temperature for semi-hot forming of roll bearings steels. The purpose of this thesis is finding the optimal interval of temperatures, in which 100CrMnSi6-4 bearing steel shows good strain and deformation characteristics after forming. Methods for data evaluation of mechanical properties are the tensile and upsetting tests which were performed on higher temperatures. It was microscoped microstructure changes of the bearing steel 100CrMnSi6-4 during temperature influence and classification with the light microscope.
CRM as a supporting marketing tool
The aim of this paper is to characterize software solution of CRM system BlueJet, product of the Compekon software company and evaluate its benefits for business companies which are using it. The next aim was to find out problems of these companies which were solved by using the system, conduct cost-benfit analysis in selected company and propose some recomendation for extending the profit of Compekon company.These objectives have been met.
Multilevel marketing of the JUST company
The aim of this paper is to characterize the MLM system in a selected firm. The firm I chose is JUST Swiss company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of natural cosmetics and nutrition supplements. Job description is to describe the marketing system and business function of the distribution network company in relation to the present marketing theory to map customer satisfaction with the company and find out whether and how the company uses feedback. This section is compiled by guided interviews, questionnaire survey and his own observations.

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