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Mapování půdních vlastností a ekonomické vyhodnocení variabilní aplikace zásobního hnojení
Blaha, Jiří
This master thesis is focused on the mapping of soil heterogenity by soil sampling. The experimental part of the work was realized on the arable land managed by agricultural holding Rostěnice a.s. within the research project NAZV QK21010247. Totally 1018 soil samples were taken during summer 2022 in irregular sampling grid in the area of 1 838 ha. After laboratory analysis of soil samples for estimation of main agri-chemical soil properties, a map of phosphorus was computed by using spatial interpolation techniques. The results has shown the high spatial variability within the observed fields. La-ter six variants of nutrient dose recommendation were compared. There were two uni-form rates (UNI_M3 and UNI_BK10) and four variable rates (VRA_M3, VRA_BK10, VRY_M3 and VRY_BK10). The economical evaluation prooved only small differences in total costs of phosporus fertilizers among the variants. However, the optimization of nutrient distribution within the fields based on the spatial heterogeneity and yield level is the main advantage of variable rate application.
Examples of characteristic traces of manual processing of wooden elements used in buildings
Bláha, Jiří
Classification of traces preserved on the surface of wood according to the circumstances of the trace origin and the type of tool used. Examples of traces recorded during field surveys and their subsequent analysis and interpretation.
Sequence Diagram Generation from Object-Oriented Petri Nets
Bláha, Jiří ; Janoušek, Vladimír (referee) ; Kočí, Radek (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor's thesis is to design and create an application that graphically represents the communication between objects during a simulation of object oriented Petri nets (OOPN) as sequence diagrams. Input to the application is the definition of OOPN classes written in PNtalk. A simulation server, implemented in SmallTalk, is used for OOPN model simulation. This thesis describes server commanding and corresponding data retrieving as well as its transformation to a form suitable for sequence diagram generation and drawing. The implemented solution allows users to save the final sequence diagram as a PNG, SVG or XML file for further result sharing and processing. The application simplifies working with the simulation server, which otherwise doesn't incorporate any form of human-readable output and, therefore, it allows users to quickly and easily determine the order of events inside the simulated model.
Wooden construction of the movable roof of the garden pavilion in Český Krumlov castle
Bláha, Jiří ; Kloiber, Michal
A remarkable technical monument is situated on one of the garden terraces belonging to the state castle and chateau in Český Krumlov. The umbrella-shaped roof of the lookout pavilion can be lifted about a meter above the masoned parapet allowing the visitor a beautiful view of the World Heritage town panorama when the weather is fine. In windy conditions or in case of heavy rain the roof could be lowered and the pavilion thus closed. The lifting is operated by means of a wooden lever mechanism with a counterweight box hidden in the basement level of the building. The unique construction was built in 1823 and needed to be partially altered in 1830-1835. However, since then it has been preserved in a surprisingly authentic state even allowing practical demonstrations of its original function. Prior to recent repairs in 2016, a comprehensive non-destructive survey was conducted. The extent of the damage discovered was determined by measuring the speed of elastic wave propagation using stress waves (Fakkop 2D) and measuring the mechanical resistance when drilling with a thin bit using resistance micro-drilling (Resistograph). Another method based on loading timber by means of a\nminiature loading jack inserted into a drilled hole was selected to determine the current mechanical properties.
Motion of a large cylinder in superfluid helium
Blaha, Jiří ; La Mantia, Marco (advisor) ; Švančara, Patrik (referee)
The behaviour of flows in superfluid helium is still partly unknown. This work aims to contribute to this active field of research by studying the macroscopical vortices shed from the trailing edge of cylinder with ellipsoidal cross section oscillating at two different frequencies. The flow was studied by particle tracking velocimetry, utilizing solidified deuterium particles dispersed in the experimental cell, illuminated by thin laser sheet and captured by high speed camera. Resulting data were used to calculate parameter θ, an approximation of vorticity of the flow. This experiment showed that the trajectory and size of shed vortex is unaffected by the oscillation frequency, while its velocity and magnitude grow with higher frequency. The work is concieved as a qualitative study, exploring new ways to process and interpret gathered data. 1
Budgetary rules and their projection in valid legislation
Bláha, Jiří ; Boháč, Radim (advisor) ; Marková, Hana (referee)
Every branch of law and all system of law is based on certain principles which came into existence by repeated utilization over the years and attested in practises. These principles should affect the existent branch of law and should be followed to be understood well, with the inclusion of thein regularities. However, how do these principles work in such a narrow area such as budget law as a sub-branch of financial law? Which principles do control over budget law and is it possible to find them in existent legal enactments? The thesis entitled Budget Principles in Valid Legal Regulations tries to answer these questions. At the same time the author assumes that by acquiring knowledge of particular budget principles is much easier to get in problems of budget law and of particular stages of budget process - setting of public budgets, budgetary procedure, implementation of budget and also budgetary control. Regarding to the fact that budget principles valid in legal order of the Czech Republic cannot be found completaly modified in any of the valid legal enactment, the main aim of this thesis is to find emergence of these principles or their parts in the legal system of the Czech Republic. However, the situation in the legal system of the European Union is different. Budget principles are there...
A system approach to medieval ruins management
Novotný, Jakub ; Bláha, Jiří
The aim of this paper is to briefly discuss the complexity of monument care and the young heritage science disciplines on the example of historical ruins management. There is an empirical reflection on problems connected with historical ruins management presented as an introduction. The following part then presents a possible methodological interconnection of a systems approach and cultural heritage management. The next part of the paper first introduces the RUINS project in general and then one of its methodological outputs—rules and model forms for ruins. Based on practical experience, the paper concludes that the more general methodological basis and foundation of cultural heritage sites management may be general systems theory and a systems approach.
Restoration of sgraffito on a cement base
Machačko, Luboš ; Bláha, Jiří
Hlavním záměrem předkládaného památkového postupu bylo popsat specifika sorelového sgrafita, pojmenovat hlavní problémy jeho restaurování a na postupech ověřených zkušebními zásahy navrhnout vhodné řešení. Podkladem stanovení postupu jsou výsledky terénního a laboratorního výzkumu získané v průběhu výzkumného projektu. Úvodní tezí výzkumu, který stanovení památkového postupu předcházel, byl literaturou často opakovaný fakt, že se pro sorelová sgrafita využívala cementové omítky. Objevoval se nejen v recentní literatuře, ale zdůrazňovaly jej i dobové příručky. Při samotném restaurátorském průzkumu a laboratorním vyhodnocení odebraných vzorků byl vyvrácen. Ukázalo se, že sgrafita 50. let byla ve většině případů prováděna tradiční vápennou technologií. Samotné cementové sgrafito se stalo až výsadou 60. a 70. let 20. století a často bylo využíváno v poloprofesionálním či přímo amatérském prostředí. Hlavním rozdílem mezi sorelovými sgrafity a sgrafity předchozích etap vývoje tak byla volba podkladu. Sorelová sgrafita byla často prováděna na cementovém (betonovém) podkladu, resp. na panelech. Ve zkoumaných příkladech nevyplynuly z této skutečnosti závažnější problémy, které by bylo nutné při restaurátorských zásazích aktuálně řešit. Předkládaný památkový postup tak především definuje ostatní problémy, s nimiž se restaurátoři setkali, a popisuje metody restaurování, které byly použity při vzorových restaurátorských zásazích, a které je možné aplikovat i na další památky z této skupiny.
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Vulnerability of timber roof trusses of various types
Bláha, Jiří
Structural differences between rafter and purlin roofs. Summary of vulnerabilities of both types with regard to long-term durability of roof trusses.
Research report from the evaluation of the wooden construction of the movable roof of the garden pavilion Paraplicko in Cesky Krumlov Castle
Kloiber, Michal ; Bláha, Jiří ; Buzek, Jaroslav
The umbrella-shaped roof of the lookout pavilion can be lifted about a meter above the parapet wall by means of a unique lever mechanism. The impulse to write out the report was an order from the Český Krumlov Castle Administration with the seat of the Castle No. 59, Český Krumlov - Latrán which required to assess the condition of all important timber elements using NDT instruments and, in particular, to measure mechanical properties of wood. For that purpose the two apparatuses designed at ITAM were used to measure continually the mechanical resistance during the pressing of the jaws in the drilled hole and the resistance during the pushing of the steel pin to the surface. Gained results should contribute to design a gentle restoration of the unique lifting device

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