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Specific binding of prolactin-releasing peptide analogues in pituitary cells
Maixnerová, Jana ; Špolcová, Andrea ; Matyšková, Resha ; Blechová, Miroslava ; Veselá, Iva ; Železná, Blanka ; Maletínská, Lenka
We report specific binding of 125I-PrRP31 to the following cell lines: GH3 cells (rat – somatotrophs), AtT20 cells (mouse – adenocorticotrophs) and RC-4B/C cells (rat- somatotrophs, lactrophs, adenocortitrophs and gonadotrophs). These results will serve as a basic knowledge for future structure-activity studie sof PrRP.
Buňky PC12 obsahují vazebná místa pro CART
Maixnerová, Jana ; Blokešová, Darja ; Matyšková, Resha ; Haugvicová, Renata ; Šloncová, Eva ; Elbert, Tomáš ; Železná, Blanka ; Maletínská, Lenka
Specific binding of 125I-CART(61-102) to the rat adrenal pheochromocytoma PC12 cell line, both intact cells and cell membranes is reported.
Antibodies against receptors coupled with G-proteins
Hýblová, D. ; Veselský, Leopold ; Velek, Jiří ; Železná, Blanka
Two antibodies against angiotensin receptor AT2 prepared against two short sequences recognized the receptor on Western blots of several rat and mouse tissues where AT2 is expressed. Both antibodies recognized the identical proteins; they lost this property after immunoabsorption with their antigen peptides. With one antibody, we were able to immunoprecipitate the receptor.

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