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Supporting of motivation for reading and text comprehension through working with illustration (the artistic component of a literary work) in kindergarten
Mihulová, Veronika ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Havlová, Jana (referee)
This Bachelor's thesis looks at promoting motivation for reading and understanding the text through working with the book and illustrating it, with a focus on working in nursery school. I chose this theme in particular because a positive relationship with books and an understanding of a given text, already developed in preschool, forms the basis for children to live. In school they will learn to read and write, they will need to understand the assignment, and these all activities, aimed at working with the book and illustrating it, just include reading preliteracy. Understanding the text is one of the reading skills we strive to develop in preschool. It is a complex of thought processes that lead to the understanding of the read text. Understanding reveals the content of the text. In this preschool period, therefore, we try to create the most positive relationship with written text, motivate children to read, write and develop the areas needed for future reading in a non-violent way. More specifically, the work focuses on children in their final year of kindergarten, that is, children before entering primary school. The research was carried out with the entire class, but also focused on 6 pre-selected preschool-age children and observed their relationship to books, book work and level of text...
How to motivate children to read: action research in a kindergarten
Papayová, Vanda ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis is dealing with the topic of motivation of children of preschool age to read and to improve their preliteracy. The aim of the thesis is to ensure the development of a positive attitude towards reading and also the motivation to read through the set of activities for pre- school children. The text is divided into a theoretical part and an empirical part. In the theoretical part, I am dealing with the explanation of basic concepts such as readership, reading preliteracy and literacy. I am also presenting further the important roles of readership and the readership development. The second chapter is devoted to the development of readership and the motivation to read. The last chapter of theoretical part is about the contemporary literature. The empirical part of the thesis is describing the implementation of the action research in a selected kindergarten. I have defined a problem statement during my action research and I have subsequently determined a proposal to support children's motivation to read. As part of the research investigation, I have compiled a questionnaire (pre-test and post- test) with the help of my supervisor that I have processed and I have evaluated the results. When summarizing and evaluating the obtained data, I concluded that the activities I implemented with...
Czech deaf children and motivation to reading
Bohuslávková, Klára ; Zbořilová, Radka (advisor) ; Macurová, Alena (referee)
Bachelor thesis: Czech Deaf children and motivation to reading Klára Bohuslávková Abstract: The purpose of this thesis is to study czech hearing impaired children's reading and their motivation to reading. In theoretic part it sums up knowledge about motivation to reading in general, after that it describes need to motivation to reading at children with hearing impairment. The thesis analyzes main motivation factor for reading - the task of parents, pedagogues and cooperation of peers. Then in theoretic part it describes existing projects, which focus on supporting children's reading in Czech republic, and also projects focused on reading of children with hearing impairment. In practical part a project, which was realized in the area of Municipal Library of Prague and which targeted children with hearing impairment, is described. Following that, an interview, which was held with children during and after the project and with their pedagogues - tutors and teacher, is analyzed. At the close the theoretical knowledge from professional literature and knowledge gained during the project are related to each other.

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