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Anorganicky vázaný Se a kmín kořenný (Carum carvi) v dietě pomalu rostoucích kuřat
Burian, Tomáš
The thesis deals with inorganically bound selenium and carraway in the diet of slow growing chickens. The thesis is divided into two parts - a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part deals with the anatomy of the digestive tract of the domestic chicken, nutrition and feeding of slow-growing chickens, then selenium in the diet of broilers, and finally caraway (Carum Carvi) in animal diets. The practical part of the thesis deals with an experiment carried out on 144 slow-growing roosters of the hybrid breed Hubbard JA 57 A. These broilers were divided into 4 groups according to the addition of ingredients to the feed. The first group (n=36) was the control and had no additive in the diet. The second group (n=36) had an addition of 0.4 mg/kg inorganically bound selenium in the diet. The third group (n=36) had selenium supplemented with 1% caraway. The feed ration of the fourth group (n=36) contained only the addition of 1 % caraway. The aim was to investigate the effect of inorganically bound selenium and caraway on feed consumption, feed conversion, animal weights during and at the end of fattening, carcass and main cut parts yield, blood plasma selenium content and blood biochemical parameters. From the above results, it is evident that the effect of addition of selenium and caraway to the feed mixture of broiler chickens, was not statistically proven (P>0.05) in feed consumption, feed conversion, weight of chickens, carcass and major cut parts yield and blood biochemical parameters. On the other hand, there was statistical evidence (P<0.05) of the effect of inorganic selenium supplementation on the groups compared to the groups without such supplementation.
Threats to Ireland by the United Kingdom during the Second World War, Testing the Theory of Buffer State
Burian, Tomáš ; Kofroň, Jan (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
Fear of state's death is considered to be the most important motivation for its actions, therefore it is very important topic not only for states themselves. What if state was placed in mortal danger through no fault of its own, simply because of its geographical location? Should states fear for their security because of being caught between two rivals? Tanisha Fazal focused on such cases and developed a theory around these questions. According to her theory, many states that were located between two rivals had an increased threat to their security only because of their location, and often afterwards the state died for the same reason. Aim of this work is to extend Fazal's quantitative testing by case that she herself did not include in her theory and at the same time to test the theory qualitatively. The theory is being tested on the case of Eire between 1923 and 1955 Based on the analysis of historical data, we determine whether Eire's geographical location between two rivals, Germany and the United Kingdom, was the reason for the increased threat to their security, primarily from the United Kingdom. After examining the mentioned time period, we find evidence to confirm our hypothesised expectations and that confirms Tanisha Fazal's theory in the case of Eire.
Southeast segment of the Brno City Ringroad
Pagač, Aleš ; Burian, Tomáš (referee) ; Všetečka, Martin (advisor)
This thesis discusses and proposes the route of south-east Big City Ring in Brno. The main objective is to find an efficient connection of roads in Faměr´s square district and a solution for a multilevel junction in Ráječek district. Additionally, the designed concept provides a solution for the connection of the new train station (i.e. new street Zanádražní) to the Big City Ring, crossing with Hněvkovského street and connection to highway D2. This thesis also discusses an axis and profile grade of possible layout of the route.
The spectroscopy study of focused short-wavelength laser-matter interactions
Burian, Tomáš ; Juha, Libor (advisor) ; Čuba, Václav (referee) ; Klír, Daniel (referee)
Title: The spectroscopy study of focused short-wavelength laser-matter interactions Author: Tomas Burian Department: Department of Surface and Plasma Science Supervisor: Ing. Libor Juha, CSc., Department of Radiation and Chemical Physics, Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague Abstract: This thesis is focused on processes occurring during and immediately after an interaction of intense short-wavelength laser pulses with matter. Extreme states of matter (warm dense matter - WDM and hot dense matter - HDM), induced by EUV/SXR/X-ray lasers of two kinds, i.e., free-electron lasers (FEL) and plasma-based lasers, were investigated by emission spectroscopy over various spectral ranges and mass spectroscopic techniques. Absorption/transmission experiments revealed an effect of saturable absorption of soft X-ray laser radiation in aluminium WDM. Then, an ionisation potential depression (IPD) in dense plasmas was investigated by means of X-ray emission spectroscopy. Results obtained with the X-ray FEL-produced plasma exhibit very good agreement with computer simulations considering the Ecker-Kröll model. Analysis of optical emission spectra (OES) supports the key role played by fast recombination processes in the ablation plume created by focused short-wavelength laser beams on the solid target...
Apodization of the fibre Bragg gratings by use of phase mask UV exposition
Burian, Tomáš ; Hejátková, Edita (referee) ; Urban, František (advisor)
This thesis describes the problem of fiber gratings, focusing primarily on the use of Bragg's grids in the sensor. It describes the types of fiber mesh production, especially the method of writing with a phase mask. The next part deals with the possibilities of using apodization in fiber optic systems. It deals with the various functions that can be used to describe apodization. The following part describes the moire principle, especially the method of overlapping two phase masks with a different period.
Calibration unit for spirometer
Burian, Tomáš ; Máca, Josef (referee) ; Vyroubal, Petr (advisor)
The task of the semester project was to become acquainted with methods of calibrating the spirometer and creating a calibration unit. Calibration unit must be able to calibrate both by volume and by speed. Because of that, the manual calibration of calibration cylinder is provided with a stepper motor mounted to the cylinder piston. The designed PCB will also be controlled by a program to control a stepper motor. The control system will contain 16 different options of selecting the speed of the piston
The issue of ESB as part of SOA solution
Burian, Tomáš ; Říhová, Zora (advisor) ; Kubíček, Jovan (referee)
The thesis summarizes the history of enterprise application integration and shows the estimated benefits and risks that arise from attempts to harmonize corporate IT infrastructure. It also describes the main approaches to the integration and evaluates their resistance in terms of time. The thesis relates a modern interpretation of the integration of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), including related standards. Particular attention is paid to the life cycle of services in SOA. It explains possible approaches and key principles of communication layer integrated business application system in terms of architectural design. The last part of the thesis examines for opportunities, risks and benefits of system application integration within the SOA implementation and assesses the economics of integration and the question of the investment protection.
Význam informace a komunikačních systémů při vývoji společenských struktur
Burian, Tomáš ; Rosický, Antonín (advisor) ; Sigmund, Tomáš (referee)
Práce stručně mapuje komunikační systémy, užívané během lidské historie a jejich základní rysy. Pojednává o sociálních a ekonomických změnách, které probíhaly během historie pod vlivem působení těchto komunikačních systémů. Zejména je zaměřena na vývoj internetu, jeho klíčové aspekty a jeho působení v posledních letech dvacátého a v prvních letech jednadvacátého století, až do současnosti. Zabývá se faktory, majícími vliv na rychlost masového rozšíření internetu a základními rozdíly, které lze spatřovat mezi ?klasickými? masovými médii a internetovými médii. V hlavní části se práce zaměřuje na popis vybraných sociologických a ekonomických problémů, které lze, v uplynulých letech a v současnosti, v souvislosti s působením internetu sledovat a na popis možných dalších důsledků těchto problémů. Poslední část práce je pokusem o dílčí odhad dalšího vývoje společnosti v oblasti komunikace a práce s informacemi zejména ve spojitosti s internetem.

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